Monday, July 26, 2010

Thoughts on Friendships

Friendship, a complex word used to describe relationships ranging from mere associations to very intimate or close relations is intriguing. While marriage relationships, business relationships, and even some family relationships have fallen apart; a true friendship will last forever.

It is impossible to change friends abruptly, forge deep relationships quickly, maintain a friendship that lacks loyalty, or embrace someone without knowing them. Many times people seem inconsistent or always involved with a current fad or hobby trying to connect with someone they call “friend”. While everyone is influenced somewhat by those we associate others seem greater influenced. Some change hobbies or interests, purchase or decorate homes like friends, acquire similar vehicles, dress similarly, or fashion hair styles to their ‘friends’. Simply, a person involved in this confusion is really not a friend rather endeavoring to satisfy an inner longing never satisfied with things, hobbies, people, or careers. These persons are disastrous or dangerous full of inner turmoil. The threat that is created by this type individual is more a self destruction or a threat to their immediate family members. Some may try to argue the person is not a leader rather a follower. Another may argue “I’ve always wanted to do what I’m doing and I’m finally in a setting allowing me to be the person I’ve always been”. However, I contend it is impossible to vacillate quickly without the possibility of self destruction.

A short time ago I discussed with someone the difference of a true friendship and a mere association. I explained my perception of a relationship this individual had was a relationship built around an association created by location rather than a “friendship”. One may ask, “How did you base your opinion?” Simply, I recognized one of the persons in the friendship was simply involved due to location and nothing more. While the person I was endeavoring to help had a true feeling of friendship toward the other person it proved difficult for him to comprehend my feelings. Time, however, has proven my point. The friendship has not remained loyal or committed.

Regardless if a person is of the generation preferring the hymn "What a Friend We have in Jesus" or the praise and worship chorus "I am a Friend of God" hopefully we recognize the true meaning of ‘friend’ not confusing it with an association or casual relationship. Though distance and life separates friends; friends will always remain friends. Likewise, nothing should ever separate us from Him. Today, I will endeavor to strengthen my vertical relationship so every horizontal relationship will be correct.

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