Thursday, March 11, 2010

Convenience or Burden

Following is a copy of an email I sent to our student ministries staff and Christian school administrator who serves as the director of our Sunday School.

Every weekday I receive an email from Terry Davidson. He is a most incredible thinker. I felt today’s email was worth sharing with each of you. Immediately I thought to send it to each of you. First off to those of you who work with youth @ the church, you have a MUCH greater influence on them that you realize. For the most part those following will not quite measure up to your dedication, prayer life, worship, holiness, nor love for truth. It is best that each of you go a step beyond what you may feel necessary to ensure those following you land in a safe place.

Sis. Tina, I feel this would be great to share with both the Sunday School teachers and CCS staff. As I mentioned to you a few Sundays ago it is going to take teachers in strong command of themselves in areas of preparation and spiritually to even maintain enough order to hold a decently structured class with our outreach children. These children are bringing into our buses and class rooms many spirits.

Last evening Bro. Trent was informed by one of the bus boys he was stabbed @ school this week. He was already pulled from his school and attending the RA school for children with behavioral issues for the rest of the school year. Now he has been sentenced to boot camp, He will even have to attend boot camp in the summer for fighting. The other student is in the Mont Co Juvenile Detention Center for a couple of years. Trent said, “Mom I may not have believed his story but he showed me the big bandage” Well, I have been a little more acquainted with XXXX and trust me I believe this and no telling what else is true about him. XXXX is only in the 6th grade. Both youth leaders and Sunday School teachers of CUPC are working with these type children on a weekly basis.

Each of us have such an incredible responsibility yet such a powerful opportunity before us! If your burden slips even the least I would absolutely love for you to ride the ‘tennis shoe’ bus for two weeks. I promise you will have a renewed burden for doing ALL you can to reach our city. I’m appreciative for the prophetic words of Bro. McClain Sunday night. I have felt exactly the same thing. We are having a revival . I know my conversations always get to outreach but honestly the mission of the church must be outreach. We must reach out to those youth who sit on our benches week end and week out as well as those we are bringing via the buses and van. Every single one of them is worth the effort.

Last week Taylor presented his paper @ school that I mentioned a few wks ago. He received a 95. Greater than that his professor wrote on the paper she was thankful he attended such a great church. She also included his story was a very moving story. Basically Taylor told what happens week in and week out on the bus. He told how he was beginning to question if he was making a difference then the events of Jared & Christian’s life caused him to know HE IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

Let’s ALL make a difference by not only telling the kids what to do but let’s MODEL it for them!

Sis. Smith

Dear Colleagues,

Kenneth Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager and many other books about leadership has said, "If you're interested, you do something if it's convenient. If you're really passionate about it, you'll do it whether or not it's convenient." If we expect our students to excel, we must go beyond doing what is convenient.

If we think our students are going to be more passionate that we are, we're mistaken. Most of them aren't going to work harder than we do; they're not going to start earlier than we do; and they won't stay longer than we do.

There's nothing wrong with telling them what they need to do. But let's not forget to model it.

Terry Davidson, Superintendent
Comanche Public Schools

"Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another, it is the only means." - Albert Einstein

(Note: XXXX is used to protect the identity of the 6th grade bus student. Additionally, Taylor is a 10th grade student @ our christian school. Two years ago we double promoted him. He is currently dually enrolled in our school and an area college. The paper was presented to one of his college classes. Taylor is 14 and a very valuable youth worker every Sunday on the bus route)