Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh MY WOW!!!! PTL!!!

I posted earlier today Trent baptized a man. Well......since that point in time he has baptized two more men. God is soooooo good! He is pouring out His spirit on this earth. One of these men was so excited and called his sister in Oklahoma immediately. Due to his life the sister had a hard time believing him. She in turn called our church to verify her brother was baptized. WOW!!!! This revival may spread to Oklahoma, too.

This makes 13 people we have baptized since Sunday morning. I can hardly wait until church tomorrow night. Great GREAT things are happening.

Keep CUPC in your prayers......Until next time....love you all!

WOW REVIVAL Excitement

Randy, a man baptized Sunday, just came into the office. He said he has someone wanting to be be baptized right now. The gentleman wanting to be baptized made sure Kent believes Jesus and God are the same person. He also wanted to make sure Kent believes in Jesus.

Trent was so excited to be able to baptize him in the Name of Jesus! When the gentleman came up from the water he began to pray. He seemed very sincere. I love it when people can't wait till service time to be baptized.

Randy began to express after his friend's baptism that he was thankful for some bad events that happened in his life a couple of weeks ago. He said I know if that would not have happened I would have never gone down front and received the Holy Ghost or been baptized. Wow! What a testimony of God's grace and mercy. Randy overdosed and had to be revived three times. Men from our church communicated with him and his Mom. Once he was discharged from the hospital he knew he needed to get to church. Now he's telling others about his experience.
CARE and UNITY in our church has brought all this about....Unity in prayer, unified with one another. Unified with the pastor...and MOST importantly in harmony with GOD!I'm totally EXCITED & AMAZED. WOW, I'm LOVING REVIVAL!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

God is Great

God is great
God is good
Let us thank Him for our food
By His hands were are fed
Let us thank Him for our bread
In Jesus' Name amen

Today began early. My alarm sounded at 5 AM. It was time to jump to my feet, dress and head to MD Anderson Cancer Hospital to be with my only uncle left on my dad's side of the family. My Dad passed away with cancer many years ago. Then a few years ago one of Dad's two brother's, Bobby, passed away with cancer. Now for more than a year Dad's only living brother, Charles, has battled cancer. Today he had a second surgery removing 3 malignant tumors. Though circumstances weren't the best I did enjoy spending time with my relatives today. Although Dad passed away in 1981 I have honestly endeavored to maintain relationships with his side of the family. I love my family. My Mom and Stepdad took me to the hospital today. My cousins were thankful that "Uncle Carl" showed up just before their dad went into surgery. Of course "Uncle Carl" really isn't kin...he's my stepdad. God is great and kept his hand on Uncle Charles. Things could have been so much worse. Please keep him in your prayers.

I was so excited yesterday that I had a difficult time going to sleep last night. CUPC had a MOST awesome day. Both services our auditorium was filled with people. It will not be long until we have to set out chairs to accomodate the crowd. A friend from many years ago was in both services yesterday. I love Kim Ray. Well not Ray any longer but she will always be Kim Ray! lol Trent did an outstanding job last night. He is really developing into quite a preacher. I really prayed yesterday that Trent would be anointed like never before. We could definitely feel God in his message. At the close we had a couple of baptisms and one person received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the baptistry! Of course our church is in a state of revival but I know the end results made Trent thankful! God really is great!

Today I had to run into a store to make a return. I couldn't resist looking at the shoe department. I found a pair of shoes on clearance that looked like Calah. I took a picture and texted it to her. She LOVED them! Tonight Kent, Mom, and I took the shoes to Calah. They are so Calah!!! I love finding bargains for my kids. God is great!!!
While we were at the kid's home my 2 year old niece called my Mom. Mom asked Kyleigh if she learned anything at school today. She said she did and began reciting the prayer, God is Great. Mom put her on speaker phone and asked her to repeat the prayer. Kyleigh did so very loud and clear. Kyleigh, God really is GREAT thanks for the reminder!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Excited...fantabulous weekend!!!!

My weekend started a little early. Redonia, Calah, Mom and I travelled to Lufkin for Ladies Conference. Honestly, it was the best we've had in several years. The ladies of CUPC really enjoyed it. I'm always blessed when they are blessed. I love those girls!!! God has blessed our family to be a part of one of the greatest churches. Of course we think it's the BEST.

Redonia decided to leave the conference early to spend time with a friend. We enjoyed having Sean for the weekend. Grammy and Popsie have been Cupid. Thanks Grammy & Popsie for letting him stay at your home. Sean's parents pastor in Arkansas. We've had the privilege of spending some time with them. They are great people. Trent is definitely the BIG not older but BIG brother to Redonia....poor Sean! lol

This morning's service was INCREDIBLE...AMAZING>>>>POWER PACKED!!!! God definitely met us there. During the second worship song men left their pews and knelt in the altar. Several were filled with the the baptism of the Holy Spirit. One man told one of our ministers he felt a warm sensation begin in the top of his head and work through his body. He said he has never felt anything like it before. The men of CUPC were so awesome. They didn't want for the men to get to the altar they poured from their pews and met the visitors in the altar and prayed with them. Kent preached an incredible message straight to the heart of the visitors. At the conclusion of his message he said "I KNOW there is at least one that wants to be baptized. If you would like to be baptized just make your way behind the stage." I couldn't help but weep as I watched six adults walk down the aisle to be baptized in Jesus Name. Five men and one lady had their sins washed away.

After service our church feeds homeless and/or anyone from the neighborhood wanting to have lunch with us. Today we had over 50 visitors! Kent and I left quickly after service to eat with Sean and Redonia. As soon as our lunch was over we went back to the church to help with clean up. I was totally blown away with the visitors who blessed our playground and picnic area. Again some great prospects for church were made from the meal.

Revival isn't coming to CUPC rather revival is HERE!!!! I can hardly wait until church tonight. Our over 4o choir will be singing tonight. There's a lot of excitement about this choir. Misti Ferguson and the musicians have worked hard to make the choir a great blessing to our service. Following the choir Trent will be preaching. According to our youth Trent did an amazing job preaching to the youth Wednesday night. I KNOW God is going to use Trent tonight.

Check back soon.....I'm sure I'll have more wonderful things to report. Prayer, unity, and CARE is the key to the revival we are experiencing. We don't have an evangelist rather all our ministers are working together doing everything they can to promote revival. We do have a revival planned in a couple of weeks. I KNOW the evangelist will be thankful that we aren't expecting him to bring revival...REVIVAL is HERE! Paise the Lord!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Trust, Excitement, Growth, HAPPY B'day TIMO

Sunday morning Kent preached an incredible lesson on trust. It was totally amazing. Trust is probably one of the hardest elements in life. It's amazing that we can trust many things unworthy of trust yet find it hard to trust God, the pastor, or the church. It's truly a tactic I believe the enemy can use to defuse unity. Our church is in an amazing time of revival. Unity is so strong. Kent said last night he feels we are 98 - 99 percent unified. Wow!

Last night during worship the service leader stopped and admonished us to not be ignorant to Satan's devices. He encouraged us to remain unified and not say negative things or listen to negative things. Kent preached more about revival last night. Our service was really faith filled. He encouraged us to continue to be excited and CARE for others. We are experiencing tremendous growth. Last night our sanctuary was filled with adults and young children while our youth had a separate service. Near the end of our service I had to peek in at the youth. Trent didn't have enough faith for his crowd. He had 30 people!! Several were standing or sitting on the floor. AWESOME!!! Sunday night Trent is going to preach to our entire church what he preached to our youth last night. I can't wait! I KNOW God is doing great things in our youth.

Today I leave for our district ladies conference. Calah, Redonia, and Mom are going with me. We will have a fun family day. I LOVE my Mom and my girls. Calah is going to be sleeping with Mom. She established that since she and Mom are snugglers! lol I KNOW they will get me for saying so publically. Redonia and I will enjoy the other bed each clutched to 'our' side of the bed. I'm sure the girls will get preached to by Mom for lots of little things....Redonia are you wearing a slip??? Redonia why didn't you hang up that suit first???? Hummmmm we love Grammy though!!!! Mom gets tickled easy. Calah giggles a lot so I'm sure we will have a fun time laughing.

I will enjoy being with the ladies from CUPC. They get to the services early and I act like a good saint...act like they all act at home. I'll drag in a little late and expect them to have me a seat saved!!! We'll pray, laugh, and eat together. Friday we have reservations at a tea room. It's our tradition. I enjoy this time with the ladies. I KNOW some minister's wives don't stay, sit, eat with their girls. However, this is one time I can really enjoy each of mine. District Conference will be in a few weeks and Kent and I spend that time with our friends.

Tomorrow Redonia has plans with a friend from Arkansas. He's a cute kid and has a great personality. We'll miss her when she leaves the group. To all you noisey rosey ladies you have to wait...you can meet him....hummmmm soon! lol Redonia said no sneek previews! ha

Saturday we celebrate Timo's birthday!!!! Happy Birthday to my little Nerd....yes he is my lil nerd...always has been always will be. When he was little he sucked his TONGUE..not his thumb! He acted like a little squirrel. He stored bread in the top of his mouth. We would find food there often...daily! He LOVES music...started banging things as a little boy. He LOVES to read....LOVES his i(whatever) - I'm technically challenged! He loves video games. He LOVES girls - - always has girlfriends. He LOVES to dress...when he was young he asked me if he gave me a foot massage would I buy him a shirt and tie. He is witty...is really smart...is cute as pie...and most of all hes my little NERD buddy! I LOVE your stinking guts, Timo!!!! Glad you are in the states so we can celebrate with you....I REMEMBER you want $$$ for drums or an itunes card....Happy Birthday!

Monday, March 23, 2009


excitement: the feeling of lively and cheerful joy

Yesterday was a day of excitement. CUPC is in a state of revival. Like every other Pentecostal church we have had our times of not being in this state. Revival is exciting. Planned and spontaneous outreach is occuring. Visitors are coming. Our services are full of excitement. We have a very dynamic music department that helps usher in the presence of the Lord. Each Sunday afternoon our outreach department feeds visitors and the neighborhood. Yesterday Kent and I had the priviledge of taking someone special home from church. As we pulled thru the northside of the parking lot the grill was fired up and porkchops were being removed. The tables were filled with people and some were standing, exciting! Last night we baptized again, exciting! One of the dear men in our church is struggling with cancer. He stood at the altar almost the entire service. He had to have men to help hold him up but he just wanted to stand and worship, exciting! This created more worship. Noone wanted a sick and without a miracle dying man to out worship them. Lafe, you have been a blessing and have brought excitement to our churh.

Trent preached in Kingsville this weekend. He called to tell me that he preached for 30 minutes and didn't have to read his notes. He said it was the best he's ever done. Exciting! Late last evening Trent called and asked if they could come over. They had checked their mail when they got home and received the taxes back from the CPA. Trent said they needed help to make sure they were reading the return correctly. Before each of them had filed a 1040EZ. This year with ministry wages everything changed. Of course they had read their return correctly and are getting a very sizeable return. Excitement filled the room! We bought Calah a nice surprise in Branson. When we gave it to her she was excited. Whew...we did good!

This week is our district ladies conference. Excitement is definitely in the air! I KNOW our ladies will come home even more excited. Often I have a few that may be burdened, disgruntled, or you know just carrying the funk of a lady but this year that isn't the case. Oh, we definitely have some needs that will be among the group but we are taking with us a spirit of excitement. It should be the best, most exciting trip ever. EXCITING!

There are a few more EXCITING things going on that I can't blog.....I love EXCITEMENT! Every day this week will be exciting! Oh I'm sure I'll face a challenge or two along the way but I woke up with a feeling of EXCITMENT!

My sis-n-law, Pam, posted a picture taken several years of go of Mom and me. We were excited. I'm not like Kent who finds pictures to go with my writings but this picture did come to mind. Thanks, Pam, for it!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

We're HOME!!! (prayer request, too)

What a wonderful trip! Today we had a good trip home from Branson. We stopped in Arkansas and had dinner with my cousin, Cathy; her sons, Zack & Adam; her granddaughter, Addie; and Adam's girlfriend, Megan; and made some new friends, too! We had a great visit. Just in case any of you appear on my blog...we enjoyed ourselves! The meal was wonderful and the visit was, too.

Trent, Calah, Redonia, Kent and I texted our entire way home. We did the group chat using Blackberry Messenger. I love my family! It sure made the l-o-n-g trip pass a little quicker. Pray for Trent. He's preaching in Kingsville tomorrow for Calah's grandfather, Bro. Hicks. Trent has been texting me his notes. He has an awesome message planned. I can't share it because he's afraid his Dad will preach it. lol Knowing Kent he would at least talk about it publically and mess up Trent's good sermon so he couldn't preach it @ CUPC. You're safe son!!! Mom has you covered. Pray for Calah, too! You know preacher's wives get all nervous when they first start out. Well sometimes I still get a little nervous! lol It's ok cause my Mom is definitely not a young preacher's wife and she gets nervous, too.

While driving in tonight my dear friend, Jerry Ann Guidroz called. Her grandson, Landon, has had three surgeries the past six months and is having complications tonight. God has kept His hand on Landon but we still need a miracle. Pray that Landon will not get weary in this recovery time. He has had great faith. He was able to go to BOTT and we enjoyed dinner with him one evening. I know Bro. & Sis. Guidroz can use prayer, too. They are in Odessa preaching for the Pugh's this weekend. Then I believe next week they travel to Ohio. They spent this past week with Landon. I know it is so hard on them getting the report tonight that Landon is again having complications. I assured Sis. Guidroz we would pray for each of them. Please keep Landon's parents, Bob & Rhonna in your prayers, too. Rhonna is such a sweet and tender person. I know this has been most difficult for her.

I'm glad we're home. I'm so ready to go to church tomorrow!!!!! I hope each of you, my friends, will have good church, too.....

Friday, March 20, 2009

Good Things End....

Not all good things end but Spring Break must end. Today is our last day. We've had a wonderful time. The weather was beautiful mid 70 degree sunshiney the first couple of days. Yesterday and today we've enjoyed sunny cooler temperatures. It's like God just smiled on us the whole trip with a perfect blend of weather.

Kent and I are patiently waiting at the condo activity center while Miss Redonia tans. Yes, I know Mom that she shouldn't.....no need to even comment. Just like I shouldn't have worn those platform clogs, etc in 7th grade and beyond for fear of it ruining my legs. Yep! They are ruined but hey a girls gotta look good! ha Just like I should not have laid out on the beach and baked my jr high years and beyond. I know she would much prefer having the beautiful beaches of Dauphine Island like we enjoyed than laying in a boring tanning bed. Yep...this morning even I put on a clinique product that helps to fade sun spots! lol In our younger years we tan in our later years we deal with the effects of the sun! Girls!!!

Speaking of girls, today we are going to enjoy a girls day! We're pretty spoiled. Redonia wants apedicure and manicure. I will enjoy a chair or foot massage while she's being pampered. I think Kent's going to clean up the car for the trip home. Later in the afternoon we will enjoy a music show by an acapella group. Tonight is going to be a highlight show -- Noah! We can't wait.

Of course our days are filled with FOOD...snacks...candies...frozen custards...funnel cakes...fudge...peanut clusters...popcorn....whatever we see and feel like at the moment. I told Kent that when I get home I will have to make a few trips to the YMCA with him.

We have to leave Branson @ 8:30 am tomorrow. Now that's a little too early for me. I'm an early riser but have forced myself to sleep in this week. I wake up around 6:00 then just stare at the ceiling until I go back to sleep! We have a stopover tomorrow afternoon. We'll return to Conroe late tomorrow night.

Speaking of Conroe we sure are missing CUPC. We can hardly wait for church Sunday. I KNOW that we will have great services. We have enjoyed many baptisms and outpourings of the Spirit of late. It's exciting to be a part of a growing church...that's one thing that I hope never ends!!!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Redonia & Kent Flying

Amazing Spring Break. . .

No we don't have school aged children but we still are enjoying Spring Break. Monday we left Conroe around 9 am. We rode about 1.5 hours and stopped. Yes we bought a few snacks despite the fact that I had packed snacks. Then we drove about another 1.5 hours and stopped again. This time it was at a chocolate factory. I enjoyed a slice of yummy Italian Cream Cake and Redonia enjoyed fudge. We rode a little bit further and stopped again. This time Redonia bought crocheted hats, a charger for her laptop and earphones. Yes we have all of that at home it just didn't make the trip. We drove a little bit further and pulled off of the freeway to play spy. Well not really but Redonia wanted to check out a particular rural community. Then we drove a little bit further and stopped in Benton Arkansas and enjoyed dinner. Finally, we were in a more determined sense to get to Branson. We did stop a time or two but they were quick stops. A stop for Root Beer Floats, and a stop for candy and potty time. Part of a vacation for us is the trip to the destination.

We finally made it Monday around 8 pm to the condo. Uggghhhh Redonia is frustrated there isn't wireless in the condo. She did manage to get her own one bedroom efficiency and loves it. Kent and I decided to drive around a little bit but Redonia opted to stay at the condo. Thankfully, we have wireless at the activity center. Redonia's able to tan which is an important part of life to her. We have scheduled lots of shows. Last night we enjoyed the Presleys. We missed our comedian Trent and giggle box, Calah. Today we are going to the Comedy Jamboree. Tonight we are going to the Acrobats. Tomorrow we will enjoy Kirby Vanburch. Then tomorrow night we are going to a variety dinner show. Friday afternoon we are going to hear the group Six. They are an acapella group and have comedy apart of their show, too. Friday night we are going to see Noah. I have heard it's a spectacular show.

We are about to head to Krispy Kreme! Yummmm...after our matinee we will eat lunch/dinner. We've shopped a little bit. Shopping here isn't as good as we have at home. I could have bought some really pretty Coach purses for around $100. I KNOW Calah will be disappointed that I didn't. I couldn't decide which one she would like. Redonia bought a really cute outfit including the purse and shoes. She's not a big shopper. Once she spent her shopping money she sat in the car and read a book while her dad and I shopped. She's a big reader and has read four books since we left Conroe. I did buy all the little nieces and nephews cute tshirts from Children's Place. I love all my babies! Trent, Calah, Micah, Chelsea, Lauren & Timo will have to do without.

On the way home we have been invited to stop for a steak cookout with some people we don't even know....yikes! It could be interesting. We have something in common....They pastor a church and we pastor. They have grown children and we have grown children. In fact the grown children is why we are stopping.....I do have a cousin, Cathy, who attends their church. I heard Cathy will be there. She's a lot of fun and will help us all get adjusted I'm sure. Depending on how 'things' go I may post more about this stopover later. Until now........wait and see!

Ok....let me get Redonia and Kent off their laptops so we can be off to another fun day together....

OH MY GOODNESS let me tell you what Kent and Redonia did yesterday...they did the bungee swing. It takes you backwards up a cable 100 ft ....then the guy says 3, 2, 1 fly....Redonia pulled the rip cord and away they flew.....Kent was so hillarious. I kissed him bye before he took the grand adventure. I was so afraid he would have a heart attack. He isn't one for adventure but he does have a Daddy's girl whom he has enjoyed spending time with this trip. He sure wasn't going to let her down. I'll try to post pics later of the 'flight'.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Amazing Day

Started out GRRRRReat....I got left @ home with no car and didn't realize I was left until time to be @ church for bus route this morning. I was in my room packing for Branson waiting to hear Redonia come bouncing down the stairs so I could ride with her. We had left Kent's car @ the church Friday so he drove mine this morning. I didn't communicate with Redonia and she got in her car and left thinking I had already left like I normally do. It was too funny....she turned around and came back to get me. Since we were late I called Matthew and told him to meet us @ the first complex. One of the Mom's went with us to Sunday School. I LOVE Christina and can't wait to see what all God allows her to do in her life.Our service this morning was amazingly good!!!!!!!!!! We had a lot of people out on spring break but still had an awesome crowd.

This afternoon we went to the pharmacy to buy meds for one of our new homeless ladies. She's very sick and I'm glad our church could be a blessing to her. Despite the rain several men grilled food for several of the homeless. We have such incredible CARING people.

After coming home from lunch I packed for Branson! Woo Hoo!!! Then I took a loooong winter's nap. aaahhhhh! I love it when I can get a good Sunday afternoon nap. I woke up refreshed and ready for church.

Thankfully, God was ready, too! Totally amazing .... Trent and Calah planned an awesome worship service. Our choir, praise team and musicians were so anointed. One of our sweet men who is terminally ill with cancer brought tears to all of our eyes as he knelt in the altar during worship service. Help me believe for healing for Lafe. What an awesome man!

CUPC grew today. God amazes me how He works. There were SEVERAL miralces and blessings that I can not discuss in this format. Wow is all I can say! It's AMAZING to serve God. I love Him so much.

Ok....off to try to sleep...got to get up early and go to BRANSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Life Continues. . .

Of late I've been tooo busy. Busy being sick, busy planning, busy with responsibilities...just busy! I'm frustrated that I was too busy to mail cards to friends this week. I did send a few texts and emails but life just got busy. Ok to those who post negative comments on here let me say I AM NOT complaining...life just continues!

This morning Kent enjoyed men's prayer meeting. I jumped up early and began to scrub the house. I just feel better when it's sparkling clean. Of course I immediately turned on the music, lit the candles, and baked some cookies. All those things helps to set a good atmosphere once the house is clean. I took a few minutes to pray and read my daily scriptures. Those things helps to creat a good attitude.

Kent said the prayer meeting was wonderful and my house cleaning time alone was wonderful. I saved the vacuuming for him. His time at prayer meeting made his attitude good for vaccuming, too! Can any of you wives relate?

Around noon we met Ken, Kay, & Kameron for lunch at Macaroni Grill. We had fun with our family. They are preaching in our area this weekend and are staying with us. It's always nice having family around. Right now Kay is playing Redonia's keyboard. Kameron is playing his guitar. They are singing in Spanish. Both of them are so talented.

Monday Kent, Redonia and I are leaving for Branson. We'll be staying at the condo and enjoy a few days of 'nothingness'. We'll enjoy a couple of shows but we really just plan to relax. Redonia's work is basically internet based so she'll take it along. Anyone needing graphics or photography give her a shout! Of course you must be local for photography but she can serve you around the world with her graphics/printing. You can check out her work @ http://www.rscreativedesigns.com/

Life will sort of go on hold for a few days then life will continue...... Our life consists of CARING for people, leading CUPC, and most importantly having revival. We were created to serve God and our lives definitely center around HIM.

Looking forward to a wonderful day tomorrow in the Lord's house.....life continues.....

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Revival Continues. . .

I love Mid.Point Service. Definitely the Wednesday night crowd is the crowd that wants to be at church. We always have good church on Wednesday nights and Kent is most mindful of everyone's schedule.

This week Kent has had a busy schedule of hospital visits, a run to the south side of Houston to Hobby Airport, lunch appointments, and yes even got in a game of golf with a neighboring pastor. This morning I worried for him knowing his schedule was very tight today. He assured me he had lots of driving time and would be fine for this evening's service. We have several minister's in the church so I thought he may should ask one of them to preach. For the most part they 'stay ready'.

Kent was definitely 'ready'. We had an incredible Bible lesson/message. At the close I glanced over my shoulder and noticed a first time visitor who is brother to one of the ladies in our church had his hands raised and was weeping. It wasn't long till this man was speaking in other tongues as the Spirt gave utterance. We learned this man has struggled with addictions for a long time. Today he called his sister and told her he was going to church with her tonight. He told her he was ready to change his life

Right now we have such a great spirit of unity flowing from most every person. Our people are totally showing the love of God to one another. We have a couple of people without work. Almost $600 was given in the offering marked benevolence for these dear people. Wow!!! Our church family is taking these people to dinner or having them in their homes for dinner. Compassion is such a great gift to possess.

Unity brings revival. I'm greatful to be apart of a blessed revival church. I can't wait for Sunday....revival continues!

Monday, March 9, 2009

9-1-1 It's a Crisis

CUPC is involved in praying for revival @ home and abroad. Thankfully, we are experiencing revival and we know there is so much more. We’ve been asking God to reveal Himself to His people and bring laborers into the harvest as we win souls. We are certainly seeing it come to pass.

Of late is has been pounding in my spirit that Jesus was serious when He said they will know Him by the love we have one for another. Kent and I have endeavored to show love through CARING for people. We've encouraged this in our entire church. An unbelievable unity is forming. If silly issues divide then the big scheme of things is hindered. A common focus brings about strength to love and CARE even more.

John 13:34-35 A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

Families are being torn apart for lack of understanding of the enemy’s tactics. We should not be ignorant to Satan's devices. How can the fields be harvested if we become divided? We must be ready to minister. We can't aford to be busy looking at ourselves and our problems. We can't afford misunderstandings to become the focal point. When we love one another our issues and problems don't seem as large. I want people to know that I am a disciple of Chirst. They will know this by the love I have for others.

We are living out an EMERGENCY! We must smell the desperate stench of dying souls. Not only those out there in the world but the ones who are part of us. We must love one another for the Lord to be glorified. We must overlook offenses. The Devil will bring many. We must learn they are his scheme. Let’s win the hearts of the lost by our love for one another! There’s so much work to be done!

We must realize people around us are in crisis. I KNOW as a pastor's wife, friend, and family member I have often failed to be sensitive. However, I truly pray for a sensitivity to CARE and let others know I am CARRYING them. I know that God is able to deliver from any storm.

Just as emergency medical crews are an important part of our society so are emergency spiritual crews necessary in the church. When the 9-1-1 alarm is sounded in the spirit I pray we will be sensitive to the crisis and there will be emergency spiritual crews to the rescue.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Truly RICH

Last evening and today was The Rich Things in Life - Family, Friends & Chocolate ladies seminar. Wow....oh my goodness....awesome...amazing....I'm tired....incredible....sniff.....ROFL.....ahhhhhh....awwwwwwww....:) :) are only a few of my sentiments.

To my dear family THANK YOU!!!!!! Thank you Babe, Donie Monie, Baby Boy Bub & Calah Walah. You all endured me. You all contributed in making it a huge success. To my brother, Scott, and sister-n-law, Courtney, what would I have done without you???? Then to DEADRA.....we survived; thanks for everything!!! To Pat Haley, Carrie Blair, and Tara girls thanks for getting 'there' a day early to help make it pretty for everyone else. To Donna Willmeth and Glenda Martin thanks for the candy, yum! Linda Weldon thank you for running errands and helping after work; you rescued me. CCS high school kids....you are 'da bomb'! Glenda, Trent, Calah, Misti & Tara thanks for the music help ---- yall didn't want me to have to do it! lol Debra Robinson you are so creative! Redonia, you can draw on the computer and on paper freehanded the best. You are my BESTEST artist and graphics designer! Kent, thanks for sticking with me from start to end...yes even if it meant we were still putting up stuff and washing dishes after 8:00 PM.

THANK YOU ladies for making the effort to attend. I hope you all LOVED the weekend. Thanks to ALLLLL our guests. Those who do not attend church elsewhere, please come back soon.

Veta, Sister Chick, you were totally anointed and totally in tune with God. I stand amazed at confirmations you have to so many things I've said collectively and individually to ladies of CUPC of late. I SINCERELY appreciate your efforts. We will never be the same because of you. I TOTALLY enjoyed not only our time together at the seminar but our time spent together chatting, too. Thanks for bringing Sherry with you, too. It was fun spending time with a long lost friend. I love you, girl!

Friday night began with a reception in our foyer. It was so beautiful, sweet, and flowing with chocolate. I love brown pin tucked silk linens, roses, and flowing chocolate. We had it all! Then the presence of God met with us in such a powerful way! Wow!!!!

This morning began with a delicious breakfast. We enjoyed hot buttered waffles with toppings of syrup, fruits, pecans, and whipped topping. We also had sausage, yogurt, granola, and bagels. Of course juice, coffee, and various flavored creams were served. The tables were decorated with brown satin ribbons, red rose petals, bonbons, and red candles.

After breakfast we enjoyed a wonderful time together talking about family and friends. Though our goal was to be light the anointing of the Lord came and ministered in a most powerful way. I love it when He has His way! My sweet husband worked so hard and stepped into the sanctuary just as we were wrapping things up. He immediately began to cry feeling the presence of God. Later, he told me he had worked hard and when he saw the ladies being blessed in such a special way it made it worth every effort! I hope every person can feel the difference tomorrow in our services.

Oh, I forgot, thanks to my outreach buddy for showing up at the church today. I'm glad you helped my boys clean up and glad you got to enjoy some yummy breakfast and chocolates. Dude you are 'da bomb'...I love you!

As soon as I get a few pics I'll post them. What an incredible weekend....chocolate on the pews, water bottles in the sanctuary...yes we broke lots of rules BUT we also broke down lots of fences...our minds will not be fenced to fears, panic, and doubts but rather open to our family and friends!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Amazing Week

According to dictionary.com I've had and will be enjoying for the remainder of the week an amazing week.

amazing: astonishing, awe-inspiring, awesome, awful, awing

Tonight and tomorrow I am hosting an awesome seminar The Rich Things in Life - Family, Friends, & Chocolate. Each of you are definitely invited to attend. It's going to be both awe-inspiring and awesome. Courtney and others have helped me to create an awing foyer. I know the presence of the Lord will meet us in such an astonishing way.

I ommitted in the previous paragraph one word from the definition of amazing. However, turst me that word has been apart of my week, too. Can you believe that right in the middle of such a busy fun-filled week I have had an awful case of gastroenteritis. Kent had to go to the office for a few minutes Wednesday and left Redonia with me. After a little bit Redonia got her laptop did a google search for our doctor's office and called for our 'personal' nurse. Of course Kay wasn't availalbe and Redonia was transferred to voicemail. She immediately called back and said "This is an emergency may I please speak with Kay." Short story is I went immediately to the doctor. I received a shot and $$$ later I'm better! Today is the first day I've felt like blogging this week. I'm still very weak. I know God is going to help me. This weekend is going to be too awesome for me to be sick.

I've lost count of how many ladies are participating in this weekends festivities. I know there will be close to 60 ladies, however. I'm expecting great things to happen. My friend, Veta McLauglin is going to be our guest speaker. Veta is an incredible person. She has the most amazing testimony about this weekend. She had been working and her husband felt it was time for her to resign. She wasn't sure her 'mission' was accomplished at her children's school. She prayed and fleeced God. She asked God to show her she was doing the right thing by allowing someone to ask her to speak at a seminar or conference. The next day I emailed Veta the details of our seminar and asked her to be the guest speaker. When Veta told me about this it gave me chills. Of course I KNEW then that I made the right decision. I had prayed about whom to ask to speak and while I would think of one name and then another I only FELT Veta. God immediately gave her something to share with our ladies. I can't wait to hear what God has for us!

It's going to be amazing, awesome, awe-inspiring, and awing. Veta and I have both been sick this week. We've dealt with the aweful so we will not have to deal with it during the seminar. I do hope each and everyone is blessed God.

Off to enjoy an amazing weekend......

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Eighteen Years and Counting...

Eighteen years ago today was our first service as Pastor and family of CUPC. Many things have changed in 18 years. Our first service when Kent was asked to ‘try out’ boasted 12 persons including our four. Kent had been on an extended fast. He literally had sat down at our dining table to eat soup breaking the fast when the phone rang. I heard him tell the caller I will be happy to preach for you but I don’t think I’m interested in the church. I remember my heart racing thinking we are about to move.

The following Sunday we took Redonia and Trent with us. They were three and four years of age. I wasn’t nervous at the service because Kent assured me he was only preaching for someone and wasn’t interested in the church. That morning as he ministered using a sewing table he found in the building for the pulpit I KNEW this was it! We drove around Conroe that afternoon and burden began to grip us. Only days later did the phone call come to congratulate us on being voted in as pastor. I remember lying in bed beside Kent hugging him and calling him pastor! He laughed and said pastor of what 8 people! Then he quickly said it will not remain the 12 of us we are going to have revival!

In those early days Kent told us that we would treat the church as if it were 500. Well, we still haven’t hit 500 but we do have over 200 people that call CUPC home. Along the way we have been frustrated that we haven’t hit 500 yet but we do know it is in our near future. I guess with our new people of the last few weeks, our Spanish service, and our outreach children who come every single week we have over 300. God has really been faithful to us.

Many things have changed. Allow me to nummerate a few blessings.
  1. Tonight’s service had more praise singers and musicians than the congregation at our first service.
  2. Tonight’s hospitality staff was ½ of the size of our original congregation.
  3. Tonight our financial office had 1/3 the staff of the size of our original service attendance.
  4. I’m sure we had more infants and workers in the nursery than saints in our first service.
  5. Without doubt the offerings this weekend were more than several months in the beginning.
  6. We have more Sunday School staff than we had members in our congregation in the beginning.
  7. Our choir tonight was larger than our congregation the first year.
  8. Our talent sounds as if it could be a concert compared to our simple beginnings
  9. My children no longer sit in car seats asking if we are headed to teach Bible Studies. They now help lead the church.
  10. I no longer have to spend hours dealing with petty issues on the phone.
  11. We have great people who help care for the needs of people.
  12. There’s no way I can possibly visit with the entire congregation in one service.
  13. I can’t host a dinner for the entire church in my home even though my home is three times as large as our first home.
  14. Our monthly ladies prayer meetings seem like I’m at a general conference compared to our prayer services 18 years ago.
  15. We have Sunday School for all age. I taught nursery through high school the first couple of years.
  16. We have a thriving Christian school.
  17. We have a Bible Quiz Program
  18. We have a full music program – choirs, praise teams, sign team, a band, drama crews, etc.
  19. We have a full technical staff –lighting, sound, and projection
  20. We have a dynamic Student Ministries – preteens, youth, & college and career
  21. We have an incredible outreach department – van routes, feed homeless, toy drives, etc
  22. We have the best hospitality department
  23. We have events planners
  24. We have an incredible Spanish church
  25. We've had a full time assistant for many years.
  26. We have 3 secretaries – they keep Kent and me in line!
  27. We have maintenance and janitorial crews
  28. We have buildings and fixtures rather than a rented store front
  29. We have a church full of CARING people!
  30. Most important is we have an APOSTOLIC church where APOSTOLIC things happen!

Thank you Redonia and Trent for being a GREAT part of helping Dad and I reach many goals. I KNOW you are still behind us 110 percent. Many things that have been accomplished have been because you have never complained of sacrifice. You've given of your own finances and resources to make things happen. You haven't put pressure on us for 'things' during times of financial difficulties. You have loved the saints as your family. Conroe is our family and we are looking forward to 18 more GREAT years!!! Thank you LORD and thank you Conroe for 18 great years!