Monday, November 8, 2010

Africa Trip

Kent and I were blessed to spend two weeks in Africa. While most of our time was in Zimbabwe we did get to enjoy a couple of days in Johannesburg South Africa, too.

We saw hundreds and hundreds of elephants. What massive animals! One of the coolest animals in the kingdom is the giraffe. I thought it was especially awesome watching the tall giraffe separate his legs as if he were doing the splits to lower his tall body enough to drink water from the watering holes. Baboons and monkeys were everywhere! One of the hotels warned us to keep the doors and windows closed to ensure we didn't have special guests - the baboons. We saw a herd of more than 200 Water Buffalo's. I have a list of more than 20 animals we saw in the wild. I was disappointed that we didn't see any of the big African cats.

More impressive than the animal kingdom was God's kingdom - The UPC of Zimbabwe. Our first Sunday Kent preached in a regional evangelistic service. I'm certain 15 or 20 people received the Holy Ghost. Several were baptised as well. Vicki and I were privileged to be apart of a children's crusade. Later that week I was the guest speaker at the National Ladies Conference. I was truly blessed! Zimbabwe is blessed with wonderful leaders and pastor's and wives. I felt I made some friends for life. Hopefully this week I can create a slide show of our trip.

Thanks Vicki and Tremayne for being wonderful tour guides and hosts!

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~Violet~ said...

Wow!!-sounds like an awesome trip! What a blessing to be able to experience such a time with your sister. Thank you for the update & sharing abit about your trip. I also wanted to let you know you have been missed from your blog, I love reading your encouraging words and family updates. Even though I don't know you personally your wisdom has really been a source of strength for me at times. I enjoy all you have to share & I appreciate the time you spend to do this, I know how busy a pastor's wife can be, since I grew up with one for a mother! I loved being a pastor's daughter!

I also thought I would let you know how I started following you since you are probably wondering if I am some sort of stalker-I live in Hueytown, AL, & actually connected thru a prayer request back when your precious nephew Timo began having health problems. By the way, I do hope he is much better, I haven't heard any updates recently, so I hope that means good news.

Sorry to be so long-winded, but I had to express my excitement for you about your recent trip & can't wait for pictures!
Blessings & Hugs, Violet