Saturday, October 31, 2009

Frustrated with Facebook

Facebooking as messed up blogging! Blogging requires my brain and time and Facebook doesn't. I can jump on and off of FB and it doesn't require me to slow down and think yet I can give brief one liners about my day. I can also communicate and keep up with others and I LOVE it!!!

So let me race thru what's been going on since my last post...

  • Briefly went to check out the church in a day project! Yay Karen & Kenny Prince
  • Texas District Minister's & Wives Retreat - Hillsboro, Texas
  • Had an MOST incredible Family Revival with our dear friends, Ron & Jerry Ann Guidroz
  • Attended the funeral of a dear Texas Pastor & Presbyter, Rev. Carlton Watkins
  • Purchased a new church bus!!! Yay...2 busses and 1 van now...
  • Went on a special date with my husband. Went to Mary Poppins, dinner @ Artista, and stayed the night at the Inn @ the Ball Park. All provided by Pastor Appreciation gifts and gift cards. Thanks CUPC....we love each of you!!!
  • Went Trick or Treating today with a bunch of church kids. We took both busses and the kids loved it!!!
  • Calah put up her Christmas tree today - - too early for me but went by to see the kids. She did a wonderful job!
  • Kept Mallorie for an hour or so this evening. She's adorable.

Looking forward to WONDERFUL services tomorrow! CUPC is such an amazing church. I'm thankful for the MANY good things that are happening.

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Night of Fun Memories

This evening my sister in law, Courtney, called and asked if I was busy. Monday nights are normally a bit of a rest night. I had decided we were having hot dogs for dinner because it's easy. I told her our plans for the evening. She asked if I could keep Kyleigh for a couple of hours.

Kyleigh is recovering from H1N1 and I knew she didn't need to run up and down the stairs like she normally enjoys. So I tried to think of something to occupy her. Madeline and I enjoy baking cookies together so I decided Kyleigh may be old enough to give it a try. Much to my surprise she LOVED baking the cookies and did an awesome job decorating them, too.

We made sugar cookies. I purchased a can of white frosting. I divided the frosting into smaller containers. Kyleigh loved adding red and yellow food coloring to one dish and watching it turn orange. The other bowl we opted to add yellow food coloring only.

After the cookies were baked she enjoyed spreading the frosting on the warm cookies. Then she added orange, green, and yellow sugars. She decorated the cookies with candy corn and mellow cream pumpkins.

Kyleigh and I decided we needed to share the cookies. We prepared a platter for Grammy and Popsie, one for her Papa, and one for her to take home. Just as were finishing Grammy brought Mallorie over to see our candle-lit pumpkins and cookies. Kyleigh was so excited that Mallorie enjoyed a cookie.

Courtney and I enjoyed a warm cup of carmel apple cider with cinnamon, sugar and whipped cream with a fresh baked cookie decorated by Kyleigh. I love spending time with my family. Making memories with them is a very valuable part of my life.

I hope you enjoyed the slide show....

Happy Fall!!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rev. & Mrs. R. Trent Smith

(Thanks Sis. Elms for taking the pic of them @ the Dist Ofc and sending it to me!)

When Trent was 7 years of age he told me he felt the call to preach and said one day he wants to pastor. I don't recall the discussion that prompted the outburst from Trent but I do well remember the day and location. When Trent was only three years of age he began sitting on the front pew in church alone in Conroe. Redonia and I sat on the second pew behind him. Trent was a worshipper. At age five he went to Texas District Crusaders Camp in Lufkin with our friends David and Gena Caruthers. Trent received the Holy Ghost during one of the night services. He was the first person baptized in our church baptistery.

Trent has been very involved in every part of CUPC since our moving to Conroe in March, 1991. He has been apart of Bible Studies, music, youth, Sunday School, outreach, maintenance, and Conroe Christian School. For the first years of his life he was a volunteer. However, the past 2 years he has been a full-time on the ministry staff. Fifteen months ago Trent married Calah Denise Hicks. She has worked right beside him the past 15 months as a strong supporter of his ministry.

Yesterday Trent and Calah travelled to Lufkin to meet the United Pentecostal Church International, Texas District Board seeking to be credentialed with the organization. Kent and I sat in our church office filled with many emotions. We were grateful for the accomplishments in the kids life. We were nervous knowing he had to pass a test and the scrutiny of the board. We were confident knowing he had studied and was prepared. We were proud knowing he had reached a life long goal. We wept thankful though he wasn't a perfect child he reached this place of ministry. I was sad knowing my Dad nor Calah's was present to share our celebration.

Today ministry continues as both Trent and Calah are working at the church. He's teaching classes today and preparing for his weekly sermon to our youth. Calah's working in the school office and carrying out her duties and plans for the music ministry of the church. Last evening when returning home tickets were in their mailbox for their upcoming missions trip to Africa. They are ministering at the National Youth Conference in Zimbabwe. Tonight after service they will enjoy many pies thrown in their face to raise money for some upcoming youth events at the church. Sunday Trent baptized a new youth convert he is discipling. Ministry is a myriad of events and activities.

I am thankful for the call of God on our children. When you dedicate a child to God you just never know where the dedication will lead. Congratulations, Rev. & Mrs. R. Trent Smith.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

October :: Pastor's Appreciation Month

This morning I would like to give honor to my pastor, R. Kent Smith. For over 18 years now he has served as my pastor. I'm certain the road has not always been easy. I know there have been many pressures associated with his calling. I've watched as he has juggled responsibilities of the office and the parsonage. This morning I will not enumerate the many accomplishments of my pastor though they be GREAT nor will I enumerate the battles though they be great. I simply want to state I APPRECIATE my pastor. I love you babe!

CUPC honored us as a ministry couple Sunday night. We received many beautiful cards and some had very heartfelt words personally inscribed. We were given cookies, candies, magazines, cash, checks, and even hundreds of dollars in gift cards. Also included in the basket were envelopes for our children with money from a very thoughtful family. Each kind word and gift means so much.

Today I would like to honor each of my friends who serve in ministry. I know the battle hasn't always been easy but the battle isn't ours to fight. While some may be enjoying harvest others are no doubt in the dead of winter. Regardless the season I APPRECIATE each of you my dear friends.

If you are not a Pastor or Pastor's wife reading today find a way to show your pastor's family your appreciation. In fact heartfelt gratitude through out the year will help your leader be able to serve in a better way. It's amazing what a simple kind word or thank you means. Little things really do mean so much. Bake their favorite dessert, give them a gift card to a restaurant, send a bouquet of flowers, or pay for their meal when in a group. If they have small children buy a little prize for their children. If they have older children give them a gift card to a fast food restaurant. Buy them a book, a magazine or even a candle. You never know when the battle may be tough and your kind deed helps them push to victory.

I'm thankful CUPC is filled with CARING people who don't just show us their love and support in October but through out the year I feel many of their prayers strengthen me. I hope today I can encourage someone else to do the same for your pastor's family.

Pastor's wife, if your church doesn't show CARE just hang on God will send someone your way to teach them. I am truly a believer in we reap what we sow. Show your congregation you care and it will not be long and they will support you when you need it the most!

Happy Pastor's Appreciation Month!!! It is with joy I serve and my honor to be connected to so many wonderful friends in ministry....

Friday, October 9, 2009

Is This True Today?

Jeremiah 7:8-11 The Message Translation:

Get smart! Your leaders are handing you a pack of lies, and you're swallowing them! Use your heads! Do you think you can rob and murder, have sex with the neighborhood wives, tell lies nonstop, worship the local gods, and buy every novel religious commodity on the market—and then march into this Temple, set apart for my worship, and say, "We're safe!" thinking that the place itself gives you a license to go on with all this outrageous sacrilege? A cave full of criminals! Do you think you can turn this Temple, set apart for my worship, into something like that? Well, think again. I've got eyes in my head. I can see what's going on.'" God's Decree!

What a thought provoking decree! We can not allow the accepted ideals of our society into the church. Just because it's tolerated in our generation doesn't mean it's SAFE.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Open Letter to Ladies of CUPC


I hope each of you are enjoying a wonderful week. I have been busy catching up from a few days of being in Saint Louis. I am looking forward to Mid.point tonight and hope to see each of you! Sunday night I spoke of some alarming details given at our Minister’s Wives Breakfast. We were warned that children are being targeted by the enemy. They are being targeted by media, books, etc. While I realize each family is busy trying to meet budgets, homework demands, work schedules, etc I feel to warn each of you to not be too busy for God and church. These times demand more of God and the influence of church and not less.

I mentioned Sunday night I would be contacting the Montgomery County Library Central located in Conroe. Thankfully our library does not allow children to take any books from the library without using the standard checkout procedure. Sis. Nunez went to the public school where one of her children attend. She got some frustrating news. The counselor has been fighting some of the books but has not been successful due to the power the librarian possesses. This confirms one of the points given in the meeting I attended. I have not visited Barnes and Noble nor Hastings at this point.

Yesterday, Bro. Smith and I spent a considerable amount of time with a family not members of CUPC. They had just left a counseling center a block away from CUPC. This family is dealing with serious issues with their children. Immediately I remembered points discussed at the breakfast in St. Louis.

Last evening while catching up on the news I visited Click 2 I read a very alarming story about an attempt to abduct a 13 yr old girl This troubled me and I was reminded of my commitment to more prayer for children. This morning my sister, Vicki, sent me a MOST alarming news article from Conroe. Vicki didn’t attend conference and knew nothing of my increased awareness of the need for prayer for children. The article was similar to the one I read about the 13 yr old in Houston but this time it involves a 10 year old girl on Ave J in Conroe. This is in our outreach area. The little girl is a student @ Travis, a school many of our outreach children attend.

I am asking each of you to join me in praying for children both within and out of the church. I am also asking that we become more committed to prayer, Bible reading, and faithfulness to church. Notice the order I listed the previous items (prayer, Bible, faithfulness to church) while I believe their importance is in that order I KNOW that they begin in the reverse order. For the most part people with inconsistent in church attendance do not read their Bibles or pray. Girls, services and things of the church are important to your spiritual lives. I love each of you and desire nothing more than God’s protection and best for each of you and your families.

Much love,
Sis. Smith

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BUT I'm Not the One Called. . .

The calling requires confidence not in one's self but rather confidence in God. Often minister’s wives feel ‘unqualified’ but God will help equip for every challenge. Some minister’s wives proclaim “That’s not my calling that’s my husband’s calling”. The marriage vow to honor, cherish, and obey ‘till death do us part” is a promise to keep the commandments of the Lord.

In marriage a couple becomes “one flesh”. (Matthew 19:4-6) There is no longer a separation of calling. Being one flesh means sharing the same calling, too. The wife is the helpmeet or helper in the marriage according to Genesis 2:18.

Girls, we can do it!!!!! We receive our calling through our husband's call....I'm cheering each of you on to victory. We CAN do it!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

General Conference :: Wow

Kent, Trent, Calah, and I flew out of Houston's IAH Tuesday evening. After clearing security we opted for Pappadeaux's. I enjoyed a delish appetizer of coconut shrimp. While dining we spotted the Grandquists and Chad and Heidi. Of course other Pentecostals joined us on the tiny jet to St Louis.

Wednesday we enjoyed the city. The weather was beautiful and mild. We dined outdoors at the Cheesecake Factory. Many other Pentecostal's were enjoying the food and weather, too. Wednesday night we enjoyed a tremendous drama "One to be Won". After the drama we enjoyed friends and food at Steak N Shake. We laughed and cried with Mark & Diane Green, Brian & Jana Allard, and Rob & Shara McKee. Kent was the taxi driver since we rented a Suburban. I KNEW after such a wonderful first day conference was going to be amazing.

Thursday Calah and I enjoyed spending time in the exhibits and shopping @ PPH. I found good soundtraxs for Redonia to use for the Children's Choir. Calah got incredible resources for teaching the Stand Student Ministry girls. After the men were finished with business we enjoyed lunch with Ken, Kay, and Kameron -Kent's sister and family. Thursday Bro. David Bernard was elected General Superintendent of the UPCI. Kent served on the Texas District Sunday School Committee with Bro. Bernard years ago. I always enjoyed our visits around the dining tables at the old campgrounds. Sis. Bernard is a fun and friendly person. Thursday night General Superintendent Kenneth Haney did an amazing job. He preached about 7 things we must maintain. Wow!!! What a clear and powerful sound! If we lose any one of the 7 we will not be powerful. After service we had dinner with Trent & Calah, the Alba's, and Darren & Amy Shelton.

Friday was the annual Minister's Wives Breakfast. This year I was honored to have Calah join me. We sat with Sis. Russo, the wife of our District Superintendent, Sis. Roffie Ensey, my dear friend - Diane Green, Sis. Lewis, Sis. Davis and her daughter, Lori Coon. While I enjoyed each speaker I especially enjoyed Jaye Rodenbush and Rachel Coltharp. The theme was "Let the Young Church Speak". Sis. Rodenbush prompted us to think what our children are reading. She gave powerful facts and illustrations. Sis. Coltharp encouraged us to realize the future is in our hands. Sis. Haney has done an amazing job as first lady of the UPCI. Under her leadership we have begun powerful ladies day services. Each breakfast has been heartfelt, too. Friday we went to lunch with approx 70 people all connected thru WordShare, a minister's forum. We had the distinct privilege of sitting with Bro. Jack Leaman and his son. I love the wisdom of Bro. Leaman. I was thankful Trent and Calah had this great opportunity. Friday night was the great Foreign Missions service. Ken and Kay were able to meet their PIM budget! After service we went to dinner with Bro. and Sis. Elms. Trent and Calah had plans but aborted their plans to be with the Elms. I'm so thankful for the influence of the Elms in our children's lives. Despite the LOUD music we enjoyed our time together with Bro. and Sis. Wendall Elms, TX Dist Secretary.

Saturday morning was a social time for minister's and wives in the exhibits. It was great seeing many of our friends. Later we made our way to the arena for the annual youth day service. Texas District Youth President, Michael Ensey, was one of the speakers. We are proud he was nominated Promotion's Director of the General Youth Division. Texas will miss his GREAT leadership. We enjoyed lunch at Maggiano's with Gene & Karla Holley and Trent & Calah. The Holleys are great friends. I'm thankful for the love and respect they show our kids. Trent loves the Holley boys, too. Saturday night was the Home Mission's service. Yes, I cried like a baby and even thought I might could do home missions one more time. It was an amazing service. After service we went with one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world from my Alabama childhood, Pam Hamilton Dobbs and her husband, Mike. Pam and Mike pastor a great revival church in Wiggins Mississippi. She is the ladies president for Mississippi. Also, joining was another great friend, Ruth Reider Harvey. This was a perfect finale to General Conference 2009.

After returning to the hotel we visited with many friends in the lobby. We were all very tired but knew conference was coming to a quick end and wanted to be together just a little bit longer. I saw so many friends during the course of conference...I hate to begin naming them for fear I will omit someone. (Bethels, Johnsons, Caruthers, Sanders, Hills, Hursts, Woffards, Roberts, Lawrences, Howells, Rose, Rodenbush, Richardsons, Hughes, Flowers, Lewis, Wheelers, Colegroves, Ramseys, Princes, Stanleys, Eades, Hursts, Guidroz, Whitmires, Strawns, Stones, Wehrles, Boones, Rashalls, Blakes, Perrys, Williams, Myres, McLaughlins, Rhoads, Robinsons and many many many many more!!!) I should have NEVER started naming! lol Oh and one of our missionary wives, Sis. McFarland, introduced herself to me. She reads the blog. I actually met several people who said they knew me from the blog. Girls, I'm sorry I've slacked a little of late but hopefully will get back on track.

I am thankful to be apart of such a GREAT organization. It is a part of my heritage that I will forever cherish, preserve, and hand down to my grandchildren. Now that conference is over it's back to work, planning, and harvest in Conroe.