Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kleenex, Please!!

Today Kent felt the need to give Trent some needed advice from Dear 'ole Dad. He has always been very careful to explain things to Trent very clearly. Trent has not become the leader that he is today without lots of such talks. I’m thinking this may have been the last for a few days. Trent don't shout too quickly...just a few days, I said! The emotion of Trent getting married is settling on our family.

Of course tonight Trent drove an hour to see Calah, the nightly routine. Redonia asked if after college we would meet her at Potbelly's, her favorite sandwich shop for dinner. Silently Kent and I were riding in the car to meet her. Abruptly, Kent said, "You are going to laugh at me for doing what I’m about to do but I’m going to cry." He cried real tears, too! I asked what was wrong. He told how he was thinking about the rehearsal dinner and some things he wanted to say. He continued to say, “I can’t get past ‘We want to thank each of you for coming to support Trent and Calah. I’m so proud of Trent’ without feeling these tears.” Of course it wasn’t long until we were both crying and then laughing. I have no idea how he will give his remarks at the wedding without crying. He said it will be easier than the rehearsal dinner because behind a mic and in a black suit he will be in his zone. I assured him that if he cries it will be fine. Everyone else will cry with him. We love our children so much!

Sweet days like today do not just arrive. It takes work through out a child's life to create a sweet bond for a day like today. In honor of my husband I searced for some old pics of he and Trent....enjoy!

Daddy and Trent

Sunday, April 27, 2008


I helped a Mom in need until after 2 am. Then I spent some time in prayer for this dear family. The alarm sounded too soon!

My brother-in-law and I had 17 adolescents, toddlers, and even babies on the van and my car this morning. What a mess! After church we solicited Redonia to sit by the babies on the way home. Also, Bro. Blackmon rode on the van to help with the fighting boys. My sister, Kristi, drove her van and I rode in the back to maintain order. After returning to the church, Kent and I took a visiting minister and family to lunch.

Upon getting home and sinking into my chair I tried to remember did I keep my eyes open while I talked during lunch. I’m afraid to take a nap for fear I’ll never get up! Sis. Broadway called and her sister is not expected to survive the week. We are going by to pray with our dear sister before church.

To all my fellow minister’s wives you know the scenario I discussed is one of revival. You also realize the pressures a harvest inflicts. Please pray for me this week. I’m very tired. I do have to go to Runyan Elementary for a birthday party tomorrow. I think otherwise I will try to rest this week.

Friday, April 25, 2008

TAKS Field Day Runyan Elementary

Deja invited me to attend her Field Day today. What a blessing it was to be able to support one of my girls! As it turned out there were about 40 children there that has visited of late. I am thankful my favorite driver and husband decided to go along for the fun and games. He manned the purse and candy for me while I walked both sides of the field and visited with teachers about the children. Later he helped thirsty students get a cool drink of water.

We received a very warm welcome from the entire faculty and staff with the exception of one kindergarten teacher. She endeavored to explain to me that today was not a day that I should be there. Parents were invited but not other guests. She said the purpose of the day was to encourage good TAKS scores next week and encourage parents to get involved. Humm not one of my parents was there. In fact there were not too many parents there. As she talked several of my little buddies came and began to hang and swing on me. She asked them how they knew me. I was fondly labeled the church lady, the lady that gives me a ride to church, my friend that comes to my house to play ball with me, and a nice lady! After all these statements she softened and wished me a good day. I thanked her for being concerned with an outsider there but told her I did have permission from the school administration.

After searching for one of my little buddies I was introduced to his teacher. I explained my role in his life. She said he was not able to attend the function due to anger issues this morning. She was most thankful for my help but feels he is possibly already beyond help. She said he will hurt someone bad one day. I smiled thru my tears and said not if I can help it! The teacher thought it might help if I went inside and spent a few minutes with him. She also suggested I come to the school often. He told both the teacher and me he will not get a birthday present since his dad is in jail for being bad and his momma has a hard time making it. We planned him a class birthday party for Monday. I will take cupcakes and juice.

We waited until all the classes went inside before we left so we could give good bye hugs. The biggest boy yelled across the field “I love you”. Talk about a melt down for me. Immediately after this the counselor and principal chatted with us. They asked if rather than just going in on an occasion in the role of a “parent” if I would go thru the process of background investigation and become an onsite mentor as well. The counselor had heard about us previously and the efforts of our church. I believe this will be an open door to reach some of the faculty and staff as well.

Check out the pictures. I didn’t get one of all the kids and some love the camera and are in more than one. Many of the pictures were taken by the children. They wanted to take pictures of their teachers and me.

Field Day Pics

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

What more to say about them?
We buy ‘em, wear ‘em, display ‘em and blabla ‘ems.

I love beautiful nice shoes. The older I get I love it when I find a beautiful yet comfortable pair! Shoes, however, are a huge point of frustration for me. I wear a size 5. I inherited from my mother the ability to loose weight in my feet. Over the past few months I have lost a few pounds. Prior to the little bit of weight loss I could sometimes s-t-r-e-t-c-h into a 5.5 shoe. Now, however, I must have a size 5. According to wiki.answers.com the average American lady’s shoe size is 8 – 8.5. Hummm I’m slightly below average. In Houston there are a couple of shoe stores specializing in small sizes. The problem is not many manufactures are making size 5 shoes.

I have spent quite a few hours of late searching for the right shoe for Trent and Calah’s wedding. I have been in store after store only to learn they no longer carry smaller than a size 6. All of my adult life I have had difficulty finding shoes. Now it is even harder to find a small shoe. Today Deadra, our secretary, joined me in an excursion to the Galleria in search of a pair of shoes. After her feeling my anguish she insisted on going into a particular store. I assured her the shoes were too expensive. Soon after entering the store we found the PERFECT pair. Deadra wanted me to just buy them. Well, after seeing the price she decided maybe I should not. The shoe cost $695.

If manufactures stop making size 5 what will I do? Since there seems to be no shortage in size 5 slippers and flip flops does this mean I can start going places in them? I’ve seen flip flops and slippers monogrammed for the bride or bridesmaid. Maybe I can find a pair for mother of the groom!

Ok enough of my ramblings. I just wanted to share my frustration. My blogging usually reveals more depth than shoes. However, I thought you ladies would understand my frustration.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

George Raymond Thomas

The last couple of weeks I have thought so much of Dad. I’m not really sure why. Today I have thought why the continual thinking of Daddy. Is it the older Trent gets the more he reminds me of him? Is it always in a transition time in our life I miss him? Trent getting married is definitely a transition! Is it I see things so black and white and of late I’ve thought of him because he caused me to be this way? Is it because my passion for outreach was inherited from him and my time stays filled with outreach?

My Dad struggled with brain cancer for 4 years. He passed from this life in November of 1981 at the young age of 42. My Mom was only 35 and had 4 children. I was 18 and my youngest sister only 7.

Dad was an incredible leader. He served the Alabama district in many roles. He served many years on the district board. Dad was a mentor to young ministers. I have fond memories of people like Danny and Barbara Johnson, pastor in South Texas; and Jerry and Phyllis Jones, UPCI Secretary; preaching revivals for Dad.

Outreach was Dad’s passion. Many Saturdays were spent walking trailer parks and neighborhoods inviting people to church with Dad. Many are in the church today. Some of those converts are ministers and wives.

Dad was a sharp dresser. Whatever the current style, Dad was sure to wear it. I remember the vivid floral ties and the knit leisure suits. His hair was always very neatly styled, too.

As I best remember, Dad could do anything except work on cars. He was very handy with his hands and was a pretty awesome carpenter. Laziness and Daddy never were in the same sentence.

Dad loved his family. I remember as passionate as he was for God and the church his love for us was even greater. He loved taking us to school. Those were very special times. Often he let Mom sleep in and he would even get us up and off to school. We lived near Dauphine Island and Dad enjoyed taking us to the beach.

My Dad was a very spiritual man. He studied and prayed often. I don’t remember him being a great orator but rather being an incredibly anointed preacher. Baptisms and Holy Ghost outpourings were the norm.

Daddy was a very humorous man. He loved acting silly and pulling pranks. I remember him pulling hose over his head and scaring us. He would call the house and talk like someone else. He would fool us every time.

I’m saddened that most of my friends did not know my Dad. I wish my church knew him. I wish Trent and Redonia knew Daddy. It still amazes me that though many years have passed, I still miss him so much.

Thank you, Daddy, for instilling so much in me. I will see you again one day!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Fantabulous Time

I have had some unusual happenings of late. My dear buddy Bro. Broadway passed away, I ruptured a tendon in my finger, fell out of my parent’s van – head first, my baby boy is getting married, and on and on my list could read. These events have left me feeling a little tired. Normally District Conference is one of those times simply a requirement. This year, however, has been a fun and refreshing time.

Wednesday I enjoyed sleeping the entire way to Beaumont. After checking into the hotel Kent and I enjoyed a romantic dinner at one of my favorites, Carrabba’s Italian Grill. I enjoyed an early bedtime and vowed I would sleep until noon. Being the early riser that I am, I couldn’t force myself to stay in bed that late!

After a slow Thursday morning, Mom and I enjoyed about an hour of shopping before meeting the men at the business meeting. Then, Kent and I enjoyed lunch at Papadeauxs with Kevin & Jackie Prince, Texas District Secretary; Carlton Coon, General Director of Home Missions – UPCI; Kenny Prince, pastor Bullard, TX; and Keith & Carla Clark, pastor Quitman, TX. After Thursday night’s service we joined friends at Floyds for more seafood. We laughed with Mark & Diane Green, pastor Broadus, TX; Jonathon & Victoria Green, TBC faculty; Philip & Tina Moore, pastor Sherman, TX; Keith & Melissa Castleberry, pastor College Station, TX; Lee & Lynda Wells, evangelist from Dallas; Jim Renfro, pastor Longview, TX; Dan Christensen, minister from Louisiana; and Jeff Sanders, evangelist from Arkansas. I think we finally got back to the hotel around 2:00 am.

This morning was the annual Texas District Minister’s Wives Breakfast. Donna Myre, Diane Green and the entire committee did a fantastic job planning this event. The Apostolic Church decorated with beautiful fresh floral arrangements. Each magnificent arrangement boasted beautiful displays of fresh fruit. The speakers spoke on “Leaving a Legacy”. Each speaker spoke 3 -5 minutes and brought an item to represent something handed down from their Mom. Every speaker did a remarkable job. The topics varied from Bible reading, to joy in every situation, to hospitality, to songs, to finances, to serving the family meagerly but ever so meaningful. I sat with my Mother, Shirley Patrick; Mother-in-Law, Joye Smith; missionary wives, Kathy Brott and Judy Nicolls; Marjorie Becton, wife of retired General Secretary of UPCI; and Sherry McCoy, pastor’s wife Port Arthur. This year’s breakfast was the most delightful I have attended.

This afternoon Michelle LaBrie hosted a resale to upscale shopping tour. Approximately 15 ladies joined. Michelle and her husband Mike own Sun Tours, a limo service. We travelled on one of their tour buses. We managed to work in a quick Starbucks stop. I am sorry I can not remember everyone but a few that joined the fun was Mom, Carla Clark, Dovey Ensey, Brenda Russo, Jackie Prince, Donna Myre, Datha Alexander, Christine Landtroup, Judy, Nicolls, Sis. Wayne Whitmire, Elaine Whitmire, Debbie Hudson, and Karen Wehrle. Okay I’m getting old and have forgotten some of the ladies. Anyway we ALL had lots of fun laughing and spending money!

Jonathon and Brenda Elms and The Apostolic Church have done a fantastic job hosting the conference. Too bad I am a wife and do not get a vote. My vote would be to bring it back to Beaumont every time! Maybe my vote would be to repeat the fun in other cities every year. I have enjoyed my friends.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

Grateful (adj.) Appreciative of benefits received; thankful
Thanks (v) Acknowledgment of a benefit; give credit

Outreach efforts have brought me in contact with Ms. Nell, a most precious African American lady who will be 79 years of age on Saturday. Each time I go to Dugan I pass Ms. Nell’s home. Most times she is sitting on her porch. Often I slow down to speak and get a very cheery response. Sometimes I stop and talk across the fence. Lately I have felt very close to this dear grandmother and have gone inside the fence.

Ms. Nell reminds me of my sweet late Mamaw Ingram. Ms. Nell attends church regularly in fact she is the church Mother of her congregation. She continually praises the Lord. Yesterday I was able to deliver her a large Blueberry Cheesecake Muffin. She thanked me and thanked the Lord for giving it to her. Later in the evening, Kent and I took 3 large Easter Lilles left from Easter. As I sat on her front porch and visited with Ms. Nell, Kent planted them in her flower bed.

Our visits with Ms. Nell have caused me to realize the difference of saying thanks and giving thanks with a grateful heart. Simply saying thank you acknowledges something while saying so with a grateful heart expresses a true appreciation. Yesterday Ms. Nell expressed to me that God takes care of her even with simple things like plants and muffins. She said I know you and Pastor have done these things but God has used you to deliver them to me. She said I sit here and Praise the Lord all the time for His many blessings to me. (Reminded me of Mamaw)

As we left with a tear in her eye, she said I just thank the Lord and praise God for letting you be my friend. We were in the Lexus and and the top was open. As we were driving away from her house we heard her exclaim, “Oh praise the Lord, thank you Jesus”. My heart leaped. I heard my Mamaw, again! I realized I have made a friend with a grateful heart. Today and everyday for the rest of my life I want to “give thanks with a grateful heart”. This post does not adequately express the presence of the Lord I feel just thinking about the lesson my friend has taught me of a grateful heart.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Honor the Lord, Have Mercy on the Poor

Proverbs 14:31(KJV): "He that oppresseth the poor reproacheth his Maker: but he that honoureth him hath mercy on the poor."

Throughout scripture, we see God's concern and love for the poor, as He instructs His people to give to them and treat them with equity. By so doing, we bring honor the Lord. God maintains the cause of the poor by raising up people to help them.

Deuteronomy 15:7: "If there be among you a poor man of one of thy brethren within any of thy gates in thy land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not harden thine heart, nor shut thine hand from thy poor brother:8 But thou shalt open thine hand wide unto him, and shalt surely lend him sufficient for his need, in that which he wanteth."

Luke 4:18-19: "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, 19 To preach the acceptable year of the Lord."

The very nature of our Lord is to seek out the poor and help them. We are commanded to do likewise. When we give to the poor and help them with material assistance, it opens the door so that we might present the gospel. The Lord is interested in every soul. As we reach out to others with His love and compassion, we are able to lead them to Him. Jesus came to not only save us from our sin; but to save us from sickness, harm, fear, and poverty. The Bible tells us that when we reach out to help any one who is needy, poor, sick or in prison, it is the same as giving to the Lord Himself. The Lord shall reward us for it. However, the opposite is also true. When we fail to minister to the poor, hungry and sick, we also fail to minister to the Lord.

I am trying to reach beyond what is comfortable and endeavoring to help my children learn to reach those who are less fortunate. After taking home the 15 children who came to Sunday School, I invited a hurting child to lunch with my family. This child is very dysfunctional. Just listening today we were amazed with our little buddy’s exposure to drugs and alcohol. Initially Kent and Trent were a little overwhelmed with his behavior. No he was not dressed nice for a restaurant nor did he use table manners that we are accustomed to using but we enjoyed treating this child to lunch. He chose Mexican food and certainly enjoyed the nachos. I chose him and certainly enjoyed the lessons I learned today. God help me to never be too good to reach the children and the poor.

Help me this week by saying a prayer for my lil buddy.....

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Peace, A Godly Inheritance

Peace is a gift or an inheritance given to us from God. Jesus does not give peace in worldly or humanly fashion. The secular remedy of gaining peace is by altering circumstances. While taking a day off, a vacation, or even enjoying nature can offer rest and relaxation, these attempts do not give inner peace.

Jesus gives peace in the midst of trouble, distress, turmoil, heartache or pressure. He has the ability to still the storm and quiet the waves. If He chooses to protect us in the storm we can rest contently in the boat knowing water can not swallow the ship. Often circumstances do not change but rather our mind and spirit changes to contain peace that passeth understanding. Keeping our mind stayed on Him helps us to realize He is always with us therefore we are always safe.

Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you:
not as the world giveth, give I unto you.
Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. John 14:27

Monday, April 7, 2008


Hear my prayer, O Lord, and let my cry come to You. Psalm 102:1

Prayer requests can be disheartening regardless how exciting it is to gather with friends to pray. Someone is having health problems. A child has cancer. A couple in the church is getting a divorce. A missionary is having difficulty raising financial support. It’s easy to grow weary of listening to prayer requests. Bearing not only personal needs but those of others can be burdensome.

Then with mighty power a warrior begins to pray. With confidence, he thanks God for His absolute control over all things. With tears, he pleads with God to work in the lives of those for whom prayer is requested. With honesty, he acknowledges that we don't always understand what God is doing. Like the psalmist, he turns a time of complaining about man's problems into a time of praising God for His listening ear. Prayer turns to praise because one saint believes that the Lord hears "the prayer of the destitute, and shall not despise their prayer" (Psalm 102:17).

Praise God's holy name forever
There is none that can compare
To the blessing of His presence
When we meet with Him in prayer. —Anon.

“Although the outlook may be bleak, the up look is always bright.”

Saturday, April 5, 2008

What a Week!

After having spent several days at the bedside of my buddy, Rev. Guy C. Broadway, he passed from this life Thursday morning. Today I spent some time in their home with a few ladies from CUPC. We enjoyed visiting with Sis. Broadway as we helped with a few housekeeping chores. So many memories flooded my thoughts as I spent quality time in the Broadway home. Tomorrow we will join the Broadway family in receiving friends and family from 2pm – 5pm at Klein Funeral Home, Magnolia. Monday we will celebrate his home going beginning at 2 pm at the CUPC Sanctuary.

Thursday afternoon many ladies from CUPC traveled to Lufkin for the Texas District Ladies Conference. We found it to be a “different” conference than previous years. We enjoyed time together most. I am thankful for each lady who made the effort to attend. Our fun times together will be cherished.

Pray the van route will be successful tomorrow. I did not have time for outreach today. I felt Sis. Broadway needed me most. I hope all my little buddies will love me anyway! We did enjoy some time of ball and cookies earlier in the week. I love all of my babies.

I hope each of you experience Pentecost tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Life in the Parsonage

Ecclesiastes 3 is a favorite passage of mine. It seems that in the parsonage we find our self dealing with “every time”. While we celebrate life or birth with one family we find our self mourning loss with another family. Often these occurrences can be the same day. This week we have juggled family and church. We had needs at CUPC and needs in our family.

Upon arrival home we found ourselves juggling the demands of the office and the needs of people. First, we spent time in the office. About mid day we spent time with our dear Bro. and Sis. Broadway. After seeing his swift decline during our time out of town we knew we wanted to spend more time with him this evening, too. We asked Sis. Broadway to choose something from Luby’s and we were bringing dinner. We returned to the office to accomplish a few more tasks.

Yesterday we decided we would visit our Tall Timber’s children this afternoon. After seeing Bro. Broadway’s condition we decided to put on hold the babies. Moments later two of my little ones called the cell phone and asked if we were going to go to their house. I responded “Absolutely we have already planned a stop to your house today! We can play four square, basketball, and enjoy some homemade cookies and candy!” I gathered a couple of balls and off to the apartments we went. We had fun playing with the kids. Deadra and her girls joined us. I know Brooklyn had fun making new friends. One of my buddies had a little health problem so we decided to help with getting some medicine. We went to the pharmacy, picked up dinner for Sis. Broadway, back to Tall Timbers to deliver the medicine, then off to the Broadways.

Bro. Broadway is very sick and is ready to meet the Lord. I’m certain it will not be many days until we celebrate his home going. We were able to spend several hours in the Broadway home. I enjoyed hearing Sis. Broadway speak fondly of her dear husband.

Tonight I feel strange emotions. I’m excited that Daja called and we had a most incredible time of ball and snacks with a large group of friends in the park. I’m saddened that though heaven will gain I will lose soon such a buddy as my retired minister friend, Bro. Broadway.

Please pray for both the budding of life of my special friends and the passing of life. Join me in prayer for the peace and comfort of the Holy Ghost for Rev. & Mrs. Guy C. Broadway. Bro. Broadway asked again tonight that we pray he sees an angel before long. I know that to live is Christ and to die is gain!