Friday, October 31, 2008

Dedicated to all the Children

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The world has corrupted trick or treating. I KNOW where it originated BUT when I was a child dressing up like Raggedy Ann, Cinderella, or Minnie Mouse and going to neighbors and church families homes to receive treats was just simple fun. One year Vicki and I dressed like old ladies and carried granny looking purses for our treat bags. I remember Bro. Edgar Willard and Bro. Summerlin adding in a few dollars. Speaking of Bro. Summerlin, he owned a Satsuma Orchard. He would throw in satsumas and even kumquats. I guess I'm getting older when I can speak fondly of yesteryear as being "the days'.

Tonight our Student Ministries are combining for a Fall Hippie Party. Redonia has been searching for just the right attire. Finally in exasperation she questioned why didn't I keep my 70's clothes. Tomorrow CUPC will enjoy a church-wide Fall Social at 7 Acres Farm. We will enjoy a weiner roast, roast marshmallows on the camp fire, and a variety of homemade cakes. The children will enjoy roaming the farm, playing with animals, a zip line, playground, pony rides, and more. There will be basketball and volleyball for the adults.

I do hope all our little kids will be able to find some candy along the way today. I remember sitting in the floor sorting thru candy. The day after we went trick or treating Mom would let us fill a little sandwich baggy with candy to take to school for a snack.

To all my little nieces and nephews may you make memories that you can share about your good ole days. Honestly, kids, the Lord may return before you reach adulthood. I'm so thankful that I have had the priviledge of watching many of you weep and cry around an altar. Madeline observing you kneel with your friends Sunday was special to me. Kyleigh, watching you at two years of age rejoice as your dad worshipped was special, too. May all of you children seek to please the Lord. Aunt Tracie wants you all to know one thing having fun and making memories doing it is never a sin as long as you don't violate the Bible. Being a Christian doesn't have to be dull and boring. In fact it can be the most of FUN.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

65000 PLUS

Since January 23rd when I began using stat counter I have had more than 65000 hits to my blog. Yesterday I had 213 visitors. 90 were first time visitors. Ok, I'm really amazed! I don't get near that many comments. Additionally, I have no way of knowing who the visitors or returning guests are. Stat counter tracks for me and doesn't supply that information.

So.....from time to time leave your name and a comment!!! I would LOVE to hear from you like obviously some of you enjoy hearing from me! lol I'm thinking some may be long lost friends or family members. lol If you don't have a google account and you leave a comment using the anonymous method please at the end of your comment type your name. Otherwise it will just show your comment and not your name even though you must supply a name when logging in anonymously.

I hope at least some of my many posts have helped you in at least a small way. I try to be diverse enough to interest many. However, really the blog is for 'me'. It helps me to keep up with myself from time to time. I am a full time project. If you don't believe me ask my good looking hubby or detail orientied secretary. lol

Oh well, the purpose of this post is not to applaud me but rather to say thank you all for stopping by....

I'm clapping, I'm cheering, I'm giving each of you my friends a standig ovation!

Letters are Important

During our TBC days in one of the Shepherdess Classes either Sis. Ensey or Sis. Keating imparted a bit of wisdom that I have at least partially kept apart of my life. It was suggested that we keep a journal through out our husband's ministry of things we learn from other minister's wives. It was stated some things we learn may be how not to's rather than how to's. I can honestly say though I may not write each of them down I do try to put these how to's into practice these MANY years later. Today a friend, Sharon Chance, taught me something I would like to put into practice or maybe I should say implement more often.

Sharon apparently was a letter writer and even cherished letters given her by others. There was a letter read that was written to one of her dear friends. Aaaaahh how sweet, I thought. Then later in the service I learned that since her death Bro. Chance had a strong urge to go to a box that his sweet bride kept of their love notes apparently even recent letters. When he opened the box there was a new letter still sealed. It was from Sharon to him dated August 13, 2008. She wrote it as if she was already gone. I'm sure knowing he wouldn't find it until she was gone she felt safe to place it in the box. It was so sweet. She thanked him for being the best, taking care of her the best, etc. Later in the service letters were read to her children and church that she wrote prior to her death. These letters were surprises to the recipients. There was a framed letter from Sis. Chance to Bro. Chance on the guest book table. It was a letter thanking him for a trip to Virginia for their 25th wedding anniversary.

Not only did she leave letters to be read after her death to people important she also planned her funeral. It was very special and truly spoke of her. Her girls and daughters-in-law carried pink long stem roses with pink ribbons. The speakers wore pink ribbon lapel pins. The choir and church congregation wore simple bink ribbon loops. Sharon fought a courageous fight against breast cancer.

I couldn't help but weep when we entered Hope Center and saw Sis. Irma, Bro. Chance's secretary, whom we've known for many years. Sis. Irma was so broken. Of course the Chance family was very sad, too. Bro. Chance was the most broken or sad man I have ever witnessed. It wasn't because of a loud display of emotion but rather a very quite spirit but yet such a look of anquish and loss was on his countenance. His body seemed to be physically broken. Please join us in prayer for Bro. Chance. I can't even imagine how he must surely feel tonight.

Following is the order of the Memorial Service for Sharon Elaine Chance

Hope Center Choir "Stand"
Remarks & Obituary Mike Tuminello
Remarks Terry Creekmore
Choir "Total Praise"
Remarks & Letters Anthony Mangun
Choir "For Every Mountain"
Remarks Ron Libby
Choir "Tis So Sweet"
Slide Show
Choir "I Just Can't Give Up Now"
Prayer, Elder Bro. Chance (Bro. Mike Chance's Father)

Tonight I sit in my living room near my husband. I am thankful for our time together. I want to make sure he knows every day my love and admiration for him. I also want to make sure I leave memories for both he and my children. Life is so fragile. Thank you, Sharon, for teaching one more lesson even during and after your death. I will always remember you!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I walked into the office and saw this beautiful fruit basket. Wow! Pastor's Appreciation is bringing lots of surprises. This basket was sent from some wonderful new converts, Esther & Jose Domingues. We love the Domingues. They have the cutest boys. Gotta get kisses every service!

Well, after only a brief time of admiration the basket was quickly opened. I have already eaten most of the grapes. Kent went for the pineapple. We love fruit and love our considerate saints! I just couldn't resist posting the picture of this special delivery.

CUPC, we LOVE all of you!!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

What do I Blog About?

There are so many things going on, so many things going thru my thoughts, and so much I want to say. What do I narrow it to? Where do I begin? I'm busy, loving God, loving my family, and loving my friends!

My cruel secretary has me working hard on 'stuff'! (teasing, Deadra!!!) I just realized there aren't enough paydays between now and Christmas...yikes!!! It's still Pastor's Appreciation MONTH @ needs to end quick!!! We had 5 desserts given to us last week, $100 in cash, and several gift cards. We are feeling quite spoiled! We love our sweet saints.

Our weekend was amazing. Saturday night's Rejoice, prayer meeting, was geat. Trent did an outstanding job of coordinating praise and worship, testimonials, prayer times, and a worship slide show. Sunday we were blessed to have Bro. & Sis. Nate Lawrence and children. Wow! What a day we had!

Tonight I cooked corn chowder, grilled link sausage, made southern 'sweet' cornbread, warmed delicious taco soup given to us by Grandma Henry, made delicious Twinings Breakfast Blend sweet tea, & prepared Wasail to go with our smorgasbord of desserts. Of course there was only Kent and me for dinner so I invited my parents. It was all delish for a Texas cold night!

Tomorrow we have a memorial service for a past member of CUPC, Jason Pressler. Jason was a young man we loved dearly. He had a tough life. He passed from this life due to a car accident. Jason, left his mark on CUPC. We never understand some circumstances. I struggle when people decide to cease church attendance. I'm thankful, however, that we serve a God of mercy and grace. I know God will give my dear husband wisdom as he endeavors to comfort the family.

Wednesday will be the funeral for Sharon Chance, pastor's wife of the Hope Center, San Antonio, Texas. Sharon was a wonderful friend to me during our years of serving the TX Dist Sunday School Department. She and I enjoyed many visits in the old camp office. Often she scheduled me to work the camp office on her shift. We always enjoyed laughing together. She loved her children and grandchildren! She spoke fondly to the weeks after Crusader's Camp when Bro. Chance would preach camps in other districts and would allow her to stay at home. She would tell me her plans of spending time in the pool with her children and grandchildren. She always encouraged me to make sure my children knew they were my priority before the church children. Of course as her church kids would see her it was MOST evident they thought they were the priority. They would run in for hot and stinky hugs and kisses. I enjoyed helping her prepare for the minister's after the services. She was simply alot of fun. My heart hurts for her husband, sweet children, grandchildren, and church. During her sickness I mailed her a couple of cards but I regret not letting her know a little more how much I enjoyed her investment of time in me.

My beautiful Mallorie came to see me tonight. She is so adorable. I actually got hugs from Gentry, too!!! Of course, Madeline always hugs me. I love all my neices and nephews. What on earth will I do when we get grandchildren? I don't know how I could love or spoil them anymore.

Speaking of grandchildren.....Kent is feeling his nest is too empty. Rather than wishing for the grandbabies (thank the Lord!) He is getting a new poodle. I guess it will be a grandpuppy. We are toooooo old for children. Bishop will be ready to be separated from his Mommy on or about November 21st. Yes, he is struggling with insanity!lol He has already arranged for sitters when we have to be away.

Ok....I warned of my ramblings by asking what subject should I blog....I hope you don't feel the emotional roller coaster I feel after reading my blog. I guess this is just all in the life of a pastor's wife! We celebrate life and death in the same day. Often we rejoice with tremendous victory with one family while another may suffer defeat. Then of course even at times we encourage faith when ours may be tested. In all these things, I am glad to know there is a God....

I love you all, dearly!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Virtual Conference

Ladies and Gentlemen, the purpose of this Virtual Conference is to give a forum for you the reading audience to share ideas that Christians can offer hope during the concern or fear our friends, neighbors, and world is currently experiencing.

Many are feeling pressure due to the stock market & economic issues, others due to states considering and/or allowing same sex marriages, then of course the current election is causing quite a concern. Today I heard report of hostility shown to a presidential campaign volunteer. Despair is gripping many people. Some are filled with fear not knowing if they will have retirement funds.

Of late I have had opportunity to reflect the anxiety many feel. I am not a 'stick my head in the sand' type Christian. I am very much exposed to the media. My children and husband love talk show radio. We listen to debates, follow the stock market, read and listen to various news sources, etc. Simply put we try to stay informed. The past few weeks I have had opportunity to talk with people from various walks of life. Some Christian some not. One thing I have noticed from business people to the uneducated fear seems to be attacking our nation. Our nation was formed on strong Christian values that seem to be slipping in both the Democrats and Republicans. I feel the church must offer hope and reassurance to a hurting world.

Our hope and confidence can not be in this world nor its systems. I do believe in the rapture and believe God is soon to come. I know many may laugh and scorn my beliefs but just as it was in the days of Noah so shall it be in the coming of the Lord. I realize some do not believe the story of Noah and hence will doubt the coming of the Lord, too. We can never out argue some people. We should not even try. Some believe in the rapture but debate when Christ will come. Will it be mid, pre, or post tribulation. Frankly, I don't want that debated on this blog. It really doesn't matter to me when He comes rather that I am ready for his return.

I can't help but feel that there are those that we must reach and give assurance. Our hope is in Jesus Christ. I think TODAY is a day Apostolic people can offer comfort to a fearful world. Certainly our world is in need of God. I invite you my readers to leave a scripture, an idea of how we can get hope to our communities, etc. Let's share ideas! What about praying for people's finances? What about some catchy phrase to send mailouts to our communities to draw them to a service where we can offer hope, what about opening our churches for business men/women prayer me out! I want to hear from you.

Feel free to leave multiple comments. If you do not have a google accout you can post anonymously. When you post anoymously although you have to give your name or email address the post appears anoymous. Hence, please leave your name at the end of your comment.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

We are Home!!!

We made it home just in time to get ready for church. I was ready to see our church family. Before going into the sanctuary I got lots of hugs. Wow! Maybe we should go off more often. All the little girls seemed so happy to see us even the babies. I got a sweet note from my buddy, Evan, too.

Deadra had the offices cleaned so well. I love it when things even smell clean! She had candy in the candy dish and it just felt warm and inviting. She probably was inviting me to the office to work tomorrow. I'm sure she has several pages of lists......

This is STILL Pastor's Appreciation. We have received so many sweet notes, cards, and gifts. Tonight we were given a cake, a cheesecake, several cards, and a few gift cards. Of course I've posted about things we received before the trip and during the trip. We are blessed to be apart of such a great church.

I LOVED getting Mallorie hugs and kisses tonight, too. She is sooooooo beautiful. She missed her Aunt Tracie so much, I could tell! Drew missed me, too!!! I love my babies.

After church we ate with Redonia, Calah, & Trent. I think they were ready for us to get home. We bought them a few prizes. Well, Calah got the most. I had fun buying for her Christmas tree while in Pigeon Forge.

Today we stopped in Monroe at Paul Michaels. I could have stayed all day long. Finally after 2 hours my hummm patient husband came looking for me!!! I was buying for the church Christmas program and banquet so it was all for the Lord! ha Seriously if you have never been you need to go. There is one in Tyler that is awesome, too.

We had great church tonight. I needed to worship in our church. Eating with friends is fun but at some point you just need to eat at your own table. Going to church is the same. Visiting other churches, conferences, etc is fun but there is nothing like being at home. Conroe is awesome and I just needed it.

Tomorrow we are going to vote and work on catching up. Sorting thru mail will be a rather large task. I'm sure there will be things to sort thru at the office, too.

I hope each of you enjoy a blessed week.

PS For all of you TIMO fans check out Vicki's blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Today we traveled to Simpsonville, SC to visit some very dear cousins, Judy and Lary Bonorato. We had a great time at their beautiful home. I am MOST grateful that we were also able to visit with Andrea and Jason. Andrea is a second cousin. Of course we seem much closer than that!!! Judy has always been a magnificent cook. She had an awesome meal prepared which included a southern pecan pie and cake. We southern belles know how to cook!!! My parents were there, too. The worst part of living in Texas is I am 100's of miles from my relatives. You will see some pics of my great family!

Tonight Trent preached @ CUPC. This was the first time on a Sunday night. Through out his message and altar service people texted Kent and me. Everyone was most complimentary and wanting Trent to preach again soon. Deadra sent several voice texts. The bad BUT good part was there was so much praise during the preaching that I could hardly hear Trent. Trent, Dad and I wept when we got the texts that you were doing so good. We are VERY proud of you!!!

After leaving Simpsonville we came to Pigeon Forge, TN. We plan to hibernate here a couple of days before heading home. Possibly we will meet up with friends. It was hard to be only 3 hrs from Pigeon Forge and pass it by. We really did not plan the trip but we found a great internet rate and here we are!!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

More Friends & Family

Tonight we went to church in the cold rain! We finally saw the Alba's. They sat with us and after church we went to dinner together. It's always fun to catch up on their happenings.

The Home Mission's service was very powerful tonight. After service I was able to meet 3 great ladies from North Carolina. I hope they can visit the conference this weekend. I gave them the blog address so they can keep up!!! Girls, watch the slideshow. I'm glad we went to Ruby Tuesday's and I was able to meet each of you! Pentecost is AWESOME and I know you will love what you experience.

Ok, this week I have had many people tell me they read the blog every day. Some of you we only met this week. Well, remember you can leave comments along the way!!! Of course you can email me privately, too @ I have enjoyed visiting with each of you this week.

Enjoy the pics of tonight!!!

Love My Friends

Ok, I wanna get a pic of all of you, my friends @ conference. I'm not too good @ remembering the camera since I'm not the photographer of the family. I will try to have it with me the rest of the time.....well tonight my purse is small so maybe not! lol

We are having loads of fun. This morning the breakfast was incredible. Sis. Hale was outstanding. I enjoyed seeing so many of my friends. Karla, I wanna pic of you!!!! I hugged you and didn't think of the camera. Sis. Elms, I have seen you how many times??? I still haven't gotten a pic of us! Sis. Guidroz the one I snapped of you in haste is blurred. Belinda Alba, where are you?????

Today being the sweet daugther that I am to my mom and saint that I am to my pastor's wife, Sis. McClain, I took them shopping in the cold rain. We enjoyed lunch @ PF Chang's. We left the guys behind and interestingly enough they kept calling asking where we were...I got back just in time for Kent to scurry out the door to dinner with a group of his forum buddies. They drive me nuts! lol I stayed behind to rest up for church.

Ok, I'm still missing my kids and I think they are missing me, too!!!!

Enjoy the slide show. Hugs and loves to each of you

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Enjoying Conference

Today was a good 1st day at Conference. This morning I met my buddy Diane Green for the ladies session. Mom started out with us but decided to go to the exhibits instead. After service we decided to go to the exhibits. As soon as I walked in Kent called and business was over.

I caught the shuttle back to the hotel. I enjoyed the ride back with Donna Myre, Linda Elms, Shirley Henson, and Krysta Slaydon. We enjoyed laughing together waiting for the shuttle and the tirp back to the hotel. Ok I KNEW Scotty Slaydon was a possibility for Foreign Missions Secretary but Krysta didn't say a word and I was afraid to ask the outcome of the election. As we exited the bus Kent congratulated Krysta. We got a big laugh that she was too modest to tell me and I was too afraid to ask in case he wasn't elected. Oh well we high fived, hug necks and enjoyed a big laugh. Congratulations Scotty and Krysta. We love you both dearly.

Kent wanted to take Bro. and Sis. McClain to lunch today. We always enjoy being with them. We invited Mom and Popsie to join us. We had a good afternoon together.

Tonight our buds, Mark and Diane Green, sat with us. After service we went to Steak and Shake. Yummmmm I had ANOTHER vanilla malt. Out of all the places in Greensboro that we could have all chosen Mom, Popsie, and Bro. & Sis. McClain were there, too! We enjoyed them twice in a day. We enjoyed seeing several friends. The Harvey's (Ruth Reider) now pastor in Connecticut. Sis. Ruth Harvey looked so pretty. I always enjoy catching up with her. LOTS of friends and acquaintances were there. We enjoyed seeing each of them.

Tomorrow is the Ladies Breakfast. Diane and I and a few other Texas ladies plan to sit together. I always enjoy the breakfast. Well, actually often the food isn't that great but the program is always wonderful.

Oh....big breaking new - my buddy, Andrew Koontz, was the bassist for tonight's service. Andrew, we are proud of you! You have such an awesome spirit. I couldn't help but think tonight that your Daddy would have been proud of you. I know your Mom and Ashley are. Well, your Smith family is quite proud too!!!! We love you buddy!!!

Ok, off for rest...tomorrow I hope to see some more friends. Some I haven't seen yet. Donie, Trent, and Calah we MISS you kids sooooooooo much!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I love travelling with my BOYFRIEND!!!!

We had a fun day taking our time getting to Greensboro. We decided to sleep in this morning and accomplished. Woo hoo!!! We slept to 6:35 CST. I was so proud. Since we were in the EST we slept to 7:35!!!

Our first stop after leaving the hotel was Krispy Kreme. Kent always makes sure I indulge in the finer things of life in doubles. His philosophy is if I gain weight I must gain weight evenly...hummmmm Anyway I used it to my advantage this morning and enjoyed a creme filled and a glazed doughnut. I took pics for my kiddos. I love you kids!!! Miss you bunches, too. Redonia, you are 'kewl' and I love your guts!!!!(insider)

Our next stop was the South Carolina Welcome Center. Then we stopped at Walterboro, SC. There we enjoyed the quaint downtown shops. The pic of the clock in the slide show was taken outside the Christmas Store in Walterboro. After a few stops for fuel, etc we stopped in Columbia, SC for lunch. It wasn't too great.... Later we stopped in Charlotte at a outlet mall. One outlet mall is like another so we left without any major purchases. The wild flowers along the way were beautiful. Enjoy the pic of them in the slide show.

We arrived @ the hotel around 7:00 pm. We enjoyed seeing friends and family. I better not name names or I'll miss some!!!! We saw my parents and Vicki and Tremayne. We went to dinner with Ken and Kay. We love being with family. We saw 2 of our nephews briefly, Kameron & Timo. Both were much too busy for me. We visited for a bit with Bro. & Sis. Guidroz. They always look great! We are still believing with them for Landon's healing. We sat in the lobby and visited with Elms and McLaughlins for quite a while. We enjoyed some good laughs. Mark Caruthers and his sister Karen visited with us a bit, too. Ok, I saw quite a few people and enjoyed chatting with each of them....I messed up by naming any...Overtons, Bro. Lewis from AL, Lewis from TX, Richardsons from FMD, Rhodenbushes from FMD, Rich Glass & family and on and on.....oh John Sanders but not Debbie yet, Shirley Henson, Donna Myre......I love to see people we only get to see at these special times. I know I didn't name nearly everyone but I enjoyed seeing everyone!!!

Ok, off to bed....Diane Green called and expects me @ church @ 10:00 in the morning. Why is it that @ conference I become a GOOD Conroe saint and tend to be late? lol I can't let my buddy down so I best head to bed. Kent got me coffee tonight and failed to get decaf like I normally get. I'm W-I-R-E-D!!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Quaint, Southern, Food, Fun, & Charm - Savannah

Today we enjoyed a wonderful day. It started out with breafast @ the hotel. Then we went to the Lady & Son's Restaurant to make dinner reservations. We enjoyed a wonderful trolley tour. The weather was perfect today. After our tour we had a delicious seafood lunch on the river at the Shrimp Factory. We watched as river boats and ships moved about the river. Savannah is home to the 2nd largest port in the United States. After lunch we spent some time browsing some quaint boutiques and shops. I collect old world style Christmas ornaments and found a beautiful Georgia peach.

Before going lighthouse hunting we found a quaint cupcake shoppe! (Gotta love the TomTom. Hey it can make a vacation stress free.) Ok the cupcakes were to die for. I chose an old fashioned cupcake with rich buttercream icing. The cream soda was pretty awesome, too!

Tybee Island is a beautiful yet quaint island. The homes are really southern in charm, too. We saw two lighthouses. I had to take my shoes off and walk in the sand. Then the little girl erupted and I found a stick to draw in the sand.

We returned to the hotel for about an hour to refresh before dinner. We left a little early for a SteinMart break!!!! I didn't buy anything but I can't let one pass me buy either. Today I was in a laid back browsing mood and not really after serious shopping.

Ok for the highlight of the trip......The Lady and Son's Restaurant. I LOVE Paula Deen's magazines. There is abosolutely nothing I enjoy more than southern, food, charm, and family life. Paual is the epitome of my southern roots. The restaurant boasts a wonderful buffet. Of course it isn't your normal gross buffet. I can't stand them! This one is well kept. In fact the food is brought out in small portions. While we were there several things appeared and disappeared. We all ate toooooooo much. Thanks Mom and Popsie for the meal!! (It was for Pastor's Appreciation!!!!) Mom and I both are good southern cooks but this was special having it at a restaurant and not cooking it ourselves. It smoked Cracker Barrel....I bought 2 more magazines in the gift shop. One is a 2006 Christmas edition and the other a 2008 Christmas edition.

Tomorrow we plan to sleep in a little and slowly make our way to Greensboro.....

Enjoy the slide show.....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Enroute 2 Greensboro

After our Sunday evening service Kent and I travelled to Rayne Louisianna which is just west of Lafayette. We finally got to bed around 2 am and were wide awake at 6:00 am. We left Rayne around 7:00 am and travelled west on I-10 to Jacksonville, Florida. Then we travelled east on I-95 to Savannah, Georgia.

We stopped for lunch at a Steak and Shake in Florida. I enjoyed a yummy vanilla malt and a patty melt sandwich. I was good and left off the fries. However, I was BAD the rest of the trip. We were given a HUGE snack basket to enjoy on the trip for pastor appreciation. (Thanks Courtney, Scott, and Bro. Stewart) I love the Tolberone candy.

Tonight we went to the historic district to find the world famous Lady and Son's Restaurant. I love Paula Deen magazines and can't wait to eat there tomorrow. We will arrive at 9:30 am to make our reservation for dinner.

My little monkey, Redonia, is home sick. She has a miagraine. She sounded really rough when I last talked with her. Hopefully she will be ok during the night. A couple of years ago a MRI revealed she had an aneurysm at some point and we didn't know it. Thankfully it formed a balloon and took care of itself. Well, I'm sure God had a little bit to do with it. These miagraines scare me now. Ok if we call to check on her we wake her up and if we don't I you get the picture pray for this Mommy.

I'm looking forward to our day tomorrow. Hopefully I'll post some pictures of the southern charm of Savannah. I'm a GRITS and proud of it!!!!!! To all my more westernly friends that stands for 'Girl Raised in the South'.

Speaking of the south. Today I went through numerous Southern Living Magazines and Paula Deen Magazines gathering recipes. I found a great Asiago Cheese Grit recipe to be served with grilled shrimp. Yummmmm I can't wait to prepare it! Gotta love southern grits anyway you prepare them. For breakfast it's with lots of butter and even more SUGAR.

Asiago Grits
2 14 oz cans of chicken broth
3/4 cup uncooked quick grits
4 oz chive & onion cream cheese spread
1/2 cup fresh grated Asiago or Parmesan Cheese
1/4 teaspoon ground white pepper

Bring broth to boil over medium high heat. Whisk in grits. Cover and reduce heat to medium low. Simmer stirring occasionally until thickened. Add cheeses and pepper. Stir until melted. Serve with grilled shrimp.

Check back later for more updates on the south. I'm sure my southern accent will return strongly tomorrow as we enjoy this southern town. Kent and my children make fun of the way I just slip back so easily.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


One Saturday morning each month ladies from CUPC meet for a time of prayer and devotion. I can't give you a specific reason that I chose "Refresh" for the title but without doubt today's prayer session gave definition.

Today Carol Terry gave a wonderful devotional. Sis. Terry told us just as a loving, nurturing Mother wraps her arm around a hurting child so does God bring comfort and love to each of us. Sometimes God instantly heals or answers our prayer but when we don't receive an instant miracle His arm of care and comfort is wrapped around us. Incredible!

As we began to pray the presence of the Lord was very strong. I KNOW God meet us there! I also know several needs were meet. I expect the same refreshing to be present in our services tomorrow.

After our time of devotion and prayer several ladies joined me for lunch at Panera Bread. We enjoyed a fun time of food and socializing. It's amazing how refreshed ladies become after a sweet time in the presence of God.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I LOVE Answered Prayers

Through the years Kent and I have been priviledged to be apart of the Texas District and watch many young people become adults. One such young person that we have had the priviledge of watching is Mandy Orange Elms. As a teen we observed Mandy be able to work as an adult at Texas District Crusader's Camp. Then during those late night hours we also had the priviledge of watching the 'kid' come out in Mandy. She would furiously drive the golf cart around the grounds. "Back in the day' we enjoyed going down the hill on the youth tabeernacle side of the main tabernacle. I remember Mandy giving her Mom wild rides as she would laugh hysterically and Sis. Orange would scream in fun. We saw her involved in shaving cream battles, etc.

Later, our very best friends Shonn and Kathy Cox, preached revivals for Bro. and Sis. Orange. I remember telling Kathy how I admired Mandy's sweet spirit. Kathy would tell of Mandy working hard in the kitchen baking pies, etc. She also told of how Mandy would worship and cry in services. Not long after Mandy and Andrew were married. Shonn and Kathy's daughter, Kaleigh, was the miniature bride.

After Mandy and Andrew were married we watched as at the many district functions this fine couple would make their way to the front pew. Often first on their feet to worship or first in the altar praying and crying out to God. Many times Kent and I have talked how the Elms and Oranges must be proud of these 'kids'.

This past year Bro. and Sis. Elms were elected to TX Dist Secretary. Of course, Mandy and Andrew were working with them in Wichita Falls. Kent and I began to pray for Mandy and Andrew. In fact at that district conference we pledged our prayers to them. I can honestly say often we prayed for God's will in their lives.

Last night we were so happy to hear they were elected pastor in Balch Springs, Texas. I cried when I learned the great news. Kent smiled with his little grin. Mandy and Andrew, just as we have enjoyed watching God's hand on you thus far we now anxiously await the many great things God will do for you as Pastor and Wife.

I know both Mandy and Sis. Elms blogged about this wonderful milestone but I woke up with a praise in my spirit for this accomplishment. The past few months I can truly say I have put my children in the place of Mandy and Andrew as I have prayed for them. Today I'm thankful I have had a prayer answered.

Last evening Kent and I talked that when God does things He does them right. His ways are certainly beyond our ways. He does things in the most remarkable ways. His plan is always better than our plan.

Of late my blog has posted many prayer requests. Today I wanted to be able to share that God really does answer prayer. Should someone reading today be in the midst of seeking God, realize He does hear our cry and will provide the answer that we may would have never dreamed.

Off to a busy day.......

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I LOVE My Family

Last night I grilled steak and ribs. I also prepared, green beans almandine, grilled veggies, baked potatoes, and enjoyed Panera’s Asiago Bread, and 3 Seed Bread. For dessert we enjoyed a delicious chocolate pie. (Thanks to Glenda Martin we had great bread and pie!!!) Calah and Trent came over for dinner. Kent teased that it was Assistant Pastor’s Appreciation Night. Whatever the occasion I LOVE to have all my children home! Though the food was scrumptious our time spent together was superb.

After we ate Trent and Redonia spent some time wrestling. I’m pretty sure Redonia still wins! Calah laughed and laughed and I screamed. When they were finished Redonia said, “Bub, I don’t think Mom has screamed like that in a long time.” They scare me to death. Trent picks Redonia up, flips her on the floor, holds her down only for her to wiggle loose and sling him around a few times. They were both out of breath when finished and fell back on one of the sofas snuggled up. Of course, Kent doesn’t say a word until they are through and then teases Trent for letting his sister always beat up on him.

Calah enjoys pestering Kent. She imitates his talking and his mannerisms. Trent laughs so hard when she picks on Kent. Our family loves to laugh and have fun. Last night she picked on him about forum talk. She called it some sort of social club. It was funny how she said it. We all had a big laugh.

After the kids calmed, we played Sequence. Trent hates to lose. The rounds Redonia and I won he would have to play again to attempt to beat us. Since the kids got married Calah has decided she doesn’t like to lose either. I think when they play the Wii they need marriage counseling! Lol I told the kids next time we play we are going to separate Calah and Trent. It should make for a much more interesting game. Redonia never gets too worked up. Of course I don’t take games serious either.

Our house is too quite with Trent married. When he comes home he either comes in screaming for Redonia to come downstairs or rings the doorbell a zillion times before coming in. Last night he did both! Why do I miss him? He and Calah laughed that all afternoon they were completely silent at their house. They questioned each other why do they get so crazy here. I told Trent it’s because he misses us so much! Well by the time they went home Redonia was ready to go back upstairs in solitude and Kent and I were ready to sit in the dimly lit living room in complete silence.

I LOVE my family – my sweet husband and fun loving children. I enjoy this new time of our life with our family. The kids are grown up and have lots of responsibilties. When we do spend time together it is always cherished. Kent and I enjoy spending quality time together.

I hope each of you enjoy your families! I was blessed to be raised in a close family. I KNOW even some from CUPC didn't have that priviledge growing up. I hope each of these will make NEW traditions with their families. Family fun does not have to be a trip or expensive meal. It can be just wrestling, playing games, coloring, etc. When my kids were little we baked cookies, cupcakes in ice cream cones, prepared breakfast, etc.

I sure have not been the perfect Mom but I'm not finished yet!!!!! Just yesterday my Mom stated that once a Mom always a Mom. She was referring to helping my sister with her new baby. I agree with Mom. My Mom makes lots of memories for us. She is quirky and in her old age gets opinionated and drives us kids nuts but hey it's Mom!!! Smile, Mom....I know you are reading this :)

Hey before you jump in the covers tonight do something special for your family no matter how small!!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

I LOVE Church

Last night CUPC had CHURCH.

Yesterday Kent and I were talking and I told him I needed CHURCH. During pre-service prayer the presence of the Lord was really powerful. Of course when we pray God always meets us. Last night many were praying. In fact prayer service doesn’t begin until 6:00 pm but the music practice finished early and each of them began praying. Others had already arrived and began praying, too. God inhabited the praises of His people.

Just prior to service Kent had everyone meet him at the altar. He led us in a time of laying our cares at the altar of repentance. It wasn’t long until almost the entire congregation was speaking in other tongues. Wow the power of God was strong!

During our worship service we always have a scripture reader. Troy Blackmon did a great job of following his pastor’s lead in making sure the service was extraordinary. Our music team had worked hard to plan a great service. People responded to worship and soon the altars were full again with people worshiping God.

The minister’s began praying with people. It was obvious needs were met. Soon Kent asked people to gather in family units. He laid hands on every person in the sanctuary. Many wept and received victory while others danced and shouted. Kent endeavored to not leave anyone out. He even went into the drum cage! He called for the nursery worker, too. I know everyone appreciated the powerful display of the Spirit of God.

This morning I sent a thank you note to Calah, Trent, and Glenda Martin. I know they work hard to ensure our services are what they need to be. Last night as we all responded in prayer our musicians and singers kept leading. Of course each of them were prayed for by pastor, too. It was awesome watching them stop their task of singing or playing and respond. I love anointed musicians and singers! Thank you CUPC praise team for doing an OUTSTANDING job last night. You are the BEST!

I love being a one God, holy living, Apostolic, tongue talking, born again saint of God!!!! Nothing even compares…..

Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's the Life - Chocolate, Family & Friends

Thanks to Ronda Hurst, Susan Hill, and Lori Dominques, all pastors’ wives from California, I’ve been working on a special outing for CUPC ladies. Each of these ladies shared pics on their blogs about a minister’s wives retreat with a similar theme. Lori was kind enough to email me some games. I know my ‘sweet’ (no pun intended) ladies will enjoy them.

I am the type person that buys gifts that I would appreciate, do things for others that I would appreciate, etc. All that being said I can’t teach something that I don’t enjoy myself. Chocolate, family and friends are definitely the life! I enjoy each of them often.

Tonight I enjoyed a cup of coffee with chocolate and caramel from Panera Bread. It was so delicious. So was my blueberry muffin. Thanks to my church “family”, Bro. and Sis. Greer. This Pastor Appreciation month is spoiling us rotten. (Mastercard gift cards – yes Sis. Weldon I got one and he got the other! Whataburger---yumm chicken strip dinner with fattening cream gravy for lunch…gotta love the Alcocks!!!) Ok, I know I got side tracked talking about my FAMILY!! Church Family members count, too!!!

Yesterday my little Maddie Moo was very sick. I went to Mom’s and helped tend to my sick baby girl. Isn’t that what Aunts are for? Ok you gotta keep the Mom happy, too! My Mom loves everything in her house decorated but doesn’t do it herself. Sooooooo being the sweet daughter that I am I decorated her house for fall. Isn’t that what daughters are for? Redonia and Calah, I’m waiting….. This morning Mom babysat Kyleigh and Abigail. Well, I love those wild girls to pieces. I baked them some cinnamon rolls. Then I sent them off with their Dad with candy. I just love doing that for all my nieces and nephews.

My in-laws called on their way to The Woodlands to shop. We love meeting them at Macaroni Grille. We had a good lunch with them. They crack me up. Kent has strong opinions on some subjects and Papaw gets Kent going on it then preaches him a sermon. Never mind Kent is just acting like chip off the chocolate or the apple off the tree. Papaw always says “Now Daddy doesn’t medal in your business but let me just share this thought with you” Ha ha …gotta love your parents!!! We sure love ours.

Friends, we’ll we are planning on seeing a bunch of ours at General Conference. We really need to plan a bloggers luncheon or something. I’m sure I’ll have to tag along to a forum buddies dinner. Of course some of those wives are my friends, too. Kent and I plan to drive. We haven’t done that since GC was in San Antonio and I think that was our only time. I’m thinking we must be getting old or something. There are some great stops we can make either going or coming. Let’s see…New Orleans, Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, go a little out of the way and go up the East Coast. Do we have to show up at conference or can we just do a driving tour???? Teasing! We’ll be there. Gotta go and get tired feet, lose sleep, eat too much late at night, and walk the halls. Isn’t that what it’s all about?

Ok, this post is showing my life of loving chocolate, family and friends…gotta be able to teach my ladies how to enjoy it all!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pray for Landon Ellis

OK people....

This is The Husband posting for Tracie.....

She just called and asked me to post the following emergency prayer request....

Sis Guidroz just called from Gaithersburg and told us that Landon Ellis is being taken back to the hospital this hour due to complications to the abdominal abscesses he has struggled with the last few weeks....

Please remember this young man tonight in your prayers...

Tracie and I have prayed with him and for him several times and we believe the Lord is going to help this family during this added test.....


R Kent Smith

October, Clergy Appreciation Month

October is Clergy Appreciation and CUPC treats us royally. Last night began the celebration with Linda Weldon presenting me a beautiful bouquet of fall flowers. The flowers are in shades of yellow, red and browns. The Haley’s gave us a gift card to El Bosque Restaurant. We may share with Calah and Trent since they love it, too! The Fosters invited us to their home for a delicious home cooked meal on October 11th. Matthew is quite a chef. Nancy is expecting our first baby, a girl! This is a miracle child.

Different families give us something nearly every day of the month. Many times we get to the office and someone has dropped off a gift on their way to work. I guess I’m getting sentimental but one of the things I enjoy most is the cards. Actually, it’s not the cards but the words written by the families. Last night Sis. Weldon’s words made me cry. She was our secretary for 7.5 years and definitely knows us. We love the Weldon family – all of them! I thought it was fitting for her to begin this month. Again, also fitting was receiving the card from Pat Haley. Sis. P. A. T. as my dear husband refers to her was one of the 8 original members when we came to Conroe. Our family loves Sis. Pat. She has always believed in Redonia and Trent. Her family is separated from God and I’m not giving up on them.

It is a privilege to be the Pastor’s wife to such a great church. There is no way they will ever know how much I love them. Their babies are my grands. Their victories are my wins. Their trouble becomes my trauma. I grieve when they hurt. I become exuberant when they succeed. I love the youth and children; they are all my ‘buddies’. I want the kids to know I’m always here for them just as I am the adults. I love the elderly of our church. They add so much. Just knowing they support me makes my days easier.

Thank you church family for honoring us! To all my ministry blogging friends, know this month you are appreciated. I salute each of you! You, too add value to me. What would we do without one another?

Blessings for this month of Clergy Appreciation….