Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Overdue Blog

Wow...it's summer and life just keeps on rolling along! It's horrible to not slow down and blog. I have lots to blog about. Blogspot needs to create blogspot mobile patterned after Facebook mobile! I do have Internet on my phone but blogging just seems a little difficult via that method.

We've spent MaNNnnNNYYYYYyyyyyy long hours at the Fireworks Warehouse the past few days. We realize Trent and Calah must get horribly bored since they have to open and stay until close. Friday and Saturday their shifts was 9 am - midnight. (boring!) Even though they haven't been too busy due to the burn bans in our area having people to talk with, etc is helpful to them. We just try to be a blessing! ha

Last week was b'day week for Kent and me. We both enjoyed our days. Kent surprised me by hosting a birthday party after church. During preaching he had some ladies decorate the foyer. He purchased two birthday cakes. One had the number 4 and the other had the number 6! There were balloon bouquets, confetti, streamers, and squawkers. I was truly surprised! It's not often that happens. I received beautiful cards, gifts, and gift cards. Our church presented us $500 during service for our birthdays. We will use it for spending money on our vacation.

After two long days at the fireworks warehouse we are flying from Houston IAH to San Francisco Sunday night. We are returning home on Saturday night. We've rented a convertible and will enjoy the Hwy 1 coastal areas. We haven't had the time to plan out the trip as much as normal. We are seeking a fun relaxing time. Hopefully we can see a few friends in the area, too. We are staying in Monterey. Will be travelling in and out of there each day.

I hope each of you are enjoying a wonderful summer. Conroe has been extremely hot and we are experiencing a drought. Otherwise, it's a wonderful summer.

Until I write again...MUCH LOVE!!!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!

Allow me to pause and wish a MOST wonderful birthday to my husband. What a wonderful husband, father, friend and pastor! It's amazing that I have lived with him longer than I lived with my parents.

Kent is loyal and loving. He is kind, considerate, and caring. He is a GIVER....I think we would probably be millionaires by now if he wouldn't have given it all away. The flip side is we are beyond blessed because of his generosity.

He is fun loving and enjoys spending time with the family. He also loves spending time with his MANY friends. Sometimes we have to tell him "Don't take any more phone calls tonight from your friends, it's family time!"

CUPC is definitely his passion. He is very caring and compassionate towards the church family. He prays for each of them and truly bears their burdens to the Lord. He is a man of great vision. Sometimes I have to runnnnnnnnnnnn just to keep up. He will cast the vision and depends on me and others to make it all happen. About the time we feel we've accomplished here we go again. What a true visionary leader!

He is a very fair person. I have watched him handle situations in our family, church, home, and ministry. He is always fair. He doesn't believe in casting stones and realizes all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. He definitely believes in mercy and grace.

The BEST thing about R. Kent Smith is he is my VERY BEST friend. I love him with all my heart and wish him the best birthday ever. 48 wow.....we became friends when I was 5 and he was 7...lots of incredible memories.

Babe, I love you with all my heart. I hope your 48th year will be the best ever. I KNOW your greatest happiness comes with continued church growth - numerically and spiritually. Again, on your birthday I commit all over again to helping you receive your best present. While I know I've contributed to the Calloway golf bag for your birthday gift, and I'm sure there will be another prize or two...I well know the best gift I can give to you is myself in support of your ministry. I'm with you 100 percent. Let's have continued revival!

All my love

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Kent, thanks for being a wonderful Dad. Redonia and Trent are truly blessed to have you as their Daddy. Your love shows in all you do. Thanks for encouraging them to always do what’s right. Thank you for making Redonia feel like a princess. Though she enjoys girl talks with me we both know in the event of a crisis it's DADDY all the way! She's such a daddy's little girl and I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks for helping Trent to become a great husband and leader. I remember many times telling you that you were too hard on him. You made him stay with us rather than with friends. You called him 99 times in a 2 hour date with a girl, etc. Most of who he has become is because of your love and vision for him. Thanks for being more than a Father-in-Law to Calah. It's obvious she loves you so much. Thank you for spoiling us all rotten.

Daddy, where do I start? It has been 28 years since I have seen you. In many ways it seems as only a few days ago. Thanks for being a wonderful Dad. Thanks for being tough on me. Thanks for not letting me do what everyone else did. Thanks for taking time to laugh, play, and listen. Thanks for being a great Pastor. I still remember some of your sermons. Thanks for teaching me to love the lost and enjoy bus ministry. I don’t think I’ll ever be as good as you but I sure am trying. Thanks for spoiling me by buying lots of shoes and always keeping them polished, too. Thanks for the many times you would run your finger over furniture that I polished. I still remember having to redo the whole house if you found one item not dusted properly. Thanks for being silly and making us laugh. I know you would love your grandchildren. I wish Redonia and Trent could have known you. Daddy, I hate cancer. I know you taught us that no matter what God is still a healer. Thanks, Dad!!! I know He is. Even though I have spent more Father’s Days without you, it still isn’t any easier. Daddy, I miss you!!!!

Popsie, Happy Father’s Day! I love you very much. Thank you for loving me like a daughter yet allowing me to miss my Dad. Thank you for understanding that it doesn’t mean I love you any less. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for being the best Popsie Redonia and Trent could want. Thank you for loving them just like they are really yours. I know as for as they are concerned you really are!!! Thanks for being more than a step-dad.

Papaw, you are a wonderful father-in-law. Happy Father’s Day! I love you just like you are. I love it when you try to involve yourself in a current affair of ours and say “Let Pops tell you something and I don’t mean to get in your business.” I do value your opinions! I love all your jokes and stories even though I could quote many of them in my sleep. Don’t let Mamaw ever make you stop telling them. They are still really funny! Thank you for giving me my best friend, Kent. Thanks for teaching him how to serve God with all his heart and work his guts out, too! Remember when you fuss at Kent to slow down who taught him to be so driven! I love you!

I’m thankful not only for these earthly fathers but my heavenly Father. Thank you, Jesus, for being a father to me. Thank you for your love and mercy. Just as I have striven to ensure my earthly Fathers know I love them I want you to know I love you, too.

Happy Father’s Day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Vacation Solicitation

My boyfriend and I are planning a getaway. We have been lots of places from Canada to Mexico from New York City to California to Florida and most points in between.

This year we want to do something relaxing not high energy. We have thought of flying somewhere then renting a convertible and driving. We enjoy pretty roadsides, quaint shopping villages and good food! We thought of flying to California renting a car and doing a road trip. We have been to San Francisco several times. We have also been to San Diego. Any suggestions??????

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stillness in the Midst of a Busy Day

Have you ever walked back into your home exhausted as you open the front door? When the children were younger I could walk in and survey the aftermath of a morning's frenzy. Our days can consist of a frenzied rush as we struggle to fulfill family, work, home and volunteer obligations leaving no time in our schedule.

Often when our lives get out of control we must realize it may be because we've stopped spending time on those things we value most. Our alone time with God often is the first thing that gets pushed aside. Before we know it, we are living a chaotic lifestyle where fun and stillness are mere memories.

Many of us live constantly on the move, stretched beyond our maximum. We know that we need to stop to rest, plan and regroup, and draw closer to God. The truth is that the door to stillness is waiting for us to open it and go through but it won't open itself. We must choose to make stillness a daily part of our lives.

To live wisely, we must learn to balance the time we spend in quiet and calm with the time we spend in the hustle of everyday life. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, There is a time for everything. This includes a time and place to cultivate stillness in the midst of our busy, productive lives.

It is imperative for us to get away from everything and everybody on a regular basis for thought, prayer and rest. Stillness is the key to keeping ourselves from becoming frazzled and out of control. It is as necessary as sleep, exercise and nutritious food. Perspective is lost when these are out of balance.

People who make time for stillness have the energy and perspective to stay on top of their hectic lives. As we seek God for direction, He will open the door to discovering ways to implement our needed quiet times.

There are things that can only be accomplished as we meet the Lord in quiet. It is in our quiet times that we get a handle on so many challenging aspects of our lives. I Thessalonians 4: 11, 12: Make it your ambition to lead a quiet life & so that your daily life may win the respect of outsiders and that you will not be dependent on anybody.

Retreating to a quiet place helps us to discover stillness. For some it may need to be outdoors and for others it may be indoors. There have been times in our lives that we have literally sat on the patio watching the sprinklers meditating on God. When we are over stimulated and worn down by the constant barrage of life, the spirit of stillness and time alone with God are lifesavers.

God's Word can be the foundation of our security and strength. It is through daily Scripture reading, prayer and meditation that we can tap into God's strength and love and get a handle on our lives.

God is our shepherd and He will guide us when we seek Him. He will provide every resource we need to walk with Him. When we plan ahead and make time for Him we can be sure that God's strength will carry us through the many demands of life.

Today my friends I pray that a busy life will not be what makes you less productive. I am a firm believer that a busy person can always handle a job better than someone with lots of time on their hands. Please know that I am not advocating doing less I'm simply saying that we must prioritize and make room for God. It's amazing how taking 15 minutes of stillness with God yields a more productive day. God time reduces stress and causes me to work more effectively.

Is life frazzled, frantic, hectic, out of control, frustrating, etc? If so stop...take a minute or more to think on the goodness of God, read a scripture, whisper a prayer, hum a song. You'll be amazed the calmness He will bring!

Blessings for a calm yet busy or productive day!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Prayer Request

Please pray for my husband. He is suffering from acute gout. He struggled through out campmeeting. After the 3rd night of very little sleep due to the pain he had me take him to the hospital this morning. He NEVER misses church sick. He was given a shot of morphine, a shot of toradol, and vicodin for pain. Additionally, he was given a stronger medication than he normally takes for the gout. Unfortunately nothing has diminished the pain. In fact tonight the foot is swollen many times larger than earlier today. The swelling is now to mid-calf.

Late last evening Trent called Bro. Nate Lawrence and invited them to cover our services today. Thankfully they had the day available. CUPC had terrific services!! To God be the glory. We KNOW God is a prayer answering God.

Much love and appreciation for each of your prayers and friendship!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Texas District Campmeeting

It's Thursday and we've really enjoyed an awesome campmeeting! Bro. Davis from Georgia and Bro. Kinsie from Florida have done outstanding. Normally I don't enjoy the Bible teacher as much as I have enjoyed Bro. Davis. Most years the Bible teacher takes a llllllooooooong time to get going then out does himself in theology. I get lost probably due to my boredom. This year, however, I have loved every minute of Bro. Davis. Of course, Bro. Kinsie is always good and holds my attention.

We've enjoyed seeing lots of friends that we only see at district events. We've enjoyed meals with Chris & Misti Ferguson, Trent & Calah, Grammy & Popsie, Mamaw & Papaw, Gene & Carla Holley, and Mark & Diane Green. The eating is not the fun but the time spent with friends and family is BEST. We have four more opportunities! Tonight is the Minister's & Wives Appreciation Dinner. Some years we attend. Some years we opt to spend time with friends. Of course if we go we'll see lots of friends, too.

Today Darren & Ginger Gilbert will be ordained. Wow, this makes me feel really old! I remember Darren being a crusader camper. Then I remember him going to crusader camp with his parents and all the younger girls going CrAZy over him! Now he is on the TX Dist Youth Committee. We talked about *skipping* out on this service but when we realized Darren's being ordained we decided to attend. Trent and Calah are friends with Darren and Ginger. We share lots of awesome camp memories!!! Kay and David Gilbert are surely proud today. Bro. Gilbert will be giving the charge, I believe, to all the ordination candidates. What an honor for Darren!

I do have my camera but I haven't taken a single pic! Hopefully, Sis. Elms is getting some pics and will create a slideshow. I haven't seen her camera go snappy snap either! Maybe I will get some today and tomorrow. Sometimes you just get so busy having fun that you can't stop to take the picture!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Have you ever sat down and thought about what a year in time has held for you? This morning for some reason reflections entered my thought processes without me even welcoming them. I sit here in Best Western Crown Colony in Lufkin. The thought occurred to me that this year I feel much different than I did last year.

Last year I came to campmeeting really tired. Trent got married on the Saturday before we came to Lufkin on Monday. Last year I cohabited with my husband who cried most of the week cause Bubby was a big boy and married. This year Trent and Calah came to our room and visited on Monday night until midnight. Then they walked across the hall to their room. We didn't shed any tears in fact we were glad to tell them nite nite! This morning Kent woke up bright and early very cheerful. In fact right now he's singing the Sunday School song, "The Holy Ghost will take the Chicken out of You". Wow, what a difference a year makes!

This year many wonderful things have happened. Our church is in tremendous revival. I don't even know how many people have been baptized and filled with the Spirit. We have MANY new wonderful converts who faithfully attend CUPC. The music department has gone thru major changes. Most involved very passionately worship and lead the congregation into God's presence long before the Word. We feed the homeless and poor every Sunday. We've hosted successful block parties. We've remodeled the Studio, a youth meeting place. We've added CARE an exciting approach to getting the entire congregation to CARE for others. It's working and people feel loved! CCS is growing. We've purchased a church bus. We run both bus and van routes each Sunday. The van makes several trips on Wednesday and Sunday nights. We've seen several miracles this year. Our church has grown.

Our home has changed significantly. It's really quite EXCEPT when Calah and Trent come to visit. Redonia is very successfully working and loving her business ventures. Kent started going to the YMCA faithfully a few months ago. A few weeks ago I joined him. We added a new family member, Bishop. Kent was able to get off the meds for diabetes. We've endeavored to spend more time with friends and have had a good time doing so. I've purposed in my heart to say kind things to people often using many means - texting, phone calls, cards, emails, Facebook or blog comments. I've accomplished that goal. It's awesome how many sweet things have been done for me. In fact just this morning I received a text from my sister in law, Courtney, that she woke up with me on her mind. She went on to say she is lifting me up today and loves me. I love getting that kind of message for my very first phone communique of the day. It really is true you reap what you sow.

Wow....stop and think what the past 12 months has held for you. How have you faced the year? First, let me say all years haven't been as successful for me as this one. I LOVE it when I can reflect and see this much progress. The calendar year isn't over yet....I'm still making my list!

Monday, June 8, 2009


This morning I awoke with the same thought that I went to bed pondering. In fact I dreamed about it most of the night. If I work on a project and set my mind to it I PROBABLY can accomplish it. However, if someone helps me with the project I can CERTAINLY accomplish it. Having others to help with a project motivates us to finish, is more enjoyable, reduces burnout, and reduces the workload thus allowing for more to be accomplished

Why then if teamwork promotes healthy returns would anyone not be a team player? These are thoughts that have plagued my mind. Maybe it's because of low self-esteem. Some refuse to get involved fearing they don't have much to offer. Others resist involvement due to selfishness. The work at hand doesn't benefit them. Some refuse to be team players because they want ALL the credit rather than sharing credit for a job well done with others. Regardless, each of these are based upon self.

Some people refuse altar work. Of course if they bring their family or friends they want EVERYONE praying. Some refuse to worship or promote a good service. Again if they have a special need or have a family or friend who does they EXPECT a good service and can't understand why every one's not involved in promoting a worshipful service. Some refuse to reach outside their friend groups for social interaction. Of course if they are hurting, sick, hospitalized, having a birthday party, etc they expect every one's attention. Some only participate in events in a church that seem fun to them, meet their needs, or ones they are responsible for. They forget these events are planned because someone needs them. Some just seem to never make the effort unless it rewarding to them. They can't see other's who may benefit from their presence. After all it's all about them.

Teamwork requires flexibility. Some are so rigid that the slightest change makes them want to quit rather than see the benefit of a change even if the change is temporary. Again, its all about them . This is the reason it must remain thy way they've always done things.

Teamwork is about doing what the other can't do and individualism is about doing what I want to do. Temwork is about making others look good while I don't have to have the recognition. Teamwork is about getting more accomplished as a group.

Teamwork in a praise team means some have to sing softer rather than overshadow the group. Teamwork in the band means maybe cutting out the fancy stuff in order to blend better and make the entire group sound better. Teamwork in evangelism means some plant, some water, some fertilize, some harvest but we all realize God brings the increase. Teamwork in small groups means we all make the effort to attend because a newcomer or discouraged person needs to feel the love from many. Teamwork in caring for others means we share in carrying one anothers burdens.

Teamwork is rewarding for the person feeling the benefits of many just as it is for those on the team. If I care for one person then that person knows I love them but if a team of people cares then that person thinks, "Wow, I'm truly loved!" Besides in a church I don't want to look like the
'good' person. Rather I want everyone to view our church (team) as a good church.

I believe in the framework of a church good people become self-centered. While they may not be tempted to turn their backs on God they may be tempted to turn to themselves. I have been pastor's wife long enough to know that this creates pride. Proverbs 1 6:8 Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall. While blatant things against God will not come first to many if we become self centered prides enter because we want to LOOK GOOD. Soon after a fall occurs.

Today this pastor's wife wants to promote healthy teamwork thus diffusing pride. Unfortunately, I can give too many accounts of where individualism gave way to pride and soon after a complete fall occurred. Lord, help us get our eyes off ourselves and the things we call 'ours'. Help us to see others, work with others, and help others.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Today marks the 1 Year Wedding Anniversary of my children, Calah and Trent. I am VERY proud of them. After a beautiful wedding and reception the children enjoyed a limousine ride to the Marriot @ IAH. The next morning they flew to Cancun, Mexico for their honeymoon.

Last evening at a small group meeting I was sharing some pictures of a wedding yesterday. It occured to me today is the kid's anniversary. I mentioned I couldn't believe Trent had been married one year. Kevin Greer immediately spoke up and talked about how proud he is of Trent. He said he had never in his life seen someone mature as fast as Trent has the past year. Then he said CUPC has never had anyone whether on staff or not carry the responsibility load that Trent and Calah carries. He said Sis. Smith Trent carries at least four major jobs. The kids work at CCS, Youth Pastor, Music Director, CARE for people, teach the youth class on Wednesday nights (my old job), & help with Outreach. Additionally, Bro. Greer has taught Trent how to do some of the maintenance things around the church. Normally the Music Director has just done that job. The Youth Leaders have not led another department, etc. Bro. Greer stated they've done all this their first year of marriage and seem so happy with one another. He continued to say how proud he is of Trent and Calah. Of course all the other's at the table began to add to Bro. Greer's remarks.

The day after returning home from the honeymoon Trent and Calah managed a large Fireworks Warehouse as a youth fundraiser. They worked from 8 am til midnight. The warehouse unfortunately was not in Conroe rather the children had to drive 30 minutes to the store each way. Many days they had to gather youth to ride with them to the store or take youth home after a long day of work. The store was the company's #1 store. During the course of the year the youth remodeled Trent's garage and converted it into a Studio for the youth to meet with the proceeds of the fireworks. The kids live in the church parsonage next door to the church. The Studio is awesome!

Calah's Dad was a licensed minister yet worked a full-time job. He preached for people on weekends. I was MOST concerned before the kids got married knowing their salary would be much less than Calah was accustomed. She has done an amazing job adjusting to the life of entry level full-time ministry. The kids are incredible with their money. They've learned to save and make things happen. Kent and I haven't given them a penny. We've watched MANY services as they walk to their little house rather than going out to eat. We know it's because they have to watch their budget. They spend their money on Friday nights for the youth of CUPC. They go out to eat after rallies, take the kids to Main Event, eat ice cream or Starbucks with the kids, purchase things for object lessons and games, etc. They buy music for the Music Department, too.

This morning I'm a thankful Mom for a beautiful first year of marriage. I KNOW Kent is proud of the kids, too. Calah, up in heaven your Dad is certainly proud. I KNOW he sees each job you do and is thankful that you are working for the Lord. Denise and Dee, Calah's Mom and step-dad are proud of the kids, too.

Calah and Trent, I pray your second year of marriage will be as blessed as your first year. We've never witnessed a fight or fuss while I'm sure there have been disagreements. Calah, thanks for being a wonderful homemaker for Trent. You've done a wonderful job decorating the little house and making it a beautiful home. Trent, thanks for being a leader to Calah in your passionate way of serving God.

Much love on this your first anniversary!