Saturday, August 30, 2008


Sis. Guidroz just called and Landon is very critically ill. Please, everyone keep him in your prayers. Landon is running a very high fever. He had a CT Scan to investigate the surgery site. It appears he has developed quite an acute infection. The results of the tests are not back yet.

Tonight I felt I should go to the hospital. Just a couple of exits from the hospital I talked myself out of it. I thought it was just my 'feelings'. When Sis. Guidroz called she said the Holy Ghost spoke to her and told her to call me. I immediately apologized for not obeying. I KNOW that small still voice. Why do I ever question?

Please keep Bro. Guidroz in your prayers, too. He will leave Alaska Monday and arrive in Houston early Tuesday morning. Pray Gustav does not hinder his arrival. Bro. Guidroz is very concerned for Landon. I KNOW the helplessness he feels.

Landon is in need of a divine miracle. Just as we received a miracle for Timothy, God is ABLE to heal Landon. Please add Landon to your prayers, prayer services, and prayer requests. Bro. & Sis. Guidroz appreciates each of our prayers and concern.

It's a priviledge to bear one another's burdens. May each of your Sunday services be blessed...

Thursday, August 28, 2008


“Before you become a leader,
success is all about growing yourself.
After you become a leader,
success is about growing others.”
– Jack Welch

“Anyone can count the seeds in a melon.
It takes vision to count the melons in a seed.”

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What a Day!

Some days as a pastor's wife I feel we earn our yearly salary in one day. Today we earned 1/2 of our annual salary. Our morning started out making sure we were prepared for service tonight and then hospital visitation. We made a wide loop around Houston. Additionally, we endeavored to encourage a few people a long the journey.

Zackary had surgery at Methodist Hospital in the Houston Medical Center. Previously his MRI and CT Scan gave horrific results. Although today he did have to have surgery for a detached retina the Doctor did not find the same condition as was diagnosed from last week's tests. The recovery period has been greatly reduced, too.

Today Landon's pain was managed much more than yesterday. In fact when we arrived today he was resting. Last evening Sis. Guidroz rested very little, if any. Landon's fever has been very high today. Please keep him in your prayers.

Linda Simon, one of the dear ladies in our church, lost her Mom, Doris Wilson, today. We spent some time today with the Simon family @ the nursing home. Losing a loved one is never easy.

Timo had his initial audiology and ENT appointment today. Of course he is totally deaf in his left ear. The doctors in Joburg felt he was a candidate for a cochlear implant or similar. However, the ENT here stated that only works if there is something to work with. Timo is totally deaf as well as all 'mechanics' of the ear are destroyed. Additionally, the audiologist was not able to achieve a consistent test on his right ear. It appears his hearing in the right ear is worse than measured in Africa. He will have more extensive testing done next week. Tomorrow he will have an initial evaluation for occupational therapy. The primary purpose of the therapy is to train Timothy to compensate for his lack of balance.

We arrived home after 6:00 pm to freshen up for our Mid.Point Service. Kent did an awesome job talking to our church about members of the body fitly joined together. We are in a time of harvest. Kent expressed to the church the need for everyone to use their talents for the Lord. Also, he shared with the church the importance of making room for talents of newcomers. He likened it to a family having a baby. The parent's love does not diminish for the older siblings though everyone must make room for the new arrival. Kent is an awesome teacher!

Tomorrow, we have a 9:00 am appointment. Then we will head to Texas Children's Hospital to be with Megan. Megan is 21 yrs old and has had 2 heart transplants. She is scheduled for gall bladder surgery. While this is a not so major surgery for most, it is more serious for Megan. Unfortunately pain medications greatly affect her blood pressure. The slightest changes often result in life support to relieve stress from Megan's heart. Help us pray for Megan.

Off to get a good night's rest....

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Continue to Pray

Today Vicki and I went to North Cypress Medical Center to visit our friends, Sis. Guidroz, Ronna, Landon and Cameron. Landon is still in very serious condition. He had to have another surgery. The doctors are still not sure the second surgery will be successful. Landon is the age of my children and my heart just ached for him as he suffered with a great amount of pain. A cardiologist was called in due to his heart rate being elevated. It was determined it was due to the pain and suffering his body is in from his intestinal problem.

Please keep this entire family in your prayers. I know Ronna was relieved that her Mom was finally able to make it back to Houston. Sis. Guidroz is going to relieve Ronna tonight and stay with Landon. I can't adequately describe the intense pain and suffering Landon is struggling with. Ronna is such a sweet and compassionate person. I enjoyed visiting with my friend and catching up with her family and career. Ronna's career is with the Arrow Project in Spring. This job just fits Ronna's sweet nature.

Tomorrow I plan to check on my friends again. Hopefully Sis. Guidroz will be able to get internet access and can keep us updated. If not I will endeavor to help keep you informed.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Neurology Appointment

Mr. Timothy is doing better and better. I can tell he's stronger just in the short time he's been home. Today he went to the Neurologist. He checked out good there. The Neurologist feels the issues @ hand require an ENT. His ENT appointment is for Wednesday. He is being left on the seizure medicine for another 3 months.

Timothy is still struggling with balance and hearing. His voice is hoarse or raspy. The ENT will address the voice, too. We aren't sure if it is a vocal chord issue or from the ventilator.

Tremayne preached for us Sunday night. I KNOW CUPC has prayed many prayers for my familyand were glad to see each of them. We have 2 young boys who have never met Timo. They both were quick to go to Timo and let him know they prayed for him. I was proud of Jimmy and Uriah. Thank you boys for being kind to a 'visitor'.

Thanks to each of you for keeping Timothy in your prayers. I'll update more after Wednesday's appointment.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kidz Day Update

CUPC outreach efforts were not positive as I stated in the previous post. The outcome was superlative, fantabulous, grand, magnificent, etc. I hope I am being clear in my writings. The results far more than exceeded our expectations.

Redonia and Matthew led dynamic praise and worship kidz style. The band accompanied them on some songs. The praise team was totally fantastic singing along, too. The kids participated in every song. While we have attended many camps and children’s crusades never have I seen an equal to today’s event. Top notch, Courtney, Redonia, Matthew, Deadra, Mickey and everyone who worked so hard!!!! Redonia also lead a very vibrant kid’s silent choir in a couple of high energy songs. The kids were awesome! Matthew and Mickey Blagg gave away approximately 40 door prizes. The gifts ranged from slime to school supplies to science projects to play dough to remote controls to Sonic cards. The kids loved getting prizes. Matthew, Zach, and Trent did an awesome skit which taught the children about the power of the name of Jesus. Several cool scientific experiments were used. The stage set was glow in the dark. It looked great!!!

I KNEW today was going to be great. I arranged for extra vehicles to help get outreach children to church. Still my faith was not strong enough. My parents just bought a brand new fancy minivan. Guess what at approximately 10 AM I had to call Mom to bring her new van to fill it up with kids. We had 51 outreach children today plus our regular children plus other visiting children. We also had Moms and Dads visiting. How cool is that???? I had the names of 34 kids who were suppose to attend. When we got to the apartments kids started coming from everywhere. I’ve never seen some of them.

I’m worn out…totally wiped out….but I’m so pumped. I’m not sure I can take a nap. Oh let me share a funny on myself. Well, obviously I worked hard this morning – in and out of apartments, up and down stairs, and in and out of the van. Today I decided to wear a new outfit. It’s a pretty brown jacket with big trendy buttons. Well in all of my ups and downs and in and outs 2 of my 3 buttons came unstitched. I had one button left at the neck and no more. I just had to wrap the jacket closed till we got to the church. Thankfully I found the buttons in the floor of the van and was able to pin them on. Of all the mornings in the world, I didn’t have a tank top under the jacket……oh well; the day was a dynamic terrific day!!! I hope your day is blessed, too.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Positive Results

Have you ever experienced wanting something to be successful yet feeling apprehensive due to conditions beyond your control? For YEARS CUPC has hosted an annual Kidz Day. This is something that was a dream of mine and we have found it to be successful. This year seemed to hit some snares along the way.

The first slide that was posted looked awesome but didn't contain enough detail. It didn't mention anything about a Kidz Event, prize, etc. I failed to mention to our secretary or Redonia to make the necessary changes for a few services. For some reason I have just felt that there wasn't enough team work on the project. There wasn't disunity but 'everyone' just wasn't in the know. It wasn't until this week that musicians/singers really got involved and a few similar details. Yes, I'm probably OCD but I jumped in the mix! Everyone was feeling confident and smooth except me. Then the emails start coming in with lots of questions. Now I'm feeling less confident! Redonia and Deadra worked together to create a flyer for outreach. They showed it to me and immediately I realized it was missing detail. There was no mention of prizes, the church name was missing, and again no mention of it being a Kidz Day. After the girls added the missing info for some strange reason Deadra had issues printing it. She is a perfectionist so she kept working at it until it looked perfect.

For weeks outreach has been in bulletins, announcments, and even since last Fall on the church on-line calendar. Well, people forgot, had real emergencys, or real situations that could not be helped. Again, I worried knowing the burden I felt for this event. One by one people appeared for outreach and we had a better than normal turnout. As soon as the group I was with got to the apartment complex, Deadra noticed the flyer did not have the time of the event. Uggghhh...we had to add it to the announcement. This is definitely not CUPC style. Soon the cell phones started ringing as the other groups discovered the problem. Deadra and I asked them to add it to the flyer.

We met quite a few new people today. We have 34 people committed to riding the 15 passenger van! This does not include the people from the apartments 1 block from the church. They just walk. Nor does the 34 include the people who will provide their own transportation. I made some phone calls today and we have a few extra people going to help us tomorrow. We are taking 3 personal vehicles plus the church van. Pray God will soon bless us with a school bus.

Our church was converted to a laboratory. The practice was incredible tonight. Our musicians and singers were totally awesome. The praise service will be very high energy. There was lots of lights, sound effects, and action. I love the glow in the dark props. Courtney and the entire group has done an awesome job!

Deadra stated earlier in the week something good is surely going to come from this weekend. I agree!!! Pray our results are positive. I hope to post pictures. I'd love to post a video of our praise team & band. We've been blessed with awesome talent.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

Please pray for Landon, grandson of Bro. & Sis. Ron Guidroz. He has been very critically ill. He suffered a colon obstruction and had surgery. I believe the surgery was Tuesday, August 12. He has hd to go back to the hospital for another obstruction. Sis. Guidroz will fly from Alaska to Houston. She will arrive in Houston Tuesday. Ronna, Landon's Mom needs the strength of the Lord. Pray the Lord will give Bro. & Sis. Guidroz peace.

After our recent ordeal with Timothy I certainly understand how this family feels being so far apart during this critical illness. Sis. Guidroz, I love you and my prayers are with each of you!

Today's Appointment

Timothy had his first doctor's appointment today. The doctor stated that Timothy is very blessed to be alive to talk about the Meningitis. He said most don't survive what Timothy suffered. His arm is healing. Timothy did sorely fail the preliminary hearing test in both ears. He has an appointment next week with an ENT specialist. Additionally, the Pediatrician scheduled him an appointment with a Neurologist next week. This will be a most important visit for a couple of reasons. At at this point Timothy is still taking a very low dose seizure medication. Maybe he can be taken off this medication.

Continue to pray for Timothy's healing. We are believing God for a full recovery!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

NNNNnnnnnnnnn Crisis

Ok, peeps, sister chicks (as Veta calls us), friends or family the Nn on my keyboard is when reading my blog and an "n" is missing, I know 'appointmet' has 2 n's . I just realized my previous post was missing lots of n's. I think I finally corrected them all....

Here's the problem I don't have a pc. I only have a laptop. I travel with it from home to the church office and back each and every day. I had a pc @ home and one in my office (I mean closet!!!). I got tired of emailing files back and forth or backing up to a travel drive. Now if I put the laptop in the shop I can't work or have fun blogging. I think I'll keep hitting the place REALLY hard where the Nn key should be. The only problem is I have to hit the perfect spot or the N doesn't appear.....

Oh well just wanted to redeem myself to those of you who may have thought I didn't realize some words have an 'n'......

Therapy Day

Blogging friends, you are aware that Vicki and her family are home for medical visits and most probably therapy. While Timothy's first doctor's appointment is not until tomorrow, we felt therapy was needed today.

Early this morning Vicki and Lauren came over to find something appropriate for Vicki to wear to therapy. I left for the office to ensure all was well before leaving for the appointment. I KNEW this visit would be a long one. About an hour later Lauren and Vicki came by the office. We hopped in my car and off we went for our important day.

Driving 80 miles per hour or more, we soon made our first stop. There we exercised our arms with the weight of far more items than were allowed for the 3 of us in the dressing room. May I add we each got a number and entered the dressing area though ALLLLL the articles were for Vicki. After "Yes that is sooooo cute on you" or "No that just isn't you", she decided to sort thru the ones she liked and make her final purchase. I quickly scooped it all up and told her "Happy birthday". Lauren laughed and said, "Oh Mom now we can shop some more and you can buy some for yourself". Vicki had a gift card from Lauren to SteinMart , too.

After our first stop we decided it was time for lunch. We decided on LaMadeline and had a fun 'tea party'. Next stop was a great boutique in the Champions area, Scrupples. Vicki and I bought beautiful dressy jackets for Redonia and Lauren. Isn't that just like Moms? Next door was a children's shop. We HAD to go there since our youngest sister, Kristi, is about to deliver a little girl! Then we headed for SteinMart where Vicki found a few skirts, tops, and jackets.

I could tell by the end of the day that our Retail Therapy had exhausted Lauren. Isn't it amazing that the 18 year olds can't keep up with those of us who have the digit 4 in our age? Vicki and I felt energized and young after spending time shopping - mixing and matching.

Tomorrow Vicki will be able to begin the medical journey after a great day of therapy. She has so many new outfits that she will have a hard time deciding what to wear or what to wear with what. She came back to the States with basically nothing. We worked hard to find interchangable outfits. She can wake up feeling new for a couple of weeks. Of course if their stay gets long we will need another day of therapy or she'll be tired of all the earth tones.

Pray tomorrow's appointment goes well. Timothy is getting stronger. Hearing and balance are our two greatest concerns. Tomorrow's visit is with the the Pediatrician. Next week he has an appointment with the ENT. If all goes as scheduled Tremayne, Vicki and Timothy will go to church with Micah Sunday morning. Then Tremayne will be preaching for us Sunday night. I know our church family will be glad to see Timo.

Off to a Music Meeting...I don't play, sing, operate the sound, or run the projection system but our boss, Trent, thinks it is important that Kent and I appear. Oh the joys of role reversals.....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Timo's Humor

I posted last evening about Dad's humor/Trent's humor. Allow me to share with you a little of Tmo's humor. Today as I stopped at our subdivision gate I realized my brother was entering behind me. Then as I pulled into our drive I noticed Vicki and the gang on Mom's driveway. We all arrived at the same time! How exciting is that?

I parked my car and quickly went for hugs. Of course we've been apprehensive about Timo's arrival. It's been a two-sided nervousness. First, Vicki and I hugged one another. Then I went to Timo. I immediately noticed he is weak. No big deal he's been quite sick. As we approached one another smiling he said, "Hello Aunt Kristi". Do I correct him???? I whispered (my mistake) "Aunt Tracie". He turned his 'good' ear to me for me to repeat. I said, "Aunt Tracie". Patted him on the back and said, "I don't care what you call me, I'm just glad to see you." He chuckled, and said "That was planned I KNOW who you are!" We had a good laugh. Vicki said he told her earlier today he was going to torment me. He's a mess! When Aunt Kristi arrived he called her Aunt Courtney. When Redonia arrived he asked, "Who are you?" He couldn't hold it in they giggled and Redonia picked him up and hugged him tight. They were so happy to see each other. Timo is a funny kid and his humor did show through despite his weakness.

Timothy's balance is off but improving. His voice is really weak. We aren't sure if it's deafness or the vent that has caused the problem. He can't hear anything in his left hear but he can feel with the ear. He thinks its funny that he can pick up our wrist and place across his ear and feel a pulse. His first doctor's appointment is Friday and then another one will be Monday.

Mom fixed dinner for everyone. All of the siblings and our families and Tremayne's parents was together. We had a good time. Timothy walked with me to my house and did quite well. His depth is not normal yet. Changing elevations when walking is challenging. Timothy rested in a chair most of the evening. Of course he is operating on a different time zone, too.

Vicki will spend a little time shopping the next day or two. Timothy is here with a pair of jeans and a few tshirts. Vicki has a couple of skirts and a few tops. Tremayne is in a similar situation. They weren't able to go back to Malawi afte going to Joburg. Retail therapy has always worked well for Vicki. Lauren gave her a Stein-Mart gift card. I'm sure Vicki will have fun!!!!

Again, thanks for praying!

PS Please keep Zack in your prayers.


My little buddy is here!!!!!!!!!!!

You will all have to wait to hear all the 'catch up'. We're spending some quality time together but I did want to take a minute to say thanks for praying for their safety.....

Monday, August 18, 2008

Laughter Brings Memories

Today we had a long day. Kent and I were priviledged to have Redonia, Trent and Calah join us for dinner around 9:30 pm. Our kids are so crazy when they get together. The three of them sat across the booth from Kent and me. At times I did not have a clue what the crazies were even laughing about. I was reminded of Daddy. He could act so goofy! I came home and looked for a few pics of Daddy. I found one that made me laugh. I couldn't help but think that my Dad would have loved to be right in the middle of the kids fun and laughter tonight.

Daddy passed away in November 1981. Wow that is a long time ago for the feelings to be so fresh. The older the kids get doesn't make it any easier. When the kids were little I KNEW he would want to spoil them. Now I KNOW he would want to just 'hang out' with them. He was so much fun. The girls laughed, squealed and cried. Trent talked goofy and tormented the girls with his actions. Why is Trent so much like him? Why do I always think he would spoil Redonia even more than she already is? Why tonight did I find myself thinking Daddy would just love Calah, too?

It's weird I'm not sad tonight. I'm just remembering lots of Daddy's funny ways. Talking with different accents, wiggling his ears, saying corny things, etc. Daddy dressed very sharp. Hummm Redonia and Trent love to dress, too. Dad was very passionate about different ideas and thoughts. My kids get pretty passionate as well.

Dad, I love you....glad you were @ the booth with us tonight. I carry you in my heart. I hope you laughed with your crazy grandchildren tonight. Solemn me somehow passed your funny side to your grands. I'm so glad I did.

Yes, I'm the solemn child that Dad is holding. Check out the cardboard fireplace! Trent, I'm thinking you would love the suit Dad was wearing. Redonia and Calah, you girls could copy Grammy and get a new hairdo for Sunday night.

Final Joburg Update

Text Message 12:55 PM CST:

On plane let others know got to turn off phone

Thanks all for helping us pray he got out of Africa. Now pray the pressure and etc of the flight will not cause any additional problems. He did receive a medication to assist with the flight.

I received a note from Noel Cordova, Hollister CA to pray for Jen and Blake. This is a mother and her infant child who has liver cancer. You can follow Noel's blog for updates.

Flight Update from Joburg

Following is an email from Vicki:

We have checked in and are enjoying some time in the Air France lounge. Timo is doing good so far. He got pretty tired getting through check in, passport control, etc.

He rested a bit in the lounge, had something to eat and is now on one of the computers here in the Air France lounge. It is the 1st time he has been on to read his emails, etc. He is shocked at the number of people that has been praying for him.

Please keep us in your prayers as we travel. We are scheduled to land in Houston at 1:45 CST on Tuesday.

Until then,

The Flight

Vicki, Tremayne, and Timothy leave Johannesburg today. They arrive in Houston tomorrow. Keep in mind Joburg and Paris are 7 hours ahead of CST.

Depart Joburg Monday 8/18 7:45 pm
Arrive Paris Tuesday 8/19 6:10 am Flying time 10 hrs 25 minutes

Depart Paris Tuesday 8/19 10:20 am
Arrive Houston Tuesday 8/10 1:45 pm Flying time 10 hrs 25 minutes

Timothy does have a letter to fly from his doctor. He did not gain a preapproval to fly. They felt and have been advised the preapproval would have never been granted.

Vicki did make a brief post today to her blog. This was a 'big' step. I'm sure once she gets home she will be able to post more and more. The past few days have been spent getting Timothy READY to be with family. I will not be more specific at this time. Pray that once we are reunited Timothy will not be frustrated due to some of his complications. I have stated that he is not back to normal yet. Vicki states on her blog that he is not 100%. When he becomes more normal I'm sure we will post some of the problems. Now however just trust me, my little nephew still needs the Lord's healing hand.

Another prayer request:

One of the boys from our church, Zackary, has a detached retina and is hemorrhaging behind the eye. At this point he is legally blind in the eye. He has surgery Wednesday. Please keep 15 year old Zack and his parents in your prayers.

Hope you enjoy a wonderful week!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Giving Honor

Repeatedly the past week I have thought how thankful I am for Trent's growth, maturity, and willingness to work. Trent is employed full-time by Conroe United Pentecostal Church. He goes beyond the call of duty. He is a HARD worker. Allow me to name some of the things he does from week to week. Trent leads praise and worship each Wednesday night. He promotes worship to the very best of his ability. He plays the drums and helps to coordinate our music. He spends hours making loops and practicing. He is Youth Pastor and teaches the youth class on Sunday mornings. This requires lots of hours planning and preparing. His Friday nights are spent with the youth. He is our high school Biology, Chemistry, Algebra I and Geometry teacher using the A Beka Curriculum. He attends many of the maintenance needs of the church/school since our maintenance director is a volunteer. He does hospital visitations and outreach.

Trent is faithful to all functions of the church. Regardless if the function is hosted by a department he is apart, Trent involves himself. Recently our Bible Quiz went to Nationals and had to do several fundraisers. Trent was the auctioneer at their cake auctions, assisted with a car wash, and moved 'junk' back and forth for the garage sale. Trent loves CUPC and is constantly sharing ideas with his dad and me how we can make it a better place for those who call CUPC home.

Each of the full-time ministers Kent has hired have been totally awesome. We have loved and respected each of them and each have done exactly what they were hired to do. This post in no way is a reflection to either of the three men who preceeded Trent. They each had stronger pulpit abilties than Trent. However, none of them taught Sunday School nor was involved in music at the level Trent is. Additionally only Bro. P. was youth pastor.

Trent just keeps doing more and more and more and more. From the early days of us beginning the church Trent had a love for it. At the age of 4 when we would get in the car, Trent would ask if we were going to teach another Bible Study. Trent, we can give you task or a duty but I know it is your passion for revival and growth that causes you to keep giving more. Thanks,Bub, for not viewing this as a 'job' but rather letting it be your heartbeat. Your zeal and energy is going to help facilitate growth in many areas.

Saturday Kent and I went by the church around 4 pm. Guess who was working to ensure everything is ready for church tomorrow??? Later a little birdie told me Trent was back at the church working. Around 10:00 pm Kent and I went by the church. Guess who was in the church working????

Kent has not allowed Trent much pulpit time to date. I know, however, since Trent is starting his ministry in the 'trenches' God will help him with his preaching. I must add when he does get a microphone you can definitely feel the anointing of the Lord.

Trent's hard work has not gone unnoticed. I appreciate the way Trent strives to draw others in and form teams. I know there are many great people @ CUPC who help Trent but allow me to say "THANKS, Trent, for your passion and burden. CUPC will certainly be a better place because of you."

Thursday, August 14, 2008

One More Hurdle

The following email was sent to the insurance company in regards to Timo's trip home:

Per our conversation earlier today, Peggy, I will reiterate my thoughts on Timothy's flight on Air France.

Air France is very cautious and careful when screening passengers for their flights. If a passenger approaches the gate/reservation desk with any obvious deficits such as speech, gait or mentation problems, theywill surely question and possibly deny boarding. They have an extensive medical department with a medical director that screens prospective passengers with medical issues. If Timothy has not been pre-screened by the airline, there is a chance they may not let him fly. Unfortunately, pre-screening can be a lengthy process taking several days. At the very least, he should have with him a letter from his treating physicianstating his diagnosis, treatment and fitness to fly. This would be in the event they question his ability to fly and need not be presented unless there is the questioning.

I just wanted to let you all know my concern as I would not want our little guy detained.

MedAire Inc

Pray all goes well. They are working on getting the fit to fly letter - however, Timo absolutely has 'gait' and 'hearing' issues. Vicki said they may could cover up the hearing but NO WAY can they cover up his walking/gait problems ... he walks something similar to a drunk man. And even more so in bright lights and noisy places. He will come home one way or another. Pray they don't incur a problem. We are thankful the insurance company has worked well with the medical staff on site. It would have been horrible to have shown up to fly and been told he couldn't fly due to health issues.

Enjoy a Terrific Thursday!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Miss Redonia Leigh Smith

August 13, 1986 marks a most memorable day for Kent and me. Exactly 22 years ago Kent and I were very distinctly changed. Seven months prior to 8-13-86 we learned the devastating news that it was medically impossible for me to give birth. Shortly after we were presented with the prospect of one of the greatest blessings, adoption. The baby was due in August, seven months later.

Redonia is not only an important part of our family, she is an important part of CUPC. She teaches at CCS, directs the children’s choir, leads several sign praise groups, is the church graphics designer, transports younger teens to eat after service, is an awesome praise singer, sings solos in the choir, loves praying with people to receive the Holy Ghost, is faithful to her college and career group and on and on and on the list continues. I can’t imagine our family or CUPC without Redonia.

Redonia is a wonderful daughter and daddy’s baby girl. She is very graceful, stunningly beautiful, and compassionate to her own hurt. She is a lover of animals, clothes, shoes, sunglasses, purses, and lip gloss. She owns a graphics and photography business. She loves God, helping those less fortunate, and serving the church. She is an avid reader and addicted to music. She enjoys her cell phone, camera, and computers. She is a connoisseur of steak, icing, pepperoni, energy drinks, gum, goldfish, and gummies. She enjoys the tanning bed and outdoors. She loves the ocean, walking, running, swimming, exercising, bungee jumping, roller coasters, snow and water skiing, and any other action she can possibly indulge. She has changed her college major ‘umpteen’ times and may finish by the time she is 100!

Redonia is our miracle. She has experienced many miracles and has struggled against many obstacles. She is an incredible lady. Her ability to multi-task amazes me. This OCD mom enjoys her daughter’s talents yet has always been driven nuts by her artsy side from scribbling on freshly painted walls, doodling on every piece of school paper, to being a messy decorating cookies and cupcakes. Her love for noise has about driven me insane. I’ve had to listen to Hank the Cowdog, Oddysey, music, cassette tapes, cd’s, talking Mother Goose, Teddy Ruxpin, ipods, you tube, goofy cell phone ringers, and even talk radio. When I think back over the past 22 years I have so many wonderful memories. I hope she knows she is loved more than I can express. Each time I hear Redonia say she WILL adopt children lets me know we have accomplished.

Happy 22nd Birthday, Redonia, I love you!!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sorry 2 b slow!!!!

Yes! Timothy Carl Simoneaux was discharged today! Early this morning I texted Vicki and they were out. At one point I texted to check on them and they were all enjoying a 'restful nap'. Following is an excerpt of an email from Vicki today:

This morning Timo was discharged from Garden City Clinic. You would have thought he was a celebrity. (maybe it is the amount of money they are getting ha!) The General Manager came by to say 'God Speed', the Matron (head nurse) of the hospital stopped by with a gift for Timo, Dr. Bartlett brought with him 2 medics - wanted them to see what has happened in Timo's life. It was very exciting, yet sobering, to hear each one tell us and tell Timo that he is one lucky boy, he is blessed, he is a miracle, or Dr. Bartlett said it best ... "The man above has a plan for you my boy!"

We were instructed that Timo is a long way from 'complete', and that we know but we know the COMPLETER! We will deal with each day as a blessing and another day of God's grace and mercy! We will take each step as we get to it.

We stopped by the mall to eat (most restaurants here in South Africa are in the malls). Knowing Timo was not up to walking the mall we parked as close as we could to the entrance and made our way straight to Mugg & Bean - his choice. On the way we stopped at a sports store and bought him the pillow he has been wanting an "Arsenal" pillow. While waiting to pay Bro. Howell called - Timo really enjoyed talking to him! He was thrilled to tell us that Bro. Howell has a new grandbaby. Of course we knew that but keep forgetting to say CONGRATULATIONS - so here is the congrats to the proud grandparents!

Timothy's balance is WAY off. It is not just a case of dizziness. The classic signs of this is when turning or doing stairs. WOW, it was really a job getting him walking 'straight'. By the time we were heading back to the car he was in tears. Just another confirmation that he needs more prayers and medical attention.

Tremayne and I know that God is taking care of this so don't confuse our frustration/concerns with lack of faith! It is just scary to see your 13 y/o stumbling around. I think we will try to arrange wheel chair assistance for him through the a/ports.

Balance is originated in the ear and unfortunately it is the portion of Timothy's ear that is completely destroyed. Pray that God will help Vicki and Tremayne with the challenges that lie ahead the next few days.

I texted Vicki and asked her to take Timo for chocolate ice cream for me. She replied that she had already bought him popsicles. Well, when he gets home Uncle Kent and I will take him to Marble Slab for chocolate ice cream with sprinkles mixed in. I'm thinking that will make any sick boy feel better!

A funny thing that happened today: My Mom (Grammy) called Timo using Vicki's skype #. Unfortunately they didn't have a good connection. Mom, kept saying, "Timo can you hear me, Timo can you hear me" . Of course, Mom forgot about the deafness and was referring to the connection. Timo chuckled and told his Mom I may be deaf but I can still hear a little bit! ha Well, it isn't as funny typing it as with the expression Mom shared when telling me about it! We have a great family and we have learned to laugh and live. In fact we have decided this week that there are several in the 'fam' who could benefit from hearing aids. So they are all going with Timo and going to form a hearing aid family society! lol

Enjoy your evening! We are off to The Goose's Acre to eat with our family....We are celebrating something very very special.....I'll tell you more about it TOMORROW!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hearing Test Results

Finally Timo was able to have the appropriate hearing/ear tests today. The results were not good. He is completely deaf in the left ear. Without a miracle this is a permanent deafness. He does have hearing loss in the right ear, too. He will need possibly to have surgery for a cochlear implant. Additionally, he is going to need balance rehabilitation. The audiologist had tears in her eyes as she told Vicki, Tremayne, and Timothy this is not the results they noramlly see in South Africa. Of course from the initial onset it was over 30 hrs before being transported to South Africa. Additionally, he had struggled with an ear infection previous to the Meningitis.

While Vicki, Tremayne, and Timothy 'knew' he was deaf in the left ear they are struggling with today's report. Vicki was hoping there was fluid in the ear or something that would be temporary. The doctor spoke with Timo about protecting the right ear and the hearing he has in it. For example, he will need some specially molded ear plugs for swimming and protection against loud noises. Specifically he was encouraged to not wear in-ear devices when listening to his ipod and etc. Timothy was concerned because he loves music and playing the drums. The doctor told him music will be in his head. She told him about Beethoven being a completely deaf musician. She also reminded Timo that he is blessed that he has survived the Meningitis. This is the second doctor that has stated that Timothy is blessed.

The central line was removed today. The doctor ordered a culture of the portion of the line that was inserted in Timo's chest. Should it have infection Timo will simply take a round of oral antibiotic. He is still scheduled for discharge tomorrow. He will gain strength the next few days and leaves Johannesburg next Monday. They arrive in Houston on Tuesday @ 1:45 pm. Vicki said he is ready to see family. Of course we are ready to see Timo. She said he isn't certain about seeing friends. Of course we know Timo has so many friends in the Houston area that he will soon want to see them, too. He is just a little uncertain with life right now. The hearing loss has him feeling uncertain. Of course the meds that he was given to induce the coma has caused a slightly memory loss and that has him concerned. Today he questioned scars on his knees. He can't remember recent knee surgeries. Bro. Richardson told him that was good medicine that was given him because it has taken every bad memory away! The Richardsons have been great. They left today to return to the States. I know Vicki, Tremayne, and Timo will miss their visits.

Thanks for keeping Timo in your prayers. I pray your week is blessed....

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Afternoon

I love church!!!! Today we enjoyed not just good but awesome church. Someone we prayed for yesterday was at church today and received a wonderful renewing. I'm just trusting God.....

Timo's neck is stiff and hurting today. He had a repeat of the labs to check the Meningitis markers. Pray all is still well. Of course he was given some pain meds, too. If all goes as scheduled he will be discharged Tuesday.

Keep Calah in your prayers. She's been sick for a couple of weeks with allergies/sinus. Today she is very sick. I stopped by before church to check on her. My little 'darkey' is pretty pale. I gave her some meds and drinks. I fixed some on her bedside table, too. Calah, has lots and lots of energy seeing her in the bed isn't fun.

I just love Sunday afternoon naps......zzzzzzzzz

Saturday, August 9, 2008


My morning began early as I sought what I thought God would have me lead our ladies in this morning at prayer meeting. For a couple of weeks I have felt an anticipation for this morning. We had a great group of ladies join and most importantly the Lord meet with us. I know those present will never be the same. After prayer most of us enjoyed lunch at the Garden Cafe.

Prior to going to the church Vicki and I texted for a few minutes. Timo has been dizzy and a little nauseated, but otherwise about the same. Without God he may have reached his point of recovery. Timothy's doctor did tell him if he doesn't get better he is still 'blessed'. Of course we know that God is with him. One of my step-sisters is employed by Texas Children's Hospital. She is endeavoring to facilitate Timothy's medical needs stateside.

Kent and I took most of the day 'off'. We drove the backroads to the new outlet mall in Houston. It was a really hot day but we still enjoyed just being together. The highlight of the day was after returning, we enjoyed dinner at Brio Tuscan Grille. Yummmmm We topped off our relaxing dinner with Creme' Brule.

I'm looking forward to a wonderful day in church tomorrow. I pray each of you enjoyed a blessed Sunday!

Friday, August 8, 2008


Yesterday was spent focused on Vicki's birthday and helping to raise support for Timothy's medical costs. I thought this morning I should bring everyone back up to speed on the patient.

Vicki's initial response this morning, "He's grumpy and dizzy." So there you have it folks we have a grumpy young man today. Have any of you Mom's ever taken care of a grumpy sick child? Well, it certainly is not too fun.

He was supposed to have some hearing/ear tests today. However, it is almost 3 pm on Friday so Vicki is not sure it will happen today. The current plan is for discharge on Tuesday. They will stay in Joburg the rest of the week and fly to Houston on Monday.

Timothy is obviously getting bored with the hospital today. He did eat a McDonald's burger! Whoo Hoo. I told him I was preparing the blog and was there anything he wanted me to tell the 'world'. His reply was simply, "Going insane and I'm deaf'. Vicki told me that the deafness in the one ear is really bothering him today. Redonia has a hearing loss in one ear and my Mom has some hearing issues. I told him they could all 3 go and get some cute little hearing aids. He replied in sarcasm "Not funny". His arm is better. We still have some conerns that will be addressed once he gets to Texas Children's.

Timothy could almost buy his first sports car with the cost of their airfare to the states. They could not get a 21 day ticket to receive the discount because he needs to quickly be under the care of doctors here. Additionally he had to fly businees class. Pray their budget is raised quickly. Thanks for the love and prayers you have shown our family!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Simoneaux Medical Assistance Fund

Tremayne and Vicki Simoneaux United Pentecostal Church International missionaries currently reside in Blantyre, Malawi. They travel extensively throughout Malawi, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe. On a recent trip to Mozambique, South Africa, and Zimbabwe their 13 year old son, Timothy “Timo”, became quite ill. While in Zimbabwe he was carried to a Trauma Center. It was determined Timothy had an inner ear infection.

After battling the inner ear infection for several days, Vicki and Tremayne were awakened to Timothy convulsing. Of course, they immediately rushed Timo to a hospital in Blantyre where he was diagnosed with Meningitis. Timothy’s condition deteriorated rather rapidly. He was medically air evacuated to Johannesburg, South Africa. While Vicki was able to travel with Timothy, Tremayne had to travel via commercial carrier to Johannesburg. Timothy was in ICU in both Malawi and Johannesburg. He remained unconscious from the time his parents found him in their home convulsing until several days of being in Johannesburg. He was placed on life support by the fine medical team who transported him to South Africa.

According to the medical staff Timothy’s illness was a near fatal one. We thank God for His miraculous touch. The medical staff, the Foreign Missions Division, and parents of Timothy feel it necessary for Timothy to return to Houston, Texas for further testing and rehabilitation.

UPCI missionaries are afforded the benefit of Aetna Global Insurance. However, as great as the insurance is it will not cover the medical expenses entirely. Additionally, they have incurred travel expenses to South Africa and will incur even more to Houston. Bro. Simoneaux will need to travel back to the country of Malawi before Timothy is expected to be released. Very possibly Bro. Simoneaux will have several roundtrips between Houston and Africa. During Timothy’s Johannesburg hospital stay a replacement missionary had to be sent to Malawi for a scheduled conference. There are other such meetings scheduled that will necessitate a neighboring missionary to assist if Bro. Simoneaux cannot be present. These missionaries do not have funds in their budget to cover the additional travel costs.

Following is an estimated break out of costs directly related to the illness:

Medical Costs $10,000.00
Medical Costs in Malawi $1,500.00
Commercial air to Johannesburg $800.00
R/T Commercial Air to Houston
Doctor Required Business Class $21,000.00
Lodging Johannesburg $85.00 nightly
Ground expenses in Johannesburg
R/trips to Malawi (work related) $1,250.00 per trip
Ground expenses in Houston
Travel, food, medical center parking, & etc.

While speaking to Carl Morgan, FMD CPA, it was quickly determined this medical emergency could easily be in excess of $50,000.00. Medical costs were based on treatments being finished prior to year end. Of course all deductibles and copayments are based on a calendar year. In the likely event that care continues into a new calendar year the medical costs will be greater. This budget was prepared operating on the 2008 calendar only.

Donations should be directed to Foreign Missions Division, Attn: Carl Morgan, 8855 Dunn Road, Hazelwood, Missouri 63042. Please mark the check “Simoneaux Medical Assistance”. Additionally, credit card payments can be securely made on-line. You may go to for information regarding the Simoneaux Medical Assistance Fund. A link is provided to make an online donation.All donations are tax deductible. A receipt will be issued in January for tax purposes.

Please know Tremayne and Vicki Simoneaux have been humbly blessed by the outpouring of love shown them. They will be grateful for any monetary gift given on their behalf. Please continue to pray for this missionary family. The Tremayne Simoneaux family is in need of our thoughts, prayers, love and continued financial support.

(Blogger's note: I do not know html code and can not get the above break out to stay in proper arrangement.)

Cyber Party

Ok, since I feel we are family I would like to invite each of you to our party today. Now today I would like you to do something festive to celebrate a most special occasion with me. Take a moment and think about whatever it is you do when your family celebrates. Our family loves birthday cake. I think it is because we love the rich butter cream frosting with Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream. For the party today we should opt for chocolate cake. The ice cream probably should be Blue Bell’s Cookies n Cream. A left over box of birthday candles will not do for this celebration. In order to have enough candles you will need a brand new box. You may choose to purchase the shaped number candles. If so you will need to pick up two 4’s. Now, I didn’t tell you the age of the birthday girl, did I?

Join me around the world in singing "Happy Birthday" in your own style. I know some sing the traditional “Happy Birthday” while others may prefer “A Happy Birthday to You”. You know the version that the Sunday School Directors lead us in years ago when we did the penny march for our birthday. Possibly you like the T. G. I. Friday’s version that goes like this: "This is your birthday song.It won’t be very long, see ya!" (As they quickly flee your table)

Let’s decorate our cyber dining areas with streamers and balloons. This birthday girl is sanguine and loves bright colors such and lime, orange, and turquoise. She loves using confetti so drizzle it everywhere. She loves fruit and chocolate. I think I’ll set up the chocolate fountain and cut some fresh fruit for each of us to enjoy.

Thanks for helping me celebrate Vicki’s birthday in grand missionary style!!!!

Vicki is 13.5 months younger than me. After only a few months we began looking like twins. Our personalities are distinctly different, however. She is full of color and I’m a little more straight-lined. As young girls I would come up with craziness and she would do it!!! She was the brave out front one and I was the more reserved serious child. People often confuse us. She’s been called Tracie or Sis. Smith and I’ve been called Vicki or Sis. Simoneaux. We have each walked halls at General Conference and held conversations with people we don’t know because we weren’t sure if we knew the person from years ago or if they had us confused! Sometimes at the end of such conversations the person would call us the wrong name and we would just smile and play the part of the other. In our extended family we were fondly referred to as “the girls”.

"The Girls" volunteering for the RedCross. Yes we are handling worn shoes!

Remember, Vicki, send me your sizes so I can have your birthday gift when you get home. I promise it will not be a cyber gift! Lol

Picture added after original post was made. This pic was taken today of Vicki with b'day flowers from a couple of missionary wife friends. The missionaries are a huge family! Thank you to whomever had Sis. Richardson do this special deed. Girl, you are making me hot in your winter sweater. We'll have to go shopping quick to get some Summer clothes. It's winter in Africa. Vicki will not be going home to get her summer clothes due to Timothy's condition. She thinks she can borrow from Mom, Kristi, and me. HUMMMM we are all different sizes so I'm not sure how that's going to work out! ha ha

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I received the following letter in the mail today:

July 30, 2008

Mrs. Tracie Smith
1612 Odd Fellow Street
Conroe, TX 77301-1847

Dear Sis. Smith:

I received the message about your nephew and have read your blog. I am praying for Timothy and the entire family. I know God can perform a miracle in this situation.

I would like to point something out to you – an error which many people make. Etc. means ‘and so forth’, so when you say ‘and etc.’ you are saying ‘and and so forth’, or when you say ‘or etc.’ you are saying ‘or and so forth.’

This may seem trivial to you, however, since so many people consider Pentecostals to be ignorant and backward I think we should strive to be better educated. Our grammar should always be correct. If in doubt, check it out.

Love and prayers from a fellow Pentecostal.

I hope my fellow Pentecostal will forgive me for in haste writing blog posts. Prior to this long ordeal I have prepared each post using Microsoft Word. Then I cut and paste into my blog. If you have followed the blog you realize I have operated on very little sleep and have endeavored to post while going about my many responsibilities of sister, wife, mother, pastor’s wife, church bus captain, and on and on the list could read. In haste I have been typing my blogs directly to the blog which does not grammar or spell check. I am new to blogging so possibly the capability is available but I am unaware of the process. I do work with highly educated people in our church and community. In fact one of the dear ladies in our church is a PhD and another is entering her doctorate study this fall. Both are some of my dearest acquaintances. Many of our congregation have Masters Degrees or pursuing such currently. Others have a Bachelors Degree. Currently many of our young and mature adults are college students. I agree we should strive to be better educated. Both my husband and I promote higher education. Fortunately people in our community do not view Pentecostals as ignorant or backwards. Our church has a Christian school and we have both doctors and educators children enrolled in our school. I do not say these things in a bragging sense but rather one to inform the letter’s author that I am an avid fan of higher education.

Again, please accept my apology. I am not offended by your letter. I would have written a personal note, however your name and address was not supplied. Hence, I use the way I have communicated with you in the past. My concern has been soliciting prayer using the blog asking people to pray for my nephew, sister, brother-in-law, and all concerned rather than taking the time to scrutinize my writings.

Wednesday Pictures

Timo Fund

Ok, ok, ok.....yall are sweet and crazy!!! lol First off I'm blessed and don't need a fund! lol I just think Kent and Tremayne would love to torment us and put is out with signs...they'd sit on the side and laugh! lol

Seriously speaking, however, the Foreign Missions Division is setting up a specail account due to the extreme costs of this ordeal. Once Vicki gets all the information she will forward to me and I will post to the blog immediately. I know they will appreciate their primary budget not having to take a harsh hit. Most of you understand that would mean a soon return to deputize and they've only been back in Africa for approximately 6 months.

Keep checking back....I'm going to post some new pictures in a few moments!!!

Drum Roll, please!!!!!

Vicki and I have been texting back and forth. I know you want me to hurry up and get to the point, right?

Timo has been moved to a private room on the neuro ward! He's no longer in PICU.

Papa Richardson (Bro. Jerry Richarson) as Timo calls him put Timo in a wheel chair and took him down to the coffe shop!!!! Timo drank MOST of a frozen coffee. Big progress!!!

Bro. Richarson is working today on the tickets to return to Houston! Yes, it really is going to happen! Vicki hopes to fly out Monday night August 18th.

The rash/sores on Timothy's arm appear better today!!!!!

His blood pressure is still elevated but I know that is coming down, too!!!

Ok, do you feel our excitement???? We still have some issues that we are dealing with but those issues are going to be fine, in Jesus Name!

Please continue to pray for Donovan. He's a child the WNOP requested prayer for that was burned really badly. I do not know this family but I do understand that he is doing some better. Additionally, keep Garrett, grandson of Texas pastor, Phil Murphy, in your prayers. Garrett was on a horrible 4 wheeler accident and life flighted to Denver. He has had multiple surgeries and has some neuro fluid problems as well. Also, Blake Allard, a PK from California broke his arm quite severely and surgery was a consideration. Blake has been in alot of pain. All of these boys need the Lord's hand to be upon them. I know God is no respector of person and it doesn't matter the geograpic location God can hear our cry for all of this boys.

On a lighter note Kent questioned today what if all these international texts costs $5 each. I'm thinking that if that's the case when Vicki gets home Tremayne and Kent are going to put us on the side of the freeway holding a cardboard sign! lol

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Timo News

Timo is better today in some areas that were concerns yesterday. He isn't as confused or depressed. But like Vicki said yesterday it's 2 steps forward and one back. Today his blood pressure is elevated again. Additionally, a Dermataolgist has been called in because he has Pneumococcal Meningitis as well. This causes blisters or skin lessions that are difficult to heal as well as some other symptoms that Timothy has struggled with (hearing loss, and etc.) Vick said he has horrible UGLY rash on his right arm. He is using a topical cream as well as an oral antibiotic.

Today Bro. & Sis. Jerry Richarson, Africa's Regional Director, visited with them. The Flowers stayed with Timothy while Vicki and Tremayne were able to eat with the Richardsons. They were able to discuss Vicki, Tremayne, and Timothy's soon return to the States. They left Timo with a cell phone and he had fun texting his parents while they were gone.

When Vicki was preparing to go to the lodge for the evening Timo began to cry. Then he appolgoized and told her she needed to go and get some rest because she looked very tired. Of course Tremayne will remain with him until Vicki returns around 4:30 am.

Ok, off to finish in the kitchen....I wish Vicki was here I just baked a cake and made some brownies, her favorite.....sorry, Vicki, you'll just have to wait! Oh at Lauren's request we're having CHILI dogs, too!!! I know you'll be sad about that Vicki....(Vicki and Lauren loves chili dogs and brownies)

Monday Update

Sorry to be slow in posting. I haven't received an email from Vicki nor have I called her but we have texted some. She said today has been a better day. Timo is drinking the nutrional drink. However, when I spoke with her he had only eaten a banana. I told Vicki to tell him not to make me go over and spank him! lol I'm thinking that may not have been wise to tell him. He may just want me to show up! ha

We are enjoying lots of rain from the Tropical Storm, Eduardo. Actually our church and school offices closed at noon today. Why is it that I'm still here??? I think I'll go home and bake a cake. My married children are coming over. Yeah!!!! I love for Madeline, my niece, to help me bake but she's at camp. I don't think I'll be able to convince Redonia to help. Lauren is here surving the storm, too. I bet she and Redonia read books, text their friends, ang giggle the afternoon away. I love all my family!

When I get more news on Timothy I'll pass it along. Vicki is having difficulty receiving/sendig texts today. I know if she needed me she would call. No news is certainly good news....

Monday, August 4, 2008


No, not a "Timo" post! lol

I am an extremely excited pastor's wife tonight. Our Senior Bible Quiz Team won 3rd place in the Texas District. They are currently in Ohio at the North American National Quiz Tournament. They have done very well thus far. If the team wins their next game they will be guaranteed to place and will win a trophy. Of course they will continue playing for a higher spot!!!

Go Taylor Martin, Javier Nunez, and Jessica Gilchriest!!!!!!! You 3 kids are the best. Regardless if you win tomorrow or not you have already made your CUPC family proud. Our prayers are with each of you. I missed all of your smiling faces at church yesterday! Javier the van route wasn't the same without you.

Go Conroe.......

Monday Evening Update

Vicki and I have communicated via email and text through out the day. Following is an excerpt from one of the emails I received:

Well, in the morning will be one week since our nightmare began. It seems as though it has been an eternity not just one week. Even Dr. Bartlett commented today that this has been a long week! (he is such a caring doctor)

Timothy still needs lots of prayers! From Friday to Saturday was a huge leap but now we are taking 2 steps forwards and 1 step back - yet that is still progress. One of the main concerns has been his nutrition. He just will not eat or drink. It is like fighting every drop or bite into him. It is not just the hospital food. Aunt Donna (Sis. Flowers) brought him chocolate chip cookies and Gavin Smith made him brownies, we can't even get him to eat a bite of those. He has 2 things that we can get in him Lipton Peach Tea and Real Fruit Juice mixed berry Popsicles. Neither of those have any real nutritional value certainly not any protein which he needs. Dr. Bartlett had said he would have to put back in the feeding tube, but doesn't want to do that any more than Timo wants it. So, last hope was to call in a dietician. She suggested pedia-sure (meal supplement drinks forbabies/toddlers) If he will drink 300 ml per day (about the amount of a can coke) then with the tiny bites we force down him he should be ok for a few more days. He hates the stuff. So, his sweet nurse took a medicine cup and marked 30 ml on it. If he will drink that much 10 times per day then he has his 300 ml. It is not much more than a dose of cough medicine. And him drinking it (2 big swallows) as a medicine he will gag it down. It is very likely that his brain is not telling his stomach that he is hungry. He said today that he is very full so why eat?

It is also possible that his stomach is just not wanting food in it right now, who knows? Dr. Bartlett said no need to figure it out at this point just get the protein in him.

He has been somewhat confused today. Confused at what is going on. He just can't get in his mind why he is so sick and why he is in Johannesburg. When he had to tell Bibi good bye he really cried. I was out in the hall talking with Sis. Nancy Grandquist when Bibi said good bye to him. When I went back in the PICU he was really crying. His nurse was sitting with him and talking with him. He asked "Why does everyone keep leaving me?" Someone is with him 24 hours per day so not sure what that meant.

I think the adrenaline rush of survival is over and we are all 3 feeling it.

I know we will experience some set-backs along the way but we are so thankful for the Hand of God on Timothy. Dr. Bartlett looked at him today and said "You are one really lucky boy, Timothy".

Vicki, Tremayne, and Timothy will be coming home for further testing/treatments. They may be home as early as August 18 or 19. Timothy will still need lots of rest once they arrive. This time will be dedicated to getting further medical assitance and time spent with family which will bring about healing for Vicki and Tremayne as well as Timothy. We are currently planning a Simoneaux/Thomas family day. I think that will make any sick boy feel better!!! We are a wild and crazy bunch. I'm sure if it's done at the lake there'll be fishing/boating/jet ski's. We ALWAYS have good food and lots of it.

The reality to this being a longer rather than sooner illness is settling on Vicki and Tremayne today. Keep them in your prayers. They are full of faith but do realize that it will only be with God if it is a sooner recovery. We refuse to live in denial but yet refuse to allow our faith to be weakened.

We love you all!!!

Monday Morning

Well, my thoughts are no serious problems in the night since we didn't receive text or calls is progress! Praise the Lord!

This morning Vicki said Timothy is reponding well to the pain medicines. He's been confused and depressed which is all part of it she said. Sis. Simoneaux left to return to the States today. Timothy cried really hard because he did not want her to leave. I know this made it difficult for her. Please keep Sis. Simoneaux in your prayers as she makes the long flight back to Houston.

Vicki and Tremayne will feel an added load with Sis. Simoneaux gone. Pray they find more strength. Mom and I have offered to go and even want to fly over. However, Vicki feels that with the extreme cost and not knowing when he'll be discharged it would be hard for planning. They are not sure what they will do as for as going to Malawi or coming to the States immediately either. Of course at a moments notice if they need us we will be there. Initially when we weren't sure if Timothy would survive we wanted to 'hop the next plane'. Of course this wasn't feesible due to the long flight and not knowing what would happen and they may be returning to the states sooner than later. Oh the joys of being so far from your family.....

I am at least thankful that all of my siblings and my Mom is able to call, text, and email through out the day. It has made all this better for each of us including Vicki and Tremayne. Some have called and texted wanting to send a get well card. Honestly I don't know what to tell you! It takes a longer for mail to get to them where will they be when the mail arrives if sent to the hospital???? If it goes to the hospital will they forward it to another country - Malawi or the States??? Vicki is reading the blog posts as she has the time. Each one is emailed to me as well and I'm saving them so she can print for Timothy. Once we know for sure when or if they will be coming to the states we will plan a celebration. Maybe you could send card to me for Timothy to read then. Additionally, their permanent mail address is 8855 Dunn Road, Hazelwood, MO 63042. We do appreciate ALL you want to do and are doing! Prayer is what is needed most at this point.

Thanks, again!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Good Night

Vicki texted just a little bit ago that she had just gotten back to the hospital. Timothy was sleeping and has had a good night!!! Ok, I'm praying that he has a good morning, too. His morning is our night and after Sunday night church I'm always ready to sleep.

I hope each of you enjoy a good night, too!

Saturday Pictures

Afternoon Update

I spoke with Vicki after church today and Timo is doing some better. He is still experiencing pain in his neck and head. He did eat a little better today. He had a pizza stick (Vicki said the size of our fish sticks) for lunch and either one or two fish sticks for dinner. Today they are having to help him get up and/or turn over due to the pain and stiffness in his neck. Also, they are routinely giving him the pain meds today. I believe tomorrow will be a better day for him.

On a lighter note Bro. Tim Simoneaux said he heard CNN is wanting to hire me for their anchor person. I told him Timo has caused me to be a celebrity. I think I'll run for president or something! ha I do feel like I have 'made' some new friends thru this ordeal. I hope when Timothy is better you will visit often. To you my minister wife friends this is a good way for us to stay in touch. I think Sis. Linda Elms, TX Dist Secretary's wife, is the Blog Chairperson so any questions can be directed to her! I know she will help you! ha ha There are some great blogs so check some of them out. I'm still waiting on Annette Duvall, pastor's wife in Grand Prarie Texas, to start writing! I think Dana McMahon, pastor's wife in Corsicana would be a great blogger, too. Dana your wit would make you the queen of blogs!

We had good church today and are expecting good church tonight! I hope each of your services were blessed, too.

Sunday Morning Update

I just called Vicki and Timo is resting. He had a rough night and has had a rough day today. He has a lot of pain in his head and neck. The vomiting did not persist. The doctor was called in and checked him very thoroughly. In fact more blood work was ordered. Thankfully the markers are down for the Meningitis. The doctor explained he is just having a bad day and is still a sick little boy. He said we will see more of these days but he is proud of Timothy's progress.

He doesn't feel Timothy is eating enough to promote healing and is going to give him another day or two to try really hard. If he can't tolerate the food and/or get a stronger appetite he wil insert a feeding tube. I think Timo will do his best! Vicki said shortly after his lunch tray was delivered and he did eat a little just not very much. This was progress!

Dr. Bartlette explained that Timothy will have to remain hospitalized for another 10 -12 days to complete the necessary medications that are given intraveneously. Timothy cried and said he didn't want to stay in the hospital. His parents explained they were going to work on getting tickets to the States and it would take that long. Timothy cheered up really quick and was excited. They told him they would go and buy some board games. Once he can sit up they will have fun playing games and the 2 wks will pass quickly. Hopefully then he will be off to Texas! YES!!! (I think I'll plan a party!)

Currently, Sis. Simoneaux is with Timothy. David and Donna Flowers have taken Vicki & Tremayne to eat. These folks are great! They have stayed right on top of things with my family. Additionally, when we were working to get Timo moved to Joburg. Donna called me numerous times. She was sharing with me the level of care he would receive in Joburg and etc. She was endeavoring to give me information so I could comfort Mom. Donna you will NEVER know what you have meant to our entire family. Love you, girl!

Vicki sounded upbeat again! I know prayers are their strength. I know with prayer Timo will be back in his chair tomorrow. He is medicated now so he will not be able to get up. Vicki said they have to assist him turning and etc at this point due to the pain. Let's focus on praying it will quickly subside.

Ok, everyone this is the day that the Lord hath made! Let's have church for Vicki, Tremayne, and Timo. Most Sundays they go to several churches. In fact the first Sunday Timo was sick they had 3 churches to attend. They left Timo with a cell phone in case he got too sick. Timo would want to pray with a child today to receive the Holy Ghost and would want to do a 'dance'.

Again my thoughts are what would we do without the Lord?

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Call for Prayer

Vicki just texted and Timothy is crying with his neck and head hurting. She wants everyone to please pray! She and Tremayne have already traded shifts. She is now at the hospital with Timo. She was asleep in the recliner and Timothy was asleep, too. The pain woke him up crying. He vomitted during the night, too. Of course these are classic symptoms of the Meningitis. However, he hasn't had these symptoms since being in Joburg. Well his head and neck has hurt but not to the point of waking him up, crying, and vomiting.

Thanks for praying with us!

Saturday Night Update

Allow me to give excerpts of an email I received from Vicki:

Tonight, the Flower's and the Smith's (Karl, Mary & Gavin) stopped by with a WONDERFUL present from Gavin. He made Timo a very sweet card and some chocolate dipped brownies - ummmm wonderful! The nurse let them come in 2 at a time plus me for a few minutes to pray with Timo. (strict rules - parents and grandparents ONLY and then only 2 at a time) While Mary and Donna was praying I was looking at Timo's face. His eyes were closed and he got the SWEETEST smile on his face - to cry for smile! I tapped Mary and interrupted her prayer to point at Timo's smile - he was LOVING the prayer and the Presence of the Lord! Today the song "The presence of the Lord is here, the presence of the Lord is here, I feel Him in the atmosphere" has been going through my head.

Later I went back in and he was all smiles - probably the most alert he had been all day. I came on back to the room to sleep. I will go relieve Tremayne at 4:30 and he will come sleep a few hours. Tonight we do have a recliner in the 'bay' with Timo because he has to sit up in it some each day now. That should make Tremayne's night a bit more comfortable than last night.

Forgot to mention that Timo is having trouble keeping his right eye lid open. I had told the Flowers and Smiths that before they went in. Wouldn't you know it - Bro. Flowers said something and Timo opened up both eyes just as wide as ever - kids, will make a liar out of you every time HA!

Also, most of you know that Timo asked to walk to the bathroom this evening. Since he is in PICU it is not right in his bay/room. It is out in the common area. (little bit of a walk) As his nurse and I walked him - ever so uncoordinated and wobbly - the entire PICU staff and other parents clapped and cheered him on. He is such a testimony!

The speciality nurse that was called in for him his first night was on duty today - she told him - "On Wednesday night when we received you - NEVER would I have believed you would be walking by even next Wednesday night."

Thanks again and love you all!

Let's all have church tomorrow. There is a difference you know in going to church and having church!!!!

I talked with Timo!

I was just able to talk ever so briefly with Timothy. He definitely is understanding and communicating. He sounds very very weak though. I told him about so many people checking on him. I told him he was a celebrity now. He 'tried' to laugh. I told him I was praying he could come to the states really soon he agreed that was a good idea!

Vicki said he ate very little of his mashed potates and gravy but that's too be expected. He decided he wanted to walk to his bathroom. Of course he had to have help. Vicki said he doesn't have good coordination at this point and doesn't walk normal. Sis. Simoneaux was able to video him. She'll be coming home Monday and I know my Mom will want to spend some time with her getting all the details. He still can not hear out of the left ear. Additionally, his right eye does not open unless he is told to open it and then it closes very quickly. All these things are hopefully only temporary. Dr. Bartlette did say he doesn't seem to have any severe neurological problems.

Timo is a child later in life and we have always spoiled him rotten. Vicki said there can only be two people at a time in PICU with him. Sis. Simoneaux, Tremayne and Vicki are rotating. When one is gone too long he starts asking for them. Lauren texted her Mother earlier this morning for to tell Timo she loves him. When Vicki told him he said, "Of course she does everyone loves me!" Lauren replied, "The Dork". Sibling rivalry is starting back! Vicki said Lauren thinks Timothy is loving all the attention he is getting! ha Later, sweet Lauren called and talked with him despite him picking on her!

When talking with Vicki and Timonty I realized this is going to be a very long road to recovery without a miracle. Vicki is able to read some of your comments each night. She is hoping to print them soon so she and Timothy can enjoy going thru them. She laughed that Timo may get the 'big head'. Seriously, though each of you will never know how much your comments and prayers mean to them during this time.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Saturday Morning Update

Wow I just knew it would be an uneventful night! Well, it didn't quite work that way. My 22 yr old daughter is on vacation with several of her friends and called me @ 3:20 AM not feeling well and wanting to know what to do! As I hung the phone up a text came thru from my brother, Scott. Ugghhh people it's too early in the morning! Then Scott called he was so excited.

Scott called Vicki and was able to TALK with Timo! Yes! Timothy was sitting up somewhat in a recliner. His neck is still a little sore but it is much better. He attempted to put the phone to the left hear but could not hear out of it. Pray this is only temporary.

His nurse questioned if he had a blood tranfusion. His results were substantially better than the day before. Vicki said not to her knowledge. If so it he would have been in the middle of the night. The nurse checked and he had not. She was amazed at the report. His infection markers were 300 plus, Vicki just told Mom the infection markers are currently at 65. What a change!! I agree with Donna "His Royal Blood is flowing thru Timothy's veins". (Some of us older Pentecostal's can remember the words to the old song with that statement!)

Mother spoke with Vicki a few moments ago and she was enroute to buy Timothy some pj's and to KFC to buy him mashed potatoes and gravy. He is not to fond of the hospital food. Donna Flowers is taking him homemade chocolate chip cookies tomorrow at his request.

Timothy still has a long way to go in recovery. He is very weak, battling ear problems, and has still has some ugly infection BUT I'm thankful that we have received many miracles and healing is taking place in his body.

Vicki told me around midnight CST that the work has probalby just begun for she and Tremayne. One of them will remain with him at all times. This will get very tiring. Keep them in your prayers.

They have a confernce scheduled in Malawi. Thankfully, Tremayane will not have to leave to help with the conference. Bro. and Sis. Flowers will go for them. Sis. Flowers can go to Vicki's house and pick up any need items for them. I know Donna and David Flowers are TRUE friends to our family. In fact we have so many wonderful friends involved in foriegn missions. To all of you thanks for your prayers. Timothy has so many Aunts and Uncles and he loves you all! Each of you remember I AM his favorite! lol

I will endeavor to talk to my little buddy at some point today on the phone. I'll let him know each of you love him and the incredible reponses we have received. Last night when I ck'd I had over 10000 new hits to the blog! Wow! You are all great....

Friday, August 1, 2008


Following is an email Vicki sent to our family:

Good evening to most of you! (morning for us)

Tremayne, Mom, and I were absolutely exhausted last night. By 9 pm we were all 3 falling asleep at the hospital. The crew in the PICU insisted we leave and go try and rest. They are very good with trauma 'parents' as well - always assessing our needs too.

The nurses PROMISED that they would call if ANYTHING happened or changed - for the good or bad. Tremayne crashed the minute we got to the room. It was a bit later for me but crashed soon after.

At 1:30 am the phone rang - my heart sank! The nurses were asking if one of us would come up - Timo was crying. Tremayne wouldn't let me go - said if he got there and it was a set back he would come get Mom and I. He insisted that I should sleep - I have had about 10 or 11 hours of sleep since Saturday night. Remember I was up with him Sunday and Monday nights as he cried with ear ache.

I couldn't go right back to sleep but I knew if I got up and got the computer to contact you all I wouldn't sleep at all. I thought to call Micah and Lauren - kids, I love y'all just as much as I do Timo and would be there for any of you (Chelsea too) in such a need.

I couldn't get Lauren, Micah answered sounded tired or busy but at least was able to 'hear' him say "Good night, I love you" (as a mother I needed to hear one of my children tell me that!)

I went off to sleep. Woke at 5:30. I text Tremayne to let him know I was awake (we are not supposed to use or phones in PICU) waited a few minutes and no reply so I called. He answered with "let me call you back I'm helping change a bed". He just text'ed - while I was typing
this - "he is fine I was helping with bed". They do the bed changing
and baths before the night nurse goes off duty.

Tremayne will come over to the b&b where we are staying to pick up Mom and I in about 1 hour. I am hoping to get Tremayne to just drop us off at the hospital and him come back and rest. He is still fighting a cough, he has to get over this! We don't need to risk him giving it to Timo.

Mom went and bought him some cough medicine yesterday. I think if we can get Tremayne to rest this morning that will help him as well.

We love you all and thanks again for caring!

From Vicki

I received the following around 3:00 pm CST but have been very busy @ the church and with some outreach efforts and didn't have time to post.

We are heading to bed - totally exhausted .... we saw great progress today but not out of the 'woods' yet - hope everyone is still praying! His temp is now normal, breathing is still too shallow to take off of oxygen - they tried but had to put it back on. Dr. Bartlette is hoping for him to be a bit more alert. Praying that he will be able to wake on his own tomorrow. Today we would have to arouse him and he would respond for a 10 - 15 seconds at a time.

We will be looking at hearing test, eye test, learning disabilities testing later - those are minor as to what we where facing Tuesday and Wednesday. We (us and medical team) are hoping that with a few hours of natural (un sedated) rest that tomorrow will be even better. He was sipping his juices today - I would arouse him and put the straw in his mouth and he could sip and swallow on his own. Or, shake his head no. He would whisper a few words if coerced - it seemed to take a bit too much energy - easier to nod. We did see his personality today and that was encouraging!

Love you all!

I hope each of you enjoy a blessed weekend. Have good church...Timo would want it just that way! He would want the music 'pumping' and the worship 'rockin' . He's been like that since he was just a little boy. He can definitely do an Africa dance as he worships!

Latest Text from Vicki

We are living a miracle
he is still mostly sleeping
but medical staff are all amazed

(Author's note: Earlier Vicki said he's drinking orange juice and @ one point Tremayne was out of the room and he asked where he was)

From Vicki

This morning as I sit here and just reminisce the great memories of Timo, his favorite song keeps coming to me. It is by Tye Tribbett 'I WANT IT ALL BACK!'

I believe in my baby's mind that is HIS prayer right now! I know for 'daddy' and I that is our prayer! We want him (Timo) ALL back!

Thank you all for your wonderful show of love and support! You are our strength right now - we are not strong enough on our own.


Victory Live by Tye Tribbett & G.A.

5:19 AM

Me: "What about life support?"

Vicki: "It is off only nose oxygen tube now. Breathing well and slowly waking from the sedation. Still very sleepy like from surgery."

Mom just called she is trying to reach Vicki now. She and a group of friends set their clocks for 5:00 am to get up and pray since that was the original start time of the process. I'm getting emails and etc from some of them. What a great surprise they had! Rather than pray I know they are rejoicing.

Micah sent the following heartfelt email for me to pass along to each of you readers:

Thanks to all of you that have spent these last few sleepless night awake praying with us. I can never fully express my gratitiude for the compassion you have shown to us.

I can remember the numerous times I was there to save or protect Timothy and Lauren from something and this time watching from a world away has been hard on the big brother.

Chelsea has been amazed at the overwhelming response from across the world, she has always joked that there wasn;t anybody we didn't know or that knew us, now I guess that is a little more acurate.

Pleases remember all of us in your prayers. Most of the family has had years of experience in being on the wrong side of the ocean from family during tough times but Chelsea has had only 6 short months to get used to this. Thank so many of you for the numerous phone calls, emails and text msgs each one has helped us along the way.

Thank you, Micah, for such a fitting close to suh an awesome post!!! I love you, George :)-

4:55 CST

Was awaken to the following text from Vicki: "Timo has began to respond some. He recognizes us and has spoken a few words we encouraged."

I replied, "Awesome."

Vicki: "I asked him if he knows where he was and he said - 'Mars' in typical Timo wit!

(Tracie laughed out loud...Timo is a very sarcastic witted kid. Yes he still has his humor.)

I replied, "ha ha ha!"

YES!!!!!!!!!! Thank you, JESUS!!!!!!!

Praise the Lord!!!!!

My phone just rang with the quick words, call me back!!!! Ok, I never know until I call back good/bad...which will I hear on the other end. This time the voice was Carol Simoneaux in a very fast voice (not her norm)....

Well, it was not good news but awesome news!!!! The dr's were going to start backing Timo off the sedation meds at 5:00 am CST but they started early. Timo is fighting and very much alert. Vicki just asked if he wanted to know why he was there and he nodded a big yes. So she is talking with him now. Both Mom and Dad are @ his bedside.

If all continues well meaning his body can tolerate being off life support the tube will come off in just a little bit, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We've been warned they may have to sedate him a little more. Hopefully, not but if so atleast we know he is hearing and understanding and fighting!!!