Sunday, June 29, 2008

Busy - June

The past few weeks have been busy. Redonia and I enjoyed a weekend getaway to Southlake. Katherine and David George celebrated my 45th birthday with us. After the Mrs. Texas Pageant we enjoyed a birthday dinner at Copeland’s. Katherine did not come home with the Mrs. Texas crown , however, she did win the Career Achievement Award and the Interview Award. Many contestants did not win any awards. We were proud of Katherine’s success.

June started off in grand style with Trent and Calah's wedding. Followed by Texas District Camp Meeting. We’ve been busy with church, quiz finals, school, and the fireworks warehouse. CUPC is in one of those stages of enjoying success. Praise the Lord! Our senior quizzers placed 3rd in the district and are headed to nationals. The fireworks warehouse is experiencing tremendous sales. The church is enjoying lots of visitors. Tonight a co-worker of one of our men was baptized and received the Holy Ghost. Our Spanish church celebrated their fifth anniversary this weekend. Two new people were baptized in their service today.

A dear friend, Andrea Smith, who recently began attending CUPC with her family passed from this life tonight after a long battle with Cancer. Andrea’s funeral will be later in the week. I know God will bring comfort to this sweet family.

Thursday Kent and I will celebrate our 26th Wedding Anniversary. Our current plan is to leave Thursday morning for a week of rest and relaxation. The trip will begin in New Orleans compliments of CUPC. Later we will head south to the Alabama/Florida Gulf Coast. Our trip may be postponed a day or two due to Andrea’s memorial service. I look forward to a few days of rest. After a few days away we always return to the church refreshed and rejuvenated for another round of success!! God always strengthens our vision during these times of relaxation.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear Kent
Happy Birthday to You!!!!

Today Kent turned 47! Though we are helping the youth at the fireworks warehouse, doing hospital visits, and etc I wanted to stop and say happy birthday. Later tonight we will have birthday cake for him at the warehouse. Next week we will celebrate our birthdays and 26th wedding anniversary in New Orleans with a trip given to us from CUPC family. We have decided to take a few days additional days, too. I love spending time alone with my boyfriend!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mrs. Texas Pageant

Redonia and I have been invited to be guests of honor Saturday, June 28, 2008 at Mrs. Texas Pageant Finals to be held in Southlake, Texas. This will be a fun way to spend my 45th birthday. It is not often that Redonia and I get too spend ‘alone’ time. Most of our time is shared with others.

Not only will Redonia and I be observers at the pageant but we will spend time backstage with the pretty ladies, their hairstylists and etc. After the crowning of Mrs. Texas we will join each of the ladies, judges, and their husbands for a celebration.

We will be guests of Mrs. Montgomery County, the county in which we reside. Mrs. Montgomery County, Katherine J. George, her husband David, and their sons, David, Jr. and Matteo have attended our church for the past couple of years. Katherine comes from a strong Catholic background and has enjoyed learning about Pentecost. I have been privileged to spend time with Katherine and have enjoyed having her in our home.

Katherine is a most thoughtful, caring person. Later this year Katherine will begin studying for her doctorate. Currently she is completing her MA Ed Curriculum and Instruction. Before moving to Texas, Katherine was a resident of NYC where she participated in the Miss New York pageant. I will not be surprised if Katherine receives the honor of Mrs. Texas. She is not only a lady of great beauty but one of great compassion for children and education. Her platform will be public awareness of Special education needs and training in private educational settings.

While I know Katherine’s goal is to become Mrs. Texas and then on to compete in Arizona for Mrs. America, I also know that Katherine has a goal for her family to become better Christians. Today David will fly with their oldest son to upstate New York to situate him in boarding school for his high school years. David Jr. is a freshman. His parents have found a most prestigious school free of television and much of the things teens involve themselves. At lunch yesterday I chatted with young David. He stated the main purpose of this choice of schools is to better equip him for an Ivy League College. He hopes to complete high school in three years so he can rapidly gain acceptance to reach his higher goals. While I am proud of the intelligence of my young friend, I regret he will not be a part of CUPC nor Rush, the youth of Conroe. Prayer and Bible reading will be a strong part of the disciplines learned at the upstate New York school. I pray David will continue to study and seek out the things taught him in Sunday School in Conroe.

Please join me in prayer for this fine family. They own several businesses. David is an engineer in pursuit of many interesting inventions currently. They have great interest in the growth plans of CUPC and our christian school. I believe God is going to use the wisdom and life experiences of this family for the growth of CUPC. I also believe that God is going to grow in this family.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


It's a little weird having a married child! It seems weird to leave somewhere at night and they go one way and we go another. I want to run to Trent and say wait you didn't give me a good night hug or kiss but I softly say bye I love you kids. Then I get in the car and Kent doesn't start the car immediatley. He just sits there. I ask what's wrong. He is smiling rather than crying now and simply says "Ole Bub", fondly referring to Trent.

I can't remember how or why but during Bible Study last night Kent mentioned about teaching kids to make right decisions then having to sit back and let them make decisions hoping they are right. Behind me sat Mike Thacker. He "amened" Kent very strongly. He has a married daughter and another that is grown living on her own. The "Amen" caused me to think wow that's a man that has walked our path of a married child before us I'm glad he is agreeing with his Pastor!

After church my favorite floral designer, Courtney, brought a van load of new plants to decorate the church. Trent and Calah stayed and helped us. Around 10:30 when we all left the church Trent and Calah walk hand in hand to the parsonage. Kent and I sat in the car. We normally go get something to eat.

Trent normally goes with us and Redonia always goes with friends. After a few minutes Trent walked out of his house with some trash. Dad asked "Hey son are yall going to get something to eat?" Trent responded, "No sir we aren't going out tonight." They both exchanged a look. I can't describe it. Dad said "Ok son, I love you." Trent responded " Dad I love you and Mom, too." And off he turned and walked into his house.

With a lump in my throat I sat there. Kent said he doubted they had any extra money. He asked, "What do I do?" I could not answer. Kent put the car in drive and we slowly drive off. Kent squeezed my hand and said "Babe, they will be ok we have to let them do this." Well, we normally go to Chilis or somewhere similar but food just didn't sound good to either of us. We opted for a quiet snack at Sonic. We sat there quietly knowing we have taught our boy to stand on his feet.

"The look" exchanged between my boys was from Dad to Trent I want you to go with me son. "The look" back was Dad we are on a budget and can't afford it. Trent knew if he said at this point they would go that he and dad had clearly communicated with the "look" and Dad would buy. I'm proud of Trent. He is being a man like his Dad has trained him to be.

Our night reminded me of one that Linda Weldon shared with me in regards to her daughter, Amy. She told me about Amy being in the grocery store calculating her items and deciding what to keep and what to put back. She said she stood there with a lump knowing she could just buy Amy a whole basketof groceries. She went on to say but she knew Amy had to feel this and learn to manage her budget.

I'm glad Bro. Thacker "Amened" loudly and I'm glad Sis. Weldon shared her story with me months back. Isn't it funny how little things come back to our rememberance to help us on a rainy day?

I'm proud of the adjustments I see all of my children making. Not only are Trent and Calah growing so quickly but Redonia is growing, too. Yesterday Redonia was totally exhausted. She works night and day and is taking a photography class two nights per week. Yesterday I suggested she go and do something for herself. I suggested getting a manicure or pedicure. She said she really could not afford it so she opted to go home and take a much needed nap. Later I shared our conversation with Kent. He asked how much would that have cost. He told me to go and get the cash and give to Redonia so she can go this afternoon. I think I will! It feels so good to give them little surprises. Maybe I will go and buy her a new little outfit, too! Redonia uses most of her "extra" money to feed youth and children after church who never eat out otherwise. Last month I looked at her bank statement and cried when I calculated what she spends on others yet most of her summer casual clothes are things I bought her before she started working at the age of 16. It's great she is so tiny and has't grown much!

I'm glad my children are making adjustments in life. Are they perfect? No! I find my prayers are changing. Every day I pray that God gives them ears to hear His voice and eyes to see the dangers that may lie ahead. I pray that they be consumed with a love greater than ever to serve Him. I pray that God's hand will be upon them during this adjustment time in their lives.

Maybe like words of Mike Thacker and Linda Weldon rang out to me this blog may help some of you even if it's in years to come. I know many of you have already walked this path and this post can help you to pray for those of us who are having to let our little birds fly!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Block - Busy - Bored

To blog or not to blog today is indeed the question for me! Is it blogger’s block, business, or boredom? According to Performancing Helping Bloggers Succeed good writers know bloggers block happens and deals with it! Everyone who writes for a living encounters block now and then. Some just plow through it, others seek inspiration elsewhere. No matter which method you like to use, it's good to know blocks are temporary conditions easily overcome by a break or distraction.

My block isn’t necessarily because I don’t have anything to tell. Kameron, my Missionary Kid nephew from Argentina, flew in yesterday; the church surprised us Sunday night with a getaway trip to New Orleans July 3 & 4 for our wedding anniversary, reservations are for the Ritz Carlton and money was given for our expenses and fun; Texas Camp Meeting was filled with awesome worship, preaching, and lots of time with friends; we are experiencing great church; and on and on I could write.

For some reason when I sit down to write it just hasn’t flowed. Interestingly enough according to updates on Google Reader, you my blogging friends, are having some of the same struggles. Life is busy or maybe slow with summer and you can’t seem to get busy. Maybe life has become boring for a season without new happenings. An original purpose of me blogging was to expand my boundaries and connect with minister’s wives far and near. Maybe we are connecting thru my block. I can see many of you don’t have much to write about either.

Today I could post my devotion, give a scripture or song but simply did not feel to post either. Ok, I did beat the block and posted a basically worthless blog! Maybe in the days to come I can post something more substantial.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Kent, thanks for being an awesome Dad. Redonia and Trent are truly blessed to have you as their Daddy. Your love shows in all you do. Thanks for always encouraging them to always do what’s right. Thank you for always making family time quality time. I know I have laughed at you this week for crying and missing Trent, but Babe, thank you for loving enough to miss Trent so badly. Thank you for making Redonia feel like a princess. Thank you for spoiling us all rotten. I love you more than life. Thanks for being a great Father-in-Law to Calah!

Daddy, where do I start? You still have my heart even though it has been 27 years since I have seen you. In many ways it does not seem like it has been so long since you left. Thanks for being a perfect Dad. Thanks for being tough on me. Thanks for not letting me do what everyone else did. Thanks for taking time to laugh, play, and listen. Oh thanks for the time you broke my arm wrestling with me even though Mom was fussing before and after. She knew we wouldn’t stop until someone got hurt! Thanks for being a great Pastor. I still remember some of your sermons. Thanks for teaching me to love the lost and enjoy bus ministry. I don’t think I’ll ever be as good as you but I sure am trying. Thanks for spoiling me by buying lots of shoes and always keeping them polished, too. Thanks for the many trips to Dauphine Island to play in the surf and sand. Thanks for the many times you would run your finger over furniture that I polished. I still remember having to redo the whole house if you found one item not dusted properly. Thanks for being silly and making us laugh. I know you would love your grandchildren. I wish Redonia and Trent could have known you. Daddy, I hate cancer. I know you taught us that no matter what God is still a healer. Thanks, Dad!!! I know He is. Even though I have spent more Father’s Days without you, it still isn’t any easier. Daddy, I miss you!!!!

Popsie, Happy Father’s Day! I love you very much. Thank you for loving me like a daughter yet allowing me to still wish my Daddy was here. Thank you for understanding that it doesn’t mean I love you any less. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for being the best Popsie Redonia and Trent could want. Thank you for loving them just like they are really yours. I know as for as they are concerned you really are!!! Thanks for being more than a step-dad.

Papaw, you are a wonderful father-in-law. Happy Father’s Day! I love you just like you are. I love it when you try to involve yourself in a current affair of ours and say “Let Pops tell you something and I don’t mean to get in your business.” I do value your opinions! I love all your jokes and stories even though I could quote many of them in my sleep. Don’t let Mamaw ever make you stop telling them. They are still really funny! Thank you for giving me my best friend, Kent. Thanks for teaching him how to serve God with all his heart and work his guts out, too! Remember when you fuss at Kent to slow down who taught him to be so driven! I love you!

I’m thankful not only for these earthly fathers but my heavenly Father. Thank you, Jesus, for being a father to me during those years of being fatherless. Thank you for your love and mercy. Just as I have striven to ensure my earthly Fathers know I love them I want you to know I love you.

Happy Father’s Day!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Pics to follow soon...

Kent is anxious for me to get some pics posted. I worked for hours last night on them. I have a couple hundred pics at least! I will endeavor to finish sorting them and get some posted no later than tomorrow….

This is one of my favorites. Check back tonight or tomorrow for more...
Upon arriving at the rehearsal dinner (nothing like the last minute) Redonia decided to write a few words to say about her brother. She instantly started crying. Of course we had a few people helping us. I suggested that Redonia spend some alone time in the foyer. She saw Trent walking into the restaurant and decided to run and greet him. Thankfully, Aunt Beath captured the moment! Redonia did an incredible job sharing memories of her brother. She was sweet and humorous.

Redonia misses her brother. Trent moved his furniture to their guest bedroom. He left us with an empty room with a little bit of clutter. Redonia came in from the wedding and sat in the middle of his room. The emptiness overtook her so she decided to sleep in his room in a sleeping bag. She has shed a lot of tears.

Kent has decided to ‘grieve’ today. I guess the reality has not hit me yet. I’m thankful for a Daddy that loves his kids. We’ve laughed thru his emotions today. Denise, Calah’s Mom and I have talked and swapped emails today. She and I are both tired and glad it’s over! We are so thankful for the MANY friends and family that shared in our joy. The church was filled beyond capacity. People were standing around the walls. We are appreciative for everyone that helped make our weekend special.

Friday, June 6, 2008

It's HERE....

Ok, here I sit in my recliner just waiting for time! I've finished all my lists for today and tomorrow. I'm glad I pushed hard for a couple of weeks so today and tomorrow will not be stressed. Oh I know we may have some unexpected events but we will deal with them as they arise.

Trent, Redonia, and a couple of their friends are here. The girls are rolling hair and the boys are eating cake. Trent said he is about to feel nervous. I think he and Eric are going to the church to 'jam'. Music and Trent are synonymous. Our home is very peaceful and quiet. I expected it to be crazy and stress filled. Trent is cute. He keeps running around with his Marriage License in his hand. He doesn't want to forget it!

I will post more later. As for the Smith household we are enjoying a nice relaxed day. Friends have called to wish us well and check on us. I got up early and spent a few minutes alone with the Lord in the stillness of the living room. Thanks to all my friends for keeping us in thoughts and prayers this week. We have surely felt the strength of God and our friends! I wish all of you could be here to share in our joy......

Monday, June 2, 2008

I Can't Get Ready. . .

This is the week that my precious baby boy, Trent will be married. Trent has fallen in love with a beautiful girl, Calah. While we are very excited about gaining a new daughter, today I woke up with a bittersweet feeling. Kent and I have enjoyed every stage of our children’s lives. We have certainly endeavored to enjoy the engagement, too. We have attempted to do everything just right from taking the bride’s family to dinner to celebrate the engagement to hosting a nice rehearsal dinner later in the week. We have offered to help in every way possible and have done so from helping address invitations to preparing a slide show, to creating and printing the wedding programs. Helping with these extras has helped to make us a part.

The kids will be living in the church parsonage and working full-time for CUPC. Each time a new ministry family has moved into the home, Kent has worked hard to give a few improvements to the old style home. This time was no exception. Calah has chosen to add some vibrant paint colors of red and gold to the home. She has created a beautiful home for them. I have enjoyed shopping and buying a few nice gifts for them.

Though we have been busy the past six months preparing for the wedding, this morning I sit here feeling I will never be ready for the wedding. Oh, my list is down to getting the house ready for house guests, picking up a few groceries, dropping off Trent’s new shirt at the cleaners, reimbursing Trent for the shirt, pushing him to pick out a new pair of needed black dress shoes, and printing and folding the programs. I still just can’t seem to get ready!

I can’t get ready to not call Trent every morning to make sure the sleepy head is getting out of bed, I can’t get ready to not hear him being LOUD singing and talking silly trying to make his sister laugh or get mad whichever button he pushes, I can’t get ready to not have him ‘steal’ socks from his Dad’s sock drawer, I can’t get ready to not have his clean laundry piled in the laundry room after he has washed it, I can’t get ready to hear his dad and him discuss how much his dry cleaning bill costs us each month, I can’t get ready to not have his backpack and lap top left in the living room, I can’t get ready to not lay his mail on the stairs for him to take upstairs, I can’t get ready to not call him to check on him and remind him of curfew, I can’t get ready to not sit up and wait on him to come in at night, I can’t get ready to not have him pile in my lap knowing I’m claustrophobic, I can’t get ready to not hear him ask his dad to eat a bowl of cereal with him at night, I can’t get ready to not hear him play Israel Houghton music, I can’t get ready to not hear him making loops for a new song at church, I can’t get ready to not hear him acting silly with his buds on the phone, I just can’t seem to get ready…..

Oh Kent and I have worked hard through Trent’s life to prepare him for this week. He knows how to pay his bills, to set goals and obtain them, how to have cheap dates when his budget is taxed, how to pay his tithes, how to pray, how to spend most of his weekend dates at the church on Friday and Saturday nights, how to take care of his clothes and car, how to take care of Calah, how to work when he doesn’t feel good. I KNOW Trent is ready for this new and exciting change in his life.

Trent is taking Calah on a surprise (that has almost leaked out) international honeymoon. Though my children have travelled alone Redonia fears he isn’t ready to do an international trip without Mom or Dad. She insists we should not have allowed this. Allowed, we questioned? He will be a married man how can we tell him where he can and can’t go. Shhh Redonia I will worry about my baby, too. I KNOW he is responsible and will do fine but still he is my baby.
I’m thankful my baby is ready but I only wish I could get ready….

PS I read this to Kent before posting and we both sit here with tears STREAMING yes STREAMING, I don’t think Dad is ready either…..