Sunday, December 27, 2009

Reflecting 2009

In many ways 2009 has been one of the most incredible years of my life. I endeavored to give thanks in all things – good and bad.

Kent and I decided we would go beyond the normal temperatures in our lives and would turn up the heat to a boiling point. At boiling point steam intensifies and can move a huge locomotive. Things in our lives, church, and city needed to move and we felt turning up the heat was a venue to accomplish.

I committed to reading the Bible through. While I didn’t reach this goal I did read more of the Bible than in 2008. One of the funny things is I did make it through all of the ‘begats’.

Happily, I mark intensifying personal outreach efforts was accomplished. Today since our busses didn’t operate I drove the church van and picked up two families. I began working with Tonya and Neva two years ago. It wasn’t until this year they have begun coming faithfully to church (Sun & Wed). The other family – a Mom, Dad, and 4 children began coming this year as a result of the bus route. The entire family comes to our services faithfully, too. Sitting with Tonya, Roland, Keisha and their children was Tamia and her children. This is another family as a result of the bus route. Meeting me in the parking lot before 9 am was 4 little neighborhood boys who I have endeavored to love, rub their heads, pat their backs, and give snacks to this year. Though they were a handful in service (we didn’t have Sunday School) I am thankful they were at church. They played with my new iPhone and thought I was the coolest.

I have endeavored to be sensitive to the needs of others and show CARE. I truly believe that those persons who we may consider the ‘least’ as we CARE for them we are doing as unto God. This can be the poor, children, homeless, or even simply those who are miserable and make others feel the same. As I sit here recounting 2009 I truly believe this was a goal I successfully met. CARE isn’t a goal that is ever completed rather it is an act of kindness. These acts will never be complete rather new opportunities continue to present themselves. Although I have been somewhat successful in my attempts I plan for these efforts to grow.

I hoped to buy new furniture for a couple of rooms in our home. I didn’t reach this goal. While I could have financed the furniture I prefer to save and pay cash for it. I did update my guest bedroom furnishings. Yesterday I began an update to one of our bathrooms.

Another goal was to endeavor to make new friends. I decided rather than searching out brand new people to make relationships with people I was acquainted. I can truthfully say this has been a most rewarding part of my year. Last evening Kent came to Moms and handed me a card and a wonderful gift of candy from some new friends, Brian and Jana Allard. Though we have been acquainted with Brian’s parents thru the years via foreign missions it has been fun making friends with Brian and Jana. Resources (Facebook and blogging) were readily available to help with this goal. I have reconnected with Susan Hill. We have become prayer partners. Additionally, the Hursts forsook us Texans several years ago. The internet has allowed us to become reconnected. We enjoyed spending a few hours with them in California. Rhonda Mathis, a Georgia pastor’s wife, is another great friend I have met and have endeavored to get to know. Another wonderful friend is Sue Davidson. Sue is so lovely and she and her husband Terry inspire me. I have endeavored to spend more time in conversation with minister’s wives at various events and functions. I have accomplished with so many (Karen Wehrle, Glenda Stanley, Elaine Whitmire, Karla Holley, Linda Elms, Shara McKee, Veta McLaughlin and on and on this list goes).

Kent and I believe a minister and wife must be given to hospitality. We have worked on being gracious. In 2009 God has placed right in the middle of our lives persons each of our families have been very closely associated with during our childhoods. We are very thankful for them, Ron and Jerry Ann Guidroz. The Guidroz are some of the most gracious kind persons you will ever meet. I think it is important for us to surround ourselves with persons possessing Godly strengths and qualities. Bro. and Sis. Guidroz are masters in the area of kindness and hospitality.

I truly believe 2009 was a monumental year of setting a strong cornerstone in our lives. The areas accomplished will not be allowed to degenerate rather they will be polished, perfected, and mastered even greater in 2010. Since I have made my reflections I now countdown anxiously to 2010.

I wish each of you and your families a blessed new year!