Thursday, February 28, 2008


a man of distinguished courage or ability,
admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities

Cohabiting in society with persons whose lives are guided by that of their heroes brings diverse values even to our churches. Heroes are often wealthy, in public view, trendsetters, ballplayers, movie stars, rock stars, or sharp dressers and the list goes on and on. While many in our congregations follow these heroes it is challenging for us to admonish these dear people to adhere to Romans 12:2.

“And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed….”

Many adults find it easy to complain about youth feeling peer pressure and having heroes while in fact the same adults are guided by a different set of heroes. Adult heroes are often persons who better prepared for retirement, someone with smoother skin, persons with a more disciplined lifestyle and etc. Preachers and wives have heroes, too. Often these heroes are the ones who are on the conference platforms, the elected leaders, the dynamic orator, the talented musician or singer, the sharp dressers, and this list continues.

I, too, have a few heroes. My heroes are home missionary families. While these may not possess the qualities of the heroes I spoke of in the first paragraph they do fulfill the true definition that I quoted from Church planting requires a very distinguished courage and ability. Bravery is also required to uproot a family and take on the financial responsibility of not only your family but that of a church. These heroes are selfless. They recognize for their church to prosper personal desires and needs often must be set aside. Home missionary children find themselves involved in things the average child would never do. These children assist with building projects, baby sit for bible studies, and become church workers while they are only adolescents just to name a few.

Though some may feel the duties of home missionaries are negative be assured a true home missionary rarely feels negative about these duties. A brief lonely or tired feeling may enter the thought process but then the burden resurfaces and off to work he will go!

Inspiration for this post is from our friends, Gene and Karla Holley’s blog and a comment made by another friend, Kenny Prince, on the same blog. Each of these families is involved in home missions. Join me in prayer for an outpouring of the Spirit this weekend in Pflugerville and Bullard. Having been a home missionary’s wife I realize the home missionary wife feels the weight for not only the church and her children but also the husband. Join me specifically in praying for my friends, Karla and Karen. Girls, you are my heroes!!!! I know this weekend God is going to do something special for each of you.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thanks, How Great is Our God

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. I Thessalonians 5:18

This morning I woke up with one of “those” headaches. The kind that often indicates seizure activity. We felt I should stay home from the office this morning and rest. As I sit here in my living room with things fresh and orderly and the outside so beautiful I have been reminded of Him. Playing on my blog playlist is “How Great is Our God” by Chris Tomlin. Truly God is great.

I have enjoyed looking out at the trees waving their branches in the bright blue sky. While looking out at the back lawn I have observed pretty little birds playing in the sunshine. Behind our home just at the woods edge I observed a little bunny nibbling the green grass. Across the center of the lawn a little grey squirrel scurried to a tree. The grass is turning green and many of the perennials are budding. It appears springtime is almost here.

Focusing on the quite peaceful things of creation has been refreshing. Though staying home from the office was for a negative reason, I truly give thanks to God that I’ve had this time alone with Him. It has reminded me of the beauty of the little creatures outside and how thankful I am for my beautiful home. Just as God takes care of the little creatures I know God takes care of you and me. Sing with me this morning, How Great is Our God!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Object Lesson from Trent

Trent is our new youth pastor and the kids think he is their new toy. Trent is wildly excited about the youth and enjoys being with them. Yesterday some of them decided to give Trent a wagon ride. Yes, in a little red wagon!

Instead of the boys pulling Trent he was being pushed down a hill. Trent landed on the left side of his body scraping his leg and fingers quite severely. Trent’s version to the Doctor was the wagon decided to turn but his body decided to continue in a forward direction. Trent continued by saying, “Doctor just like in any situation when there is separation or divorce there is always pain and injury. My body separated from the wagon!” Though the Doctor laughed and was taken back by Trent’s analogy she agreed.

So you aren’t ‘hanging’ about Trent’s condition, a visiting Mississippi guy saw the excessive skin hanging from Trent’s finger. He got his pocket knife and cut the skin away. After a couple of hours of bleeding, Trent came to my office and asked me to take him to the doctor. Of course, I did so not knowing of the redneck “widdlin’” on his finger, as Trent called it to the doctor. Unfortunately the cut is very deep and should have been stitched. The pocket knife however left nothing to stitch. Trent was given a shot and his finger was wrapped and splinted. It will have to remain immobilized for two weeks in order for the bleeding to stop and the finger to begin its healing process.

Trent’s discussion with the Doctor provoked my thinking. The correct way to play with a wagon is the rider should remain in the wagon and follow the direction of a leader. We should not direct our path from the wagon nor should we allow every force that would like to give us a thrill to push us. We must follow the lead of Christ. Furthermore, not staying in the wagon regardless the fun we may experience will lead to problems, pain, and even serious injury. Then, in the event of maybe even an inevitable crash in life, please don’t separate what the Great Physician could use to repair the injury…..

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Amazing Day

CUPC enjoyed incredible church this weekend. It never ceases to amaze me at how our awesome God works. This morning during the message my husband and favorite Pastor was mightily used of God. The congregation stood and worshiped for almost the entire message. When he got to a very climatic moment someone came in really as a distraction. I’m not sure if she was drunk or possessed. Thankfully the congregation stayed with Kent as he guided people beyond the distraction. Several ministers prayed with the person and she very quickly left. Despite the distraction a young man was very powerfully filled with the Spirit. Tonight this young man was back worshiping and praising God. Our service never really moved beyond the praise and worship. Our worship leaders and praise team did a remarkable job helping to usher each of us into the presence of God. I’m thankful for a church that is a worshiping church. I pray each of you my friends, family, and church family has a blessed week. Love you all so much!!!!

PS We enjoyed the sweetest thing tonight. Our nursery class (yes babies 2 and under) was escorted to the stage tonight by their teachers. The precious babies did the motions to Father Abraham to a really upbeat kids praise and worship track. Well some did the motions. My little niece, Kyleigh, thought it was time to pose and smile at everyone. The audience went crazy….cute, cute, cute….

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Relaxing Day

Today has been a relaxing day. One of the things that relaxes me is browsing in a couple of my favorite shops. This morning I spent some alone time in Silks n Twigs. More than an hour later and a little bit less money in the bank I relaxed! Then I came home to display some of my new found items. I teased Redonia when I got home that I had 3 bags of surprises for her. Actually she did lend a helping hand in decorating the dining room table for spring. The biggest challenge was each place setting! Finally we decided to use gold chargers with white dinner plates with gold rims. We placed an Old Country Rose salad plate on top of each piece of white china. Redonia is a very artistic person. Her talents add a little different look to my simple straight lines. Redonia and I are both pleased with our end result. She captured a few pictures of my replicas of chocolate foil covered bunnies and chocolate decorated and foil covered eggs. The bunnies remind me of those that we got in our Easter baskets every year. I dedicate this post to my Mom who is visiting family in Alabama. Mom I know you would just love my Easter look! Thanks for teaching me the importance of making evey day and especially holidays important for my family.

Planning to be Faithful

“Do not those who plot evil go astray? But those who plan what is good find love and faithfulness.”- Proverbs 14:22(NIV)

Not only do I want to find faithfulness in God and others but I want to be found faithful. This morning while reading this scripture it truly was illuminated to me. Being a third generation Pentecostal, a daughter of an awesome pastor, and now a pastor's wife surely I have heard preaching on the way to ensure faithfulness is by PLANNING what is good. I do think that too often we don't plan enough in life but rather respond to life.

This morning my prayer is simply:

God, please help me plan what is good. Never allow me to plot evil nor be apart of those who plot evil. I truly want to be found faithful to you. Jesus. I need You so much more of You than ever before. My family needs You. My children are young adults making life decisions they need You. Not only will my children need to find You faithful but I want You to find them faithful. Oh God so many that we lead in our congregation surely needs a faithful God. Help them Lord I pray to never be guilty of plotting against someone, the church, or more importantly against You. Jesus, You have always been faithful to me. I thank You for a Mother that has prayed my entire life that she desires to be faithful. God I desire that same thing, just to be faithful. I pray that Redonia and Trent will pray this same prayer. God just as we desire Your faithfulness please help us to be a mirror of what we want in You and that is Faithful. In Jesus Name, I believe it is done!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

More Thoughts on Surrender

Surrender means give possession to another. “Thy Will be done or Lord, I thank You, for You have taken everything in Your hands, and You will resolve this for my highest good.”

The Lord is waiting for our surrender. Say farewell to fear and discouragement. We must rely blindly on God. Worrying about situations or their outcomes is not surrender. In fact it depicts we fear He does not care for us or our good. Worry speaks of a lack of trust in God. We should never worry, “How is this going to end or what is going to happen?” Giving in to this temptation demonstrates we don’t trust Him. If we trust God to handle situations we will not have to handle them nor worry about them. When He is in control we may not be able to see where He takes us. Remember He will carry us and we will not need to see.

Often it is easy to pray for God to intervene when we feel pain. It is God’s desire, however, for us to live a life that is surrendered to Him at all times. This is a life that relies on Him rather than one that just wants him to adjust or circumstances. We should not be afraid to live a surrendered life. We shouldn’t fear disasters will increase from surrendering. We must truly pray, “Father, Thy will be done”.

Following are a few things to surrender. Please feel free to leave more in the comments. I would love to add them to my prayer.
God, I totally surrender myself to You.
God, I totally surrender my will to Your will.
God, help me be Your servant.
God, help me use my talents and abilities to serve You best.
God, help me stand aside so You can work through me.
God, help me recognize You in my self.
God, help me recognize You in everyone and everything.
God, help me recognize my self.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Incredible Indescribable

We pastor a church that is truly a revival church. Of course the more we push for chains to be loosed in our city the more we realize we do not wrestle against flesh and blood. The past two weeks have been insane in the parsonage and office. Kent and I endeavor to work office hours. We have hardly made it to the office by lunch time. There have been serious emails to respond to, phone calls, and long sleepless nights. Little situations have been major to some while others have suffered major situations. Today was a day of church wide prayer and fasting.

Pre-service prayer service was power packed. At church time Kent stepped into the pulpit and asked everyone to move out of their pews and find a place to pray. Wow is all I can say! Immediately following a season of prayer such a holy boldness came upon Kent. He talked about how in the upper room when the Holy Ghost fell they were in one accord. Then he began to declare the areas we will be in one accord. We will be a praying church, a worshipping church, a holy church, a church free from discord, a church that will not focus on petty issues. I know that by each of us being like minded we are going to see a mighty outpouring of the Spirit.

I can hardly wait for Sunday. There is no telling what God is going to do!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hello, Hello, Can You Hear Me, I Can't Hear You

What would happen if you treated your Bible like you do your cell phone?

What if you:
carried it around in your purses or pockets
flipped through it several times a day
turned back to go get it if you forgot it
used it to receive messages from the text
treated it like you couldn't live without it
gave it to your kids as gifts
used it when you traveled and in case of emergency
got a different version every couple of years when your old one wore out

The Bible allows us to communicate in a way we never thought possible with the Author of the Universe, our Creator. By reading the Word, we gain more than just the power of “a network”. Everything else fails in comparison. Unlike a cell phone, we don't have to worry about the Bible being disconnected. There is no two year contract or monthly fee because Jesus already paid the bill in full. Take along your Bible and see for yourself. Hearing is believing.

"Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. Matthew 7:24

Sunday, February 17, 2008


It's almost over! Have you ever felt relieved that Monday is on its way? CUPC enjoys small fellowship groups. The groups are divided into age groups beginning with five years of age. Our children's groups meet twice monthly. While our youth group meets weekly. College and Career meets at least monthly. The adult groups meet about every 2 months. This weekend EVERY group met to celebrate Valentines. Kent and I had the privilege of visiting each of these groups. Our youth through adult groups met in various homes. We enjoyed lots of good food and fellowship with our sweet people.

This morning a couple of children from Tall Timber's Apartments went to church with me. Of course Destiny went and she had a friend join her. It rained Saturday and prevented me from doing outreach. I know this hindered my group today. This afternoon I did meet a sweet lady who promised to visit our church. She was walking to church today and I stopped the car to meet her. I just felt she would enjoy our church. She was walking to the Church of Christ Church. I know the praise and worship at our church will be much different. I will be praying this week that she will join me Sunday. She was kind enough to give me her apartment number. I will look forward to visiting with her this week.

Our youth led the service tonight. They did an awesome job! For the 1st time ever they didn't have an adult on stage to assist them. We enjoyed all youth musicians, praise team members, and worship leaders. I was very proud of each of these youth. Additionally, our youth choir sang. One of our music team leaders, Glenda Martin, oversees the music of our youth. She did play the keyboard for the youth choir. She used one of the youth to direct the choir. Thank you, Sis. Martin, for believing in our youth and helping to achieve our vision in our youth. We KNOW the future of any church is in the youth.

After service tonight Kent and I took 3 of our outreach children to eat. I chose James Coney Island knowing there probably would not be other church members there. Most go to nicer restaurants. I felt we needed to give these sweet children some personal time. Of course after a long weekend it was hard for Kent to stay focused on the enthusiastic giggly children. Each of them thanked us repeatedly for taking them to dinner. Upon taking them home I once again felt the weight of these sweet children. I realize that if we don't make a difference in their young lives they will probably will not have much of a chance to do more than merely survive life. I hope to make a difference. I know they can go to college and become great contributors to society.

Tomorrow we will travel to Port Arthur to support our friends, the Tuttles and the McCoys, in the loss of their baby and grandbaby. I am sure this will be a sweet memorial service. Please keep Michelle and Matthew in your prayers.

Tomorrow night we are going to celebrate the engagement of Trent and Calah with Calah's Mom, siblings, and grandparents. June will be here really soon! We are looking forward to the big day. Calah and Trent spent some time Saturday begining their gift registery. They registered for china and a few other things. This is an exciting time in all of our lives!

Enjoy a blessed week!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Prayer for Our Friends

While many of us have celebrated love and joy today our special friends, Bro. & Sis. Daryl McCoy from Port Arthur have been helping their beautiful first born, Michelle, and her sweet husband, Matthew, in the loss of their precious infant born yesterday. Little Vera Grace only survived this life for a couple of hours. While Michelle and Matthew have another beautiful little girl I know their hearts are surely broken today with the loss of their baby. Through out Michelle's youth she was such a beautiful dedicated young lady. I can only imagine that little Vera Grace is already such a most precious Angel. Matthew and Michelle, and your entire family our prayers are with you today.

Not only are the McCoy's dealing with the loss of their grandbaby but also Bro. McCoy's mother is very critically ill. Additionally, Sis. Sherry McCoy has had some complications this week. Please join with me in praying for our friends.

What would life be without friends who though you may not see often due to demands of life and distance but when you get together it is as if you have always been together? This is the type friends that the McCoy's and their beautiful children have been to us.
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Monday, February 11, 2008

Dedicated to Minister's Wives

I'm not discouraged in anyway but I have been there... the following quote was on an email I received from someone today. Maybe someone who will read my blog needs it, if not pass it on.

"When you feel like giving up,
remember why you held on for so long in the first place."
~ Unknown
Don't give up...keep holding on!

Things I Love

Random things I love in honor of Valentines
Kent, more and more evey day!
My children, Redonia and Trent
My soon to be daughter-in-law, Calah
Memories of my Daddy
My parents, Carl & Shirley Patrick
My in-laws, Ron & Joye Smith
All 12 of Kent & my siblings plus the in-laws
The cutest neices and nephews in the world
Conroe UPC
Outreach, gotta love it
Hot Bread with butter or dipping oils
Fried Flounder or Red Snapper
A GOOD steak, Taste of Texas
Coco Channel Perfume, Thanks Babe, you've spoiled me
Time with my family
Alone time with Kent
Seeing my children worship
Cooking, baking, love it all
My home with the lights dim and candles burning
Driving, listening to soft old hymns and talking to God
The smell of rain
Hearing a child giggle
Giving gifts
A pat on the back or a hug from my grown boy
Chats with Redonia
New York City
Going to new places
Hosting parties @ our home
Decorating our home for the holidays, yes even Valentines
Pinching Kent's cute face
Good homemade candy, got lots of recipes
Planning for church growth and revival with Kent
Surprising Redonia and Trent
Receiving notes and cards
A few old things that I have of Mamaw and Papaw Ingram, keeps them alive
Praying with people when they receive the Holy Ghost
I'm sure I'll add to this list. I love lots of things and lots of people!!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


As I sit trying to unwind before going to bed, I have to say today I was blessed. My outreach efforts didn't bring all the persons that committed to coming. Kristi and Mickey went with me this morning so we could take 2 vans. I was saddened that while some promised to go with me to church they didn't. However, I did meet 2 brand new families today and guess what they asked for us to wait so they could dress their children. Last Sunday I meet a little girl that cried to go to Sunday School but she was sick. Yesterday she wasn't at home, however this morning she was out on her scooter. I asked if she wanted to go to Sunday School. She very enthusiastically ran to get permission from her Mom. My special friend Destiny was asleep. After a few knocks I woke her up and waited for her to get dressed.

This morning Kent preached an inspiring message on faith and burden. His message really ministered to me. Tonight our Assistant Pastor, Justin Prather was scheduled to preach. Deep and moving worship erupted during praise and worship. As people begin to respond in worship, the Lord began to miniser to needs across the sanctuary. Needless to say we didn't have preaching.

Tonight we enjoyed a surpise visit from Bro. & Sis. Whitmire from Brandon, Manitoba Canada. Bro. Whitmire is the Manitoba District Superintendent. We enjoyed fellowship with them after service. It is always refreshing to spend time with other ministers and wives. Several years ago Bro. and Sis. Whitmire visited. Later the same week we gave them a Texas tour (bluebonnets, barbeque, & etc). We ate about every hour. Tonight we enjoyed desserts at The Black Walnut Cafe.

It's a joy to serve the Lord. Today has certainly been no exception! I hope each of you enjoy a blessed week.....

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Mission Accomplished

Isn't it a great feeling to get to the end of the day and feel mission accomplished? Today I feel just that way! I'm excited about my accomplishments for the day yet burdened with them.

All week I have longed for today so I could return to Tall Timber's Apartments to visit my friends. I have been burdened for my special twelve year old friend Destiny. Upon arriving at the apartments I saw Destiny across the complex. I couldn't resist. I yelled out for her. She came charging to me. After finding Destiny my burden only intensified. Her eyes didn't sparkle nor did her dimpled checks dance with excitement. I attempted to find out what was wrong but she has mastered keeping her feelings deeply compartmentalized. She wouldn't utter a word of what was wrong. After ensuring she would go to church with me again tomorrow I left to find more people to invite.

After finishing our stroll through this horrible comlex of drugs, alcohol, and violence I have 7 children and 3 adults committed to allowing me pick them up for Sunday School tomorrow. I'm believing there will even be more to get on the van when I arrive.

When we got ready to leave I spotted Destiny again. I couldn't resist I had to go and chat a little more. Still I felt such an urgency that my friend is sad. I struggled knowing it would be a long day and night until I see her again not knowing if she is ok. Finally I told her that Kent and I were going to have lunch (much to Kent's surprise). I asked if she would like to join us. She quitely accepted the offer and called her dad to make sure it would be okay.

I chose a little barbeque shack nearby so we could enjoy the bright sunshine and a picnic lunch. Destiny sat quietly starring most of the meal. Last Sunday night she was the winner of a MP3 player we gave away. Today she proudly carried the player in her hands as she had the earplugs in her ears.

Attempting to draw Destiny into conversation, I asked what music did she put on the player. She sadly looked at me and told me there isn't any music on it because she doesn't have access to a computer to download music. My heart sank deep. I offered to take it home and fill it with music. She has been taught to not trust, therefore, she really doesn't trust me yet either. Finally I told her I would have Redonia load it at church tomorrow. She smiled and said thanks.

She did tell Kent and me again about the crime in the apartment complex and the reward out for the person that recently murdered someone there. Her little world is just so dark. This is what has driven me to reach this child. She went to church with me both services last Sunday and again on Wednesday night. I know before long she is going to receive the Holy Ghost. She told me she loves the praise and worship.

Will you join me in prayer for my burden for the residents of Tall Timber's Apartments? These are very poor and addicted persons living in the highest crime area of our city and possibly even our county. I know that God is going to set them free. I also know that the children that I reach out to God is going to give me wisdom to help them in every area of their lives.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Confidence by Surrender

In a world that is filled with self it is easy to feel that people are filled with more confidence than ever. However, this lifestyle really is based on quite the opposite. Persons filled with self is really due largely in part to a lack of confidence and people doing more and more to be accepted.

Most people quickly proclaim they want God's will in their lives. However, most are not willing to surrender to God. Having God's will in our lives can only come through complete surrender to Him. Many times actually surrendering is harder than accepting His will. Often times lack of surrender to His will is really caused by inferiorities which are really only fears. We are afraid to allow God to do what ever necessary to drive selfishness out of our lives.

By allowing Him to work to clear the "throne" of our life we are really making room for Him to take the "throne". Once we allow God to help rid ourselves of things we have created as important we begin a cleansing from the inside out. This is when we recognize He is at work in our lives. We are free from selfish pursuits. This enables us to operate under His power and authority.

Truly serving the Lord gives a confidence unlike serving self. A genuine surrender causes us to be loved by others and to love. It is at this point of surrender to God that we learn to maintain joy and peace even in the most difficult situations. We also are able to show mercy in a much greater way. Surrendering to God is not an easy step. It requires courage and patience. The compensation for a person who is surrendered to God and accepted His will is a life that attracts others to Jesus Christ. Selfish pursuits really are not worth the efforts they require, the confidence they rob, nor the defeats they create.