Sunday, August 30, 2009

Small Beginnings

Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin."
- Zechariah 4:10 NLT

Often we compare ourselves with others. It's easy to compare homes, families, careers, churches in general, and even specific aspects of a church. Often in comparison we fail to realize all the contributing factors of the dynamics we are comparing.

It seems today couples want to start with an instant home like their parents who have worked a lifetime to create. Ministers aren't comfortable beginning with a simple start. They want to begin with a ready made band and worship team, a fully organized outreach team, and a functional Sunday School staff. Unfortunately we are not comfortable waiting for the normal maturing process to promote healthy growth. On the contrary it is easy to look for a quick fix to promote rapid growth. While CUPC is a very vibrant growing church in all reality it is a very young church. Hence, there are limitations on the church due to its young age. We do not have the cash flow nor resources that many older churches have. We are still acquiring buildings, land, and vehicles. Often these demands create undue pressure.

Young couples don't want to have dinner guests because they feel their home is inadequate. Pastors are embarrassed to share their real results of praying and knocking doors for months and not having a single convert. Rather they prefer giving a record attendance of a special day when they had a guest minister, friends, and family from other churches to support the cause.

Why is it that people feel compelled to despise small beginnings? Yesterday I visited every Sunday School class. Each class was filled with more students than our congregation on the first day we had service in Conroe. The sanctuary was filled and we had many visitors. Our band and praise team comprised more members than our original service. Last night our church was packed. While I marvel at the blessing of God on CUPC I must be honest it has not always been this way.

Thankfully we didn't despise small beginnings and quit in despair. We continued even in difficult times. Our Sunday School began with me teaching with a visitor infant on my hip and teaching Trent (age 3), Redonia (age 4) and even a 7th or 8th grader. A big Sunday was 6 students. Today we had 87 in our classes excluding the adults in the sanctuary.

Our first service we had 12 persons in attendance including our 4. Tonight we had more than 13 on our stage. Friday night Trent took 34 persons to Blitz in Lufkin. Years ago that would have been a Sunday night crowd to rejoice about. My first day to bring children to church I brought 2. Yesterday the bus I was on had over 20 children. In fact yesterday we began a second route with a new bus crew.

Allow me to be an encourager today. Often people read this blog and want to know what we are doing to bring about the revival we are experiencing. Let me simply say we have endeavored to obey the scripture and not despise small beginnings. Be thankful where you are today and do the best you can do! One day you will open your eyes and things will be different...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Funny Man

Seriously I'm married to a very funny guy. In fact his great sense of humour is what attracted me to him besides the fact that Joyce McClain was a HUGE factor of match making. I love him so much. Sometimes he is funny and not in a humorous way. Today was one of those days.

For some reason Kent has been frustrated with me for not updating my blog more often. He said he was even going to post about it in one of my comments. When have I had time???? He just fussed at me and told me I needed to do something about it. He said you need to write about all that you are doing this week. I wanted to scream because the many things I'm doing I haven't had time to slow down to write. However, the submissive wife that I am here I am typing away when I only have a few minutes before I need to leave.

So in honor of the funny guy here it goes.....

Sunday we had 200 visitors! Yeah all you people involved in ministry rejoice with me since that's what I would be doing with you. But before you rejoice too loud and strong you all KNOW with growth comes lots of toil and work. This week I've been busy restructuring Sunday School to be able to accommodate the growth we will have in our classes Sunday. We added two brand new classes. Easy as it may seem it is WORK! I have encouraged every teacher to be MOST flexible Sunday. We don't know how many children will show nor do we know their ages or grades.

Well Sunday the bus route took 1.5 hours and 9 vehicles to pick up all the passengers. This can't happen every week. This week I divided the route. Beginning Sunday we will have 2 routes. My faith isn't strong that all the kids will return. I try to be very honest. Hence, honestly I must say some came for the free school supplies only. However, honestly, I know we will at least double our size. Hence, our add on route will be 2 vans. Of course this means we can't have as many workers as we had Sunday because workers take up space. However, I must double my normal bus route workers. Tonight I will meet with new bus route crews after service.

Ok I hope this blog will suffice my sweet and funny husband. I love him so much. He has provided me the opportunity to work this week and blog!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Amazing/Troubling Results

Yesterday marked CUPC's 15th annual kids day. For the past few years we have hosted this event in August and advertised it as a Back 2 School Event. Of course outreach is always an essential part of the success.

My previous post spoke of the great outreach success. I posted we had 50 plus (meaning 52 or 53) new children committed to wanting to ride the bus to the event. Normally, we get about 25 - 30 percent of this crowd. I'm totally amazed. We actually picked up more than those that committed. We had 78 total passengers. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!! It took us 1.5 hours to gather all the children. When the bus caravan (bus, church van, and 7 personal vehicles) arrived there were 72 visitor children who were brought by their parents already at the church. We had 39 parents sign the visitor list. Of course more children/parents came later. We even had a family come just prior to our evening service!

Though the results are amazing they have created a huge problem. We don't have room for all these children in our classes as they are structured nor do we have enough buses/vans or workers. This week God is going to give wisdom to solve this problem.

Today I knocked doors inviting young people to our youth service Wednesday night. Trent, Jason, Matt, and Mickey have said for a few months they want to include our outreach youth on Wednesday nights. My thoughts are what is hindering??? I know what is hindering they haven't gone to knock on the doors to invite the kids and they aren't going to pick up the kids. I don't mean this rude these people are all busy. Well, problem solved....I went and knocked the doors today when the kids got home from school. Wednesday night I will go and pick up the kids. I believe it's HARVEST time everywhere....

I had a farming grandfather. When it was harvest it was work and lots of work. There wasn't a shortage of harvest at harvest time. Normally Papaw simply had trouble finding enough harvesters. While I rejoice in HARVEST tonight I sit trying to strategically plan the harvesters (Sunday School teachers, bus captains and workers, class room space, etc).

Today I went to the apartment of one of the first time visitors. I asked Kent to get out with me to meet the family. Kent instantly felt what I felt yesterday...they are winnable. This family wasn't a family that we invited Saturday. We just happened to be beneath their apartment Sunday morning and heard the voices of children. When we went upstairs they were getting dressed to go to a denominal church. Today the Mom told me she has already notified the other church they are changing their membership to ours. She said we were kind and loving and they felt the difference.

A 200 visitor Sunday is MOST exciting but is MOST challenging. We didn't knock doors to get people to church to GIVE supplies. Rather we knocked doors to get people to church to tell them about our church and to GET them back. This is going to require a lot of follow up and a lot of work each Sunday. Harvest is always AMAZING but is work!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Best EVER Outreach

Today was the best outreach day that I have seen. It all began around 9:30 this morning. What I thought may be about 5 of us meeting @ Baskins Department Store turned into about 15 or 20. Quickly I realized we had more people than were needed. I suggested that we pile on the newly decorated bus and go down the street to HEB. Leaving a couple of people behind to man the booth @ Baskins the rest of us placed a flier on every vehicle in the HEB shopping center parking lot. Wow that was easy enough so we went back for more fliers!

Thinikng of a place that would be kid friendly we ventured toward Conroe's Incredible Pizza. Enroute we passed and area intermediate school. Cars were lined for a mile on both sides of the street and in the parking areas. Soon we realized people were lined literally down the street. It was a Free Shots Across Texas Event. Quickly we hopped off the bus and passed out a couple hundred fliers to people in line. A bunch of people promised to be @ church tomorrow to receive free school supplies. Later we went to Incredible Pizza, Academy, and HEB again.

After the first phase of outreach several of us grabbed a quick burger from McKenzies. While we were enjoying lunch our mayor, Mr. Web Melder, came to our table to greet Kent. Kent let him know we are praying for him and our city. awesome on such a day to interact with our mayor, Kent's friend. Not only did we touch many needy families but were able to visit with our city's leader.

At 1:30 everyone met at the church. We had double the crowd at the church. We passed out fliers to 9 apartment complexes. We distributed 200 blue snocones as well.

Tonight I am very sunburned, really tired, and sore from head to toe. However, I feel so happy, blessed and content for such and incredible day of outreach. We have in excess of 50 first time kids that we will pick up on the bus and van. Of course we will pick up our normal 30 plus children, too. In addition the people from the parking lots and Shots Across Texas will be driving themselves to the church. Many of these families committed to coming, too.

Tomorrow's theme is "Ready. Set. Go. Power" Everyone is going to be dressed in work-out clothes. Our band and vocals are prepared for very enthusiastic praise and worship. We will be playing games through out the morning. In conclusion we are having a very active Bible lesson. After praying with the children we will distribute school supplies. Each child will receive a notebook, a slider pencil box, pencils, erasers, crayons, and a glue stick.

I am thankful to have been apart of such an incredible day of interacting with our city. Our church is better because we shared with others today.

Today Finally Arrived!

Today has taken forever to arrive. Oh I know it will be long, hot, tiring, etc but when you are excited about something it doesn't matter about the few little obstacles.

Outreach is the goal of the day. We will be distributing water and invitations to our Back 2 School Bash this morning @ Baskins Department Store. Then this afternoon we will fill the bus with people headed out to apartment complexes. We are going to invite people to church and distribute snocones.

Often in counseling with people I'm told it's my Daddy or Mother's fault. Today it is my Daddy's fault that I am so excited. Almost every Saturday my dad woke up excited about the prospect of outreach. I walked many streets with him. I also remember when Dad bought a big school bus and was excited to drive the streets in it. It really is my Daddy's fault. He made me where I'm driven for outreach. He filled me with this desire. He made me where I can't help myself.

Daddy, I'm going to do it just like you taught me today. If a door gets slammed in my face I'm going to say as I walk away, "Well, you just wont know what you are missing behind that ole slammed door" If a dog barks at me I'm going to say "In Jesus Name". If I see a bad situation I'm not going to wait and pray later but I'm going to ask if I can pray with them right then and there. Daddy you are still my hero!!!! Thanks for teaching me so many things.

I'm so happy today has arrived....let me run.....I want to hurry to the streets!

PS Daddy look down from heaven tomorrow and see all the people who will be in church because of your teachings!!!!!! Just think if you would not have died you could have been here helping.....

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Excited about Dots

Almost 2 years ago I guess I was seized with a burden for children while doing outreach. While knocking doors I wasn't getting much adult interest. So without planning, etc at one door from somewhere deep within I cried out if your children would like to go to church tomorrow I would love them to ride on our church van with me. It started just like that!!! I begin with two children. From there it has grown to quite a large group of children.

In March we purchased an old yellow school bus. We immediately put it in the shop and had it painted white. Today we took it to have bright colored dots and our logo added. I'm super duper excited with the outcome!!!!

Saturday we will be taking the bus through the streets of Conroe in search of new kids. I'm certain it will require the bus, van, and possibly a car or two to bring all the kids to church. While I've been excited about outreach Saturday picking up the bus this afternoon fueled the excitement. This morning I told Kent that I fully expect in only a few short months to be in need of another bus.

I'm praying for dedicated loving nurturing Sunday School teachers. In order for God to increase our crowd He will need to add to our Sunday School Staff, too. We must reach these children before they are reached by drug dealers and gangs. I believe God is going to send the workers.

Will someone join me in a loud shout of praise for this adorable bus?

THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The Word of God is powerful and true. It amazes me people can subscribe to books written on how to rear children, handle finances, build a home, etc and trust every word of the author yet pick and choose what to believe in the Word of God. The Word of God was written many years ago yet so precisely addresses topics pertinent to our lives today. Additionally, it very clearly describes the world in which we live although it is far from the world that existed at the time of its origin.

Through out my life I have used scripture during good and bad times. I endeavor to use it as a road map for my life. Often my husband quotes scripture to me or visa versa. In rearing our children we have quoted scripture to them. Additionally, we had them recite scripture. One of our children went thru a phase of saying "I can't...." It could be he couldn't get a hot wheel maneuvered as he wanted, he couldn't ride his bike, etc. Finally, I had enough. I had him recite Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" a few times. Often I would have our children recite scripture to help guide them in their lives.

We didn't use scripture only to change the nature of a child but to encourage a child. As teens we endeavored to make our children financially responsible. We felt it important for them to get jobs when they were 16. Of course even younger they would babysit, mow yards, etc. If a child doesn't have earning power we felt they shouldn't have the privilege to go out with friends, drive vehicles, etc. Any time a person drives a vehicle he has a risk of either getting a ticket or an accident. Our rule is the child must PAY for these offenses. If a child doesn't work how can he pay? Additionally, if our children went to eat with us we paid. However, by the time they were 16 if they chose to eat with friends they paid. Of course along the way we gave them 'gifts' of money when we chose. Now as adults it amazes me how my children can make their money stretch. It takes more than a year or two to learn this lesson. We've pastored long enough to see those who were taught for longer periods of time by their parents the child become more responsible as adults. Now that I painted our families scenario of money in regards to our children, often we have quoted to our children Philippians 4:19. "And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus." Another popular verse in our household has been I Peter 5:7."Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you."

This morning I read the blog of Linda Elms. She told of God's protection to her daugther-in-law and grandchildren in a tornado. During the storm Brenda told the girls that just as God took care of Noah he would take care of them. This caused me to think of the comfort the Word of God brings. Thankfully, the girls were already familiar with the Bible and they simply needed a reminder God was their protection.

Parents need to teach the Word to their children. Not only does a child need to be able to recite the word but apply the Word to their daily lives. These are only a few instances of the Word in relation to our family. Surely you have other examples. Feel free to share an example or two in the comments.

Let's never forget the Word!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Amazing Day

Today was an amazing day. First, we are privileged to pastor wonderful people. Therefore any day @ CUPC is a good day and today was certainly no exception. We are drawing near the end of summer as far as school is concerned hence people are scurrying to take those last minute weekend getaways with their family. However, our attendance was still very strong.

This morning we went to our first apartment complex on the bus. Almost every door we knocked a neighbor told us "They are gone". Of course I felt disappointed. Then we drove to our second complex. When we pulled into the complex kids started running to the bus. We didn't even have to get off the bus to knock a single door. We had several first time children, too!

We have been feeding homeless in our community. It started as a burden of one person. Of late that person hasn't been involved. We've seen great benefit from this project and the church continued the project. Of late many of these people have manipulated the system and are not coming to church rather coming after service for free food. Unfortunately the ones that are doing this have housing and food. We decided to do different and made the announcement last week. Today Matt took the needy people who were in service out for lunch. It wasn't nearly as much work for our team and we hope to show the ones present the most important food is spiritual nourishment. Of course we know they need food and will gladly help meet this need, too. There are other service organizations in our community where the others can be feed if they meet qualifications of being needy. Initially we were afraid we would reap negative consequences from the change. However, tonight we had several of these persons in service.

Our family had lunch with the McCartys today. We enjoyed a very delicious southern meal. We enjoyed our fellowship with most of the McCarty family being present. We really love these people. Sis. McCarty is an incredible cook and Bro. and Sis. McCarty are both tremendous host.

Tonight was an amazing service. The music was good, Matt did an awesome job kicking off our back to school week events, and the preaching was totally amazing. After being married to Kent for 27 years I have well learned him. After the choir sang and Kent stepped into the pulpit I saw the look in his eye. I knew the anointing of the Lord had already settled upon him. Many people stood through out the message. People responded whom I have not seen respond in a long time. Many stones were rolled away.

Many times after church we go eat with the family, church family, or guests. Tonight we were tired and opted for Sonic. I received an email on my way home that caused me to reflect today. All I can say is AMAZING!!!!!!! We have such amazing people!!!! Tonight you could feel such an indescribable amount of unity and compassion one toward another. I observed as people prayed with one another the heartfelt compassion for one another. Our music is amazing, our children's ministries do incredible things, our outreach is above and beyond, our hospitality is super friendly, our sound and technical people work hard to keep everything professional, our youth are on fire for God, our Christian school is off the chain for Christian schools. This year on our campus many of our high school students will receive both college and high school credit and not even have to go to the college campus to do so. WOW!!! All this is because we serve an awesome God and have awesome people that believe in teamwork and unity!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing amazing amazing.....

Friday, August 14, 2009

Lesson Learned from a Lion

Lions roar to communicate with other lions and scare other animals away. I Peter 5:8 "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:" The devil is much like a lion seeking to devour. Satan uses the same tactic as a lion in the jungle.

Just as a lion uses the roar to communicate so does Satan utilize loud boisterous intimidating voices. Never do I want to be a voice used of Satan. Remember the intimidating roar is Satan's tactic to wear you down emotionally and spiritually.

II Corinthians 2:11 "Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices." Knowing scripture says he is seeking as a lion we must be sober and vigilant in order to resist Satan.

Often loud roars come against the Word of God. Satan isn't against us as inidividuals rather against Jesus Christ. However, we must not be ignorant to Satan's devices. He wants to fight against every Scriptural Doctorine by fighting against the saints of God and the church. It is important to know what we believe and be vigilant (keenly aware, watchful, alert) to withstand Satan trying to erode the Word of God in our hearts. Upon hearing the roaring intimidating tactics we should easily be able to mark it as a roar of Satan.

As I young child my Dad was preaching a Biblical truth in a very calm teaching manner. He was using a lot of scripture and very little dialogue of his own. This created such an uproar in the spirit world. The next service Dad preached on the Love of God. During this service some visitors who I don't recall seeing charged thru the back door and began to display demonic activity. I was frightened. Days after all this happened our church broke into a most incredible revival. Since this point in my life I have witnessed on several occassions when Biblical truths are taught people who do not believe or agree becomve very aggressive.

This morning in devotion I sit hear with the scripture that I have previously quoted rolling thru my thoughts. "For we are not ignorant of his devices." Churches use to have testimony services. While I know why most churches strayed from this time of 'sharing' I do believe that hearing testimonies of what God did for someone else added strength to others.

Last evening I had opportunity to talk with someone on the phone. This person began to tell about how great revival broke out during her Dad teaching some Biblical Doctorines. What a strengthening testimony to all of us. The Devil roars and wants to intimidate preachers from teaching the Bible. This week Kent received a phone call from one of his leaders that was a most encouraging phone call. I think our testimonies can be used to encourage others against the roar of Satan appearing as a lion seeking whom he may devour.

I pray for every church to be filled with the power of the Holy Ghost tomorrow. I pray the blood of Jesus will be able to flow offering hope and mercy. I pray the stripes applied to Jesus Christ will do their healing work. Greater is He that is in us than he that is in the World. I pray each of us will be separate from the world living a holy Godly life as He is holy. I truly believe as we decrease or allow the things of the world to decrease in us He will increase bringing great victory.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

August 13, 1986

Twenty three years ago this very day, August 13, 1986, all the world stopped to welcome one of God's great creations. To some this may have been an ordinary day but to Kent and me this marked a MIRACLE, a defining moment in our lives, it was a most joyous day. After having exalted means of a premier Houston Infertility Specialist God miraculously placed in our lives the potential to adopt an unborn child. We did not search for this child rather we were notified of the possibility.

Everything that lead to the adoption was a miracle. Kent was an evangelist at the time of Redonia's birth and I travelled with him. I can only say God's favor was upon us. How we passed the social checks of finances, home, etc is still baffling. When God does things they are done right! I prayed for a girl and only had girl things when she was born.

Redonia was a most pleasant baby. She laughed and smiled all the time. She was an adventuresome toddler. In fact adventure began with her at 8 months climbing out of her crib. A little over one year she climbed the ornamental iron work on the front porch and literally swang from the roof. At six years of age she climbed on the roof and jumped onto the trampoline. Redonia began reading books when she was four. She still loves to read. When Redonia was eight she began creating dolls and clothes on the computer. She soon learned to animate them. She began taking pictures when she was nine or ten.

Redonia is a very compassionate person. When she was about three she would beg her dad to pull over and give our car to people walking along the road. She would say "Daddy they don't have a car stop and let's give them ours." We would question, "What will we do?" Redonia would say "We can get another car or we can walk but look they look tired". She would cry if we passed stray animals along the road. This compassion has continued. Today she uses her funds to buy things for her friends and those less fortunate. She forever has to buy gum to make sure she has some to share with her little friends. All the children on the bus route loves her.

Redonia is loved by those young and old. In fact we've actually had trouble at church from time to time because everyone thought they were Redonia's bestfriend. Of course little girls 9 - 12 don't share their besties very well. She just has a little knack of making everyone think she loves them most.

Redonia's talents that began as a young child have grown into a career. She is a professional photographer and graphics designer. Please check out some work samples at One of her recent projects is my favorite. She drew free handed on a 30 foot wall at the church. The wall words fill most of the wall. Amazing that she can draw or computer sketch anything.

Today my daughter turn 23. Where did the time go? It seems only yesterday I was singing "Redonia is coming today today today, Redonia is coming today." Redonia has brought much excitement to our home from birth to roof top experiences to early reading to amazing talents to having 20 something carwrecks to lots of clean your room moments to looking at her in awe of her love for others to watching her gracefully glide by in a crowd to many late night talks to bungee jumping to flipping out when she told us she had a tatoo (really she didn't she just used a sticker in the tanning bed to mark the tan) to watching her be filled with the Holy Ghost to watching her direct the children's choir for the first time to watching her get angry that she was billing her time for $75 an hour as a graphics designer for a small company to deciding to begin her own business to watching her love her brother like a twin to watching her introduce Calah to Trent only to then turn on Calah because she didn't want her brother marrying to watching Calah now be in Redonia's own words a person I can tell everything to even more than me, her Dad, or her brother.

I love to shop for her because she wears her clothes so beautiful. She is easily pleased. She doesn't demand the finest but rather makes everything look fine. She has near perfect posture and that coupled with her radiant beauty is often asked if she attended modeling school. While in NYC she was stopped numerous times because people thought she was movie star. While she isn't a movie star Redonia is a radiant shining star. I love her so much!

Join me in wishing our miracle, Redonia Leigh, a happy 23rd birthday!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An Open Letter

Dear Blog:

Please forgive me for being unfaithful and not taking the time to care for you. Soon I hope to slow down long enough to return to inspirational writings. Currently I have 4 Word documents open on my laptop. Some of them have seed thoughts in need of cultivation.

Life has been busy and even complicated of late. Somehow being a pastor's wife isn't what many perceive. I don't go to the spa every week. I don't enjoy afternoon tea every day. I don't sit and catch up with my family most days. I guess if the pastor that I'm wife to was a little different then my job would be so much easier.

For some strange reason my guy still pulls out jeans and does physical work around the church. We still make hospital visits though not the old school way of sitting in a room all day with someone. We still go by the hospital to see newborns. Today we worked late with the day staff then stayed later with a volunteer who came by after his secular job. Dinner, what's that? Tonight we went to Sonic and got a slush. Healthy??? No happy yes!

What's the secret to Pastor's wives not going to the office Monday - Friday? I have not learned the secret. No one would care if I stayed home but for some reason I place this burden on myself. Why do I do it year after year? I KNOW ~ I don't want to be common I want to go above and beyond....

So my dearest blog, you must understand. You aren't first in my life. I miss you and I will get around to you again soon. For now, however, be sweet to those who stop by to see if anything new is journaled. Remind them that soon this writer shall return.

I love you blog and I LOVE all the friends who stop by even more than I love blogging!

The Author

Monday, August 3, 2009

Think with Me. . .

"If you are loved, but never love in return..attach but never combine..trip but never trustworthy but never trust..and dream but never become..then you will exist but never live." ~ author unknown

Obviously, you just read the quote but go back and READ it again! Wow!!!! If you stop and think about it this is a TOTALLY amazing thought. I don't want to merely exist in a relationship.

It is so easy to be truly loved yet just be kind and not express love in return. I think it would not be long until this relationship completely vanished. Then think of oil and water they just never combine. You can stir them really well but as soon as you stop they are immediately separated again. Actually, they never did combine. I don't want to be this way the Lord or with my relationships. I want to be blended. I want to be one with the Lord and my husband.

I believe being trustworthy is something we should strive to become. On the other hand if we don't trust others it produces a negativity and causes others to not trust us. An important step in becoming trustworthy is trusting others. Often our own faults cause us to fear the same in others.

Sadly I know people who have huge dreams but never achieve them. Normally these are people who never begin to embark on the simple things. They dream of things so big they can't accomplish rather than set their eyes on something simple and reaching the mark. I believe by putting action to our dreams we can reach any dream or goal. With Christ all things are possible but I believe even with him it takes faith and WORKS.

Existing is coasting thru life not giving anything in return but living life as it should be lived requires something in return. God, help me this week to not only be a hearer of the Word but a doer. To not only be loved but to love. Let me do my part......

Blessing to each of you for a profitable week.....